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Monday 16 February 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Mon 16 Feb

Gail is rambling on about washing but no one is listening.David is clearly anxious about Callum being around and wonders what damage he can do to his already injured family. In the hairdresser's later, Sally observes that David was on edge when Callum came in. Sally watches the pair out of the blinds at Audrey's salon. Callum hands David a package which later disappears. At least David thinks so but in fact Sally & Gail have taken it to the police station. Speculation as to the parcel's contents includes a finger or one or both of Kylie's ears. When the policeman opens it it is empty. It's clear that Callum is keeping David on his toes  as well as having a laugh at David's expense. Were it not for Max, it's doubtful that David would be dancing to Callum's beat, but Max is at stake, at least that is what David believes though, despite Callum's biological paternity, it seems unlikely that any court would take Max from David and give him to Callum, the man who has had no interest in Max for almost all Max's life. Callum tells David that he's a reasonable bloke.

A scene that I found difficult to watch was when Eva was confiding in Todd about her and Tony's house plans. Eva seems so trusting and incapable of understanding what Todd is trying to do - in short, break them up. He so jealous of other people's happiness. Have I missed something or do we still not know what happened to Todd in London. He's been back for well over a year now.

Jason is going to take Eva to New York but they will not be able to see The Golden Gate Bridge unless they also go to San Fransisco. Geography aside, Jason means well. He is also of the belief that when he called on his dad Tony, that he was with someone. And yes he was. Poor Liz, when all this comes out.

Julie is driving Sophie mad with her attempts to account for 17 pence, offering to pay it herself.
It seems as if Julie's 'talking stick' has worked a treat. Sophie, Mary and Julie each have their say. Julie says how hurt she was when Mary corrected her pronunciation of mezze. She speaks of how she feels that she's not good enough for Dev, 'a middle-aged factory worker.' Heartwarmingly, Mary jumps to Julie's defence describing her as an 'attractive, vivacious woman' who should have more self belief.

When the idea is mooted that Mary might be attracted to Dev, Mary finds the idea amusing.'I'm attracted to clever men, ' she says while giggling at the very idea of her and Dev. Personally I was convinced. Mary's jealousy of Julie stemmed from Mary's fear of no longer being needed by Dev to take care of the children. Should Dev remarry, then Mary would be superfluous.

There was quite a revelation about Mary's past as a life model wearing a braid of daisies in her hair. 'I used to love my modelling days. My thing was flowers, my motif if you will.'

Owen looked very isolated after Linda's revelation in The Rovers. She tells her daughters how she sent letters, Christmas cards, birthday cards but Owen intercepted them and kept up the lie that their mother had left because of Izzy's disability. Linda had an affair with her boss, but wanted to come back to the family home. Owen stopped it all. It was interesting to see Gary's response. Would it be a misjudgement to say that he was enjoying it? Relishing Owen's possible ousting from the family home?

Praise again for Craig and his wonderful support of Faye. He has worked out that she is 7 months pregnant now and that she really should tell Anna. Once the tension has calmed down a little, Anna hugs Faye and says to her, 'At least I don't have to worry about you.' Oh the irony!

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vintgal003 said...

Excellent recap Ruth of my favourite show! I am still a 'Mary' fan, even with her peculiarities....

Dime said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John McE said...

A pair of episodes where you really felt certain storylines had finally advanced. These days too many plots are dragged out for way too long, IMHO.

Beth said...

Just wondering, where do Izzy and Gary leave their son when they're boozing in the pub or all gathered in the flat? Do they remember they have one?

Also, Katie is always in the flat with no Joseph which I suppose they want us to believe that he's with Chesney. Cut to Chesney's and Faye and Craig are there, alone.

Why bring in all these babies and young children and then drop them or forget about them in the story lines and scenes?

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy and birth is exciting, with questions of fatherhood, sex of the baby, etc. making good drama. Babies are cute. The older a child gets, the less the cute factor is involved. Parenthood is not so exciting. It's lack of sleep, regular routine, demands on parents, etc. Not much drama there, unless something goes wrong.
Add to that the fact that many of the storyliners and writers, especially the young ones, are not parents, so don't really know how to write about parenthood or children. Every parent I've ever known has said that there's no way to really understand what's involved until you live through it and it's impossible to really explain it to someone who hasn't experienced it. There's just so much you never expected or even conceived of. The program can only really just touch on all of it.

Newfy Pearl said...

I agree with you anonymous. Also there are other things that take place behind the 'scene' which come out later inn other dialogue. I would stop tuning in if all the conversation of the moms and dads were about childcare. lol
I enjoyed tonight's episode.
I am looking forward to the storylines I have seen previewed.
I enjoyed the scenes with Julie, Mary and Sophie. And it was a treat to see Gail and Sally get up to stuff again.
Have a good day all!

David Parsnips said...

The whole Linda Armstrong returning has been ridiculous and insipid. She managed to find out where Owen lived straightaway and find them so what happened over the past 20 years? soI dont buy all this he kept her away. The actress is wooden and emotionless and it just gives rise to Anna being a mayrtr again, Izzy crying again and Gary being horrible to Owen. Be glad when Linda takes Katy back to Mars or wherever she lived so she couldnt get in touch over the past two decades and its all over!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Linda's arrival could have been handled better. She perhaps saw Katy on Facebook, celebrating her birthday in the Rovers (would they go anywhere else?) I loathe all the people in this story - except Faye who has suddenly become the best of the bunch. And sorry to say it but Izzy doesn't cry realistically enough to get my sympathy.

Ruth owen said...


Mant thanks to you - much appreciated.

AmandaB said...

Agree about Izzy's attempt at crying! I just cringe when she has an angry line, just knowing it's going to end with the usual jaw drop that she always does.

Anonymous said...

Remembering how he made a pass at Tina and how his mother slept with Phelan,I thought Gary was in no position judge or laugh at Owen when his own actions almost destroyed the family in the past.I also wondered why was Gary there anyway?He broke up with Izzy for Alya,why would he be interested in seeing her mother?He should've been at home babysistting his son.

ChiaGwen said...

Why didn't Linda get a lawyer involved years ago....Owen had no legal right to keep her away from Katy and Izzy. She obviously had no trouble tracking him down recently. Hopefully there is more to this it is pretty threadbare at the moment!

abbyk said...

Glad, oh so glad, that the unholy coven story seems to have come to an end. Annnoting all the way, but done. Shame that we'll still have to suffer through Callum and Trony.

Besides Craig and Faye and the classic in the making we all originally dreaded, it was wonderful to see soap justice meted out to long term bully Owen. Glad Jason was there to see it.

abbyk said...

Annoying all the aurocorrect, grrrr.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching in Canada and in last night's eppie Faye definitely looked pregnant. Why the hell doesn't Anna kick Owen and his annoying spoilt brats out of the apartment and talk to her daughter like she is a teenager not a three year old! I have always hated the way Anna treats Faye like a baby. No wonder the kid is so naïve Anna hasn't probably even talked to her about sex yet.

Martinat said...

Hi, would you know where Gail's red coat is from? She is wearing it recently in every episode.
I am trying really hard to find out but no luck so far. It's beatifull and I would like to know where to get it.
Many thanks.


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