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Monday, 5 January 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 5 Jan

As the Callum, Kylie, David and Max saga continues, it was inevitable that Callum would lure his biological son, Max, away from the man who has been his real father for a good while. David has taken Max to his heart and been a true dad to him, never favouring his biological child, Lily,over Max.

Michael was supposed to be watching Max but went inside to answer the phone and allowed Max to play outside.

Luckily it never feels as if Callum will do any deliberate harm to Max, but clearly his lifestyle of drug dealing and hanging around in the pub, is not conducive to good childrearing. Maybe Callum is only showing interest in Max as a way of annoying and upsetting David and of regaining Kylie's affections.

David, despite his family's protestations, contacts the police to inform them of Callum's criminal lifestyle and the fact that Kylie, to whom Callum supplied drugs, has disappeared. Is he brave to do this or is he merely stupid, providing Callum with more fuel to really take David on. Michael advises David to leave Callum completely alone and calls him sensitive and frail. Is this really the case?

Eva deserves a commendation for her loyal friendship towards Kylie, even when Kylie has been anything but pleasant or grateful,  and for sticking around with David on his visits to the pub and to Callum's home. She has shown real gumption and concern.

Michelle's not too brilliantly successful business nevertheless attracts another client, a certain Hamish who wants Michelle to plan a 16th birthday party for his daughter. Hamish takes a shine to Michelle who is wearing a very tight red dress, and asks her to go for a drink with him. Michelle turns him down, probably still hoping that there is a chance for her and Steve. Eva is of the opinion that Michelle should go for a drink with Hamish and tells Michelle what she thinks of Steve. 'Steve is a bad boyfriend,' she begins. She continues by describing him as a slob, lazy, 'an embezzling piggin' donut who has somehow pulled you.'

Hamish tells Michelle, 'I'll be in yout inbox,' to which Michelle replies, 'I look forward to your ping.'

 After initially turning him down, Michelle has a change of heart. It seems as if she tells Steve about her date in order to get a reaction out of him, but Steve is not doing that even after Sean tells him that Michelle's heart is breaking.  This, even after Michelle has been unnecessarily rude to Sean. Steve tells her that he hopes she has a nice time. 'Hope it goes well - really happy for you.'

Beth is thrilled with her basque and there is a sweet scene between Alya and Sinead, discussing their possible futures along with some confusion as to the whereabouts of the pyramids by Sinead. Alya puts her straight as to their location, but says she wasn't very impressed by them.

Anna is back in the cafe, but there is a frostiness emanating from her and some self-confessed spiteful use of Roy's preferred spatula. It makes for awkward watching and hopefully they will become friends again and Anna will forgive Roy.

Beth's family arrive in readiness for the wedding. When they realise it is Kirk that Beth is marrying and not Jason, who they mistakenly take for Beth's beloved, they are decidedly disappointed - especially Sinead's mum. The Tinkers are a curious bunch but then aren't most families?

Good to see Craig again and understandably he confuses the Prince William's son with Boy George. He is shocked when he sees the 1980s singer and refuses to dress as him.

Max is brought home by Callum who tells David to meet him in The Rovers later. Kylie was with Callum for a few days around Christmas but then disappeared. David says he is going to find her but Callum replies, 'Not if I find her first...'

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Anonymous said...

Not very good episodes tonight, I have to say.

Llifon said...

I likened Agnes Tinker to Blanche. She has potential. All three in fact.

abbyk said...

I disagree, Llifon. They reminded me of Beth when she first arrived, all coarse and unpleasant. She certainly has redeemed herself.

There was a lot to not like tonight, topped by the Luke and Maria whinge fest (how did 60ish Michael hear a cell phone ringing inside the house, get through the locked door and answer it before it went to voicemail? I usually can't dig it out of my purse in time.) Thankfully, Jason's shirt got wet so he had to take it off, and Nick tossed Maria out on her ear. Corrie Nation cheered.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Roy snatches back that spatula and beats Anna about the head and neck with it! Nasty shrew needs to leave the Street and take her rat pack with her.

Anonymous said...

So agree with you, Anon 03:25, fancy openly admitting to your boss that you're being spiteful, Roy should've flung her out there and then! Nasty biatch.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Spiteful pie faced cow that Anna. Roy should just tell her if she cant work with him to look in the jobs vacant pages. Callum, although the story has zero interest for me, seems to be actually improving in acting, he is even doing the cocaine user's "sniff".

Didnt mind Sian's mum - Beth's sister and "Doreen" from Brookie but we dont need another hatched faced rude ignorant old great grannie thanks. When she said Chesneys nice little house was a dump she should have been booted out on her backside.

John McE said...

I wouldn't want them to be regulars, but wow, Beth's family certainly came in like a whirlwind, and were splendidly over the top and funny too.

You can see where she get it from!

Rossie said...

So which guy is going to have to take his wet top off next? We've had Gary and Jason already. Lets see - there is Luke, Tony, Gavin ......

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand at all why Anna has anything to say about anything. Her Adult Delinquent child broke in, tried to rob, and scared the living hell out of A FRIEND AND EMPLOYER. Can't work with that? Get on with you then. Stupid cow.

Anonymous said...

Why did David say that max was wearing grey pants when he was reporting him missing to the police. Didnt know Manchester was in America now

Dubcek said...

Hamish tells Michelle, 'I'll be in your inbox soon,' to which Michelle replies, 'I look forward to your ping.'

A clever euphonium that pretty much sums up her life on and off Corrie.

Tvor said...

What worried me was David describing Max as wearing his school uniform when it was all covered up by his Jacket and he was wearing his bike helmet as well. It wouldn't have looked like a uniform.

I enjoyed Beth's family though I have to say her mother and her sister both looked as old as Granny! Beth must be the baby of the family!

Anna was thoroughly dislikeable tonight. I normally don't take much against her but she needs to get over herself and pick up a little empathy for Roy's situation and her own son's guilt. At least let's see Gary tearing a strip off her for how she's treating Roy!

MIchelle and Hamish. Dull though he looked like a nice enough fella. Maria running hot and cold on Luke again. Most men would get fed up quickly with her games and I hope he has the sense to back off and let her do the running now. And then play hard to get on top of it.

Anonymous said...

Tvor,I don't think Maria is playing games with Luke per se, I think after Marcus' betrayal,she is still a little nervous and wants to take things slow not only for her sake but Liam's as well.
If anyone is playing games it's Michelle as she's hoping Hamish will make Steve jealous.
As for Gary,I doubt we'll ever see him tell his mother off as he's too concerned about Alya to admit it was his fault not Roy's.


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