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Saturday 7 February 2015

Coronation Street weekly update – Knee-deep in chits

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For a character that’s oft heard of but never seen, much was made of Fat Brenda’s absence this week. Eileen wasn’t best pleased to be covering a shift because Brenda had had her moped nicked. And then later in the week, Fat Brenda’s niece – the one with the tattoos and the teeth – was up in court for something involving Sambuca, an off-duty policeman and a traffic cone.  Invisible she may be, but Fat Brenda deserves a soap opera all her own.  Follow her on twitter @fatbrenda

Rita goes off to see Mavis this week, leaving Norris to manage in The Kabin alone.  He’s in his element at first, extolling the merits of the internet to Sharif, telling him it’s cut down the amount of paperwork he had to do in the past. “There were time when I was knee-deep in chits”.  But then Norris accuses Maddie of giving him a tenner when she gave him a twenty and refuses to give her the right amount of change. Maddie gets revenge by winding up Norris something rotten, enough for him to think he’s started losing his mind and developing Alzheimer’s disease. I really don’t like Norris. I mean, I REALLY don’t like Norris, but this was just cruel and although I didn’t feel sorry for him, it hardened my heart towards Maddie even if she did apologise to him in the end.

Nick’s Bistro reopens with a new-look interior. It’s all shabby chic, distressed wood and metal with aluminium chairs and a cactus on every table. Gavin, who’s really Andy, is recognised by the cactus delivery lady and Leanne overhears her calling him Andy.  I quite liked this storyline when it started about 10 years ago but I do wish it would out itself, get over itself and on with itself. It shouldn’t be too long before GavAndy's identity is revealed. Michael has his heart operation which is a success, so once his heart is on the mend, he can have it broken again when the bloke he thinks is his son tells him he’s not.

Faye dolls off school and tells Craig it’s because the other girls are picking on her as she’s getting too fat. Craig does his best to support his friend: “Do you need a bodyguard?”  although Faye lies to Anna about not going to school.  Whether she realises it yet, or not, the fact that Faye’s putting weight on has less to do with eating too many buns and more to do with having one in the oven.

Shenanigans continue between David and the too-thin drug-dealing dark-haired Callum. Callum keeps turning up on the Street, a dark force of evil like the shark fin in Jaws, to menace the calm waters of Coronation Street.  When Callum turns up and tells David he has to provide an alibi for his whereabouts otherwise he’ll tell Max that he’s his real dad, David feels he has no choice but to lie to the cops.

In the Rovers, Steve starts taking his anti-depressant pills and having counselling sessions. Liz and Michelle both want the best for Steve but in their attempts to look after him, they end up arguing. Steve overhears and walks out after working but not coping behind the bar for a while. He ends up at Streetcars, sitting with Eileen and the biscuit tin, under Eileen’s orders to leave the Fig Rolls alone.

And finally this week, Roy said his final farewell to Hayley and scattered her ashes at the boating lake where they shared their first kiss. It was a touching scene, and in typical Roy style, he even had a letter from Weatherfield Council giving him permission to scatter the ashes in the lake.  You can relive all of Roy and Hayley’s romance – from when they first met at Alma’s dinner party to the final moments of Hayley’s life – in the little Corrie fan book, A Perfect Duet

And that was just about that for this week.

This week's writers were Joe Turner and Mark Wadlow (Monday double); Chris Fewtrell (Wednesday); John Kerr and Martin Allen (Friday double).   Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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vintgal003 said...

Excellent recap Glenda...thank you, as always...I miss our Hayley xxx

Anonymous said...

Great update. Dislike Norris intensely too. Just cannot believe people would have let him get away with being so consistently mean and cruel. Almost cheered Maddeh on!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what the actor who plays Norris thinks about his character. Can Coronation street blog get an interview with him? I hope so!


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