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Wednesday 21 January 2015

The mini-bus slippery slope

Holy Hannah, that was superb, absolutely top notch stuff! The bus crash, rescue and hospital scenes were exciting, poignant, emotional and had me alternately on the edge of my seat and in tears.

Top marks to ITV, cast and crew who did absolutely awesome (in the literal meaning of that word) stuff this week! It was one thing to know what was going to happen, due to all the publicity and hype, but a completely different experience actually watching it. It was quite exciting!

Tracy Barlow rescuing Carla, her arch-enemy and the two of them sort of bonding in the ambulance over new boots and new debts.
Julie and Maddie working together to spearhead the rescue.
Tracy nearly going down with the ship, so to speak, when her boot got caught.
Steve in a broken huddle on the floor of the forest, babbling to Michelle and later admitting to her that he was ill.
Julie, the delayed shock hitting her, admitting to Dev that she was not, in fact, okay at all.
Sinead, scared and in pain, admitting to Chesney that she couldn't feel her legs. 

I've done a load of screen captures over the three episodes with a bit of narrative over here on State of the Street as there was just too much to post here.

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abbyk said...

There was so much good tonight. Tony remembering to ask after Tracy because of Amy. Steve!!! Tim saying it was okay for Kevin to hug her. Eileen and the miracle of the cabs. Tony coming into a bar that had just been as boisterous as we've seen in ages, now quiet and empty save for Rita and Norris. Julie, Maddie and Tracy the heroes. And in the back of my mind, while I was taking in all the Corrie wonder, I knew the worst part was coming and it would be those few seconds in the closing credits. Great night!

ChiaGwen said...

I didn't want the episode to end.....great acting all round! Funny bit with Tim telling Kevin it was ok for him to hug Sally, then saying it was enough.....just the right mix of drama and light humor throughout.....and no Andrea!

Anonymous said...

Obviously the performance of the night came from Steve, but I was also quite impressed with the way Kate Ford portrayed Tracy. You could see the struggle going on inside her between her hatred for Carla and basic human decency. The look on her face in the ambulance said it all.

Llifon said...

I really enjoyed last night's ep. As you say that great mix of humour and drama.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Sorry I know you all thought it was marvellous but I thought it all very contrived and OTT. As for Tony asking about Tracey, I thought he was more concerned for himself and their "secret" rather than concern for her. And why was Liz banging on the Amy about Steve being "OK" but not even mention Amy's mother??? It is totally unbelievable that nobody each with a top of the range mobile phone didnt think to call anyone and tell them of the predicament. It was like an episode from 1970.

Anonymous said...

The scene where they all arrived at the hospital, I thought, was poorly written and acted.

Gilles27 said...

I do love Corrie and I thought this was a particularly superb episode. When Tim said "That's enough" as Kev was hugging Sally it was hilarious. My favourite thing about Corrie though is this website and Frosty's comments on any article. Is your heart as frozen as the rest of you Frosty? I'm not having a go, I genuinely enjoy your consistent moaning about all things Corrie. I've seen comments in the past from people asking why you watch, but I think that to you it's like supporting a rubbish football team - you can't support anyone else, but you know you're going to be consistently disappointed.
I'd love it if this site could publish an interview with Frosty.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God, no. You'll only encourage him.

Anonymous said...

I find him incredibly tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Oh it is about time that Blackburn get rid of Frosty, his comments are very repetitive, why are the writers so lazy, recycling his lines? We KNOW and we GET it that he dislike Corrie.

John McE said...

There's no doubt Corrie can do "event" episodes brilliantly, all the cast and crew seem to up their game for them.

The only problem I had was believing that huge cliff-face was just a few yards from the road they were travelling on.

Tvor said...

I know, John,and without a guard rail! But we can't have everything!

Leave Frosty alone you guys. He's allowed to have his opinion.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Some of the crash stuff was contrived but I still really enjoyed the episodes. Credit where it’s due, the stunt was fantastic.

The Carla and Tracy scenes in particular were very intense. Tracy is not going to let her good deed go unrewarded! If I was Carla, I would ask her why she was staring at me through the windscreen for 5 minutes instead of calling for help. I loved the scene in the ambulance, though. Great stuff from Alison King and Kate Ford.

Brilliant performance from Simon Gregson and Kym Marsh, too. They have done a very good job with the depression story. I can’t deny that I miss Steve’s comedy, though. Sorry but I really hope this storyline has not ruined a fantastic comedy character.

As soon as I read about the crash last year, I guessed Maddie would be the one who saves/helps Sally because I remember how desperate the writers/SB were to change the way viewers felt about her. In the space of a few weeks, she went from being a rude, ungrateful, liar and thief to a seemingly nice girl who wanted to make Simon smile, rescue Eccles and help Tim learn how to read. I still enjoyed watching her scenes though and the scenes at the hospital (with Sally, Sophie, Tim and Kevin) were lovely.

Rosie said...

Thoroughly enjoyed last nights episode,I was literally on the edge of my seat when Tracy's shoe was stuck, and poor Sinead, so scared.
I don't over analyse like Frosty (bless) I just enjoy it for what it is- light entertainment, and like the last few episodes, superbly done.
Well done to all involved.

Alison said...

There's just no pleasing some people! OK, nothing's perfect but last night was a damn good half hour of edge of your seat viewing!

Very impressive stunt and brilliant performances from the vast majority of the actors. Woven within such drama there really were moments of humour that Corrie does so well: "you won't die at the bottom of the quarry because I'll throttle you on the way down!", "I am the cavalry, now get moving!", "well it's not my birthday", "that's enough ", Beth's phone call, and Norris attempting to order a brandy (and of course Chesney practically stabbing Sinead in the eye with his nose, which OK wasn't supposed to be funny but you can't get everything right!)

I watched it again this morning on my tablet with my headphones in which made it even more intense - the screaming from them all when the bus tipped over the edge with Tracy stuck was so raw, real and spine tingling. And I found Maddie's failed attempt to keep hold of Tracy's hand genuinely scary to watch.

Despite all the spoilers I was still captivated over what was coming next.

OK enough if my rambling, but there really were so many brilliant layers in this episode.

maggie muggins said...

Wednesday's episode was the best, right after the crash. A lot was packed into 24 minutes. Can't add anything more that hasn't already been said above, except to repeat that Simon Gregson was really in top form! I wonder if the dangerous drivers who caused the crash will be caught?

I love that Frosty is here. I used to resent his/her comments cause I love Corrie so much. Now I just see them as a nice contrast, adding texture to our little blog.

Beth said...

I really loved Steve's performance and now that he's owned up to his depression I hope it's not going to magically disappear.

Even if Michelle was so shocked, it broke my heart to hear Steve go back over things and to hear himself blame himself for so much, Tina, Peter, his dad.... She shouldn't be as she's hen pecked him for ages and ages. Long, long before Tina died and even told him around the time of her murder that he had blood on his hands. No wonder poor Steve is depressed! His mum wasn't much better. She gave him tons of grief when he tried to better himself and enrolled in college and made fun of him - just like the school bully.

Awful woman! Am so sad he's marrying her

Laura said...

It was obvious that the minute they were all safely out of the van it would then fall over the cliff! How predictable was that...and has been done to death when people are trapped like that.
Frosty was right about Tony only being worried about himself regarding Tracey. And I'm sure I'm not the only one wishing she couldn't get her shoe off and she went over that cliff!
Also funny how Liz now says, "I KNEW there was something wrong with Steve!" What a joke....all along she was calling him lazy and not caring about what was wrong with her own son.
Also, dim Michelle being so incredulous when Steve says he's been depressed! It's like they are all complete blind idiots. He's only had all the textbook symptoms of depression for months.
Also amazing how the pub stays afloat. Are there only customers the people that were in the van?!?

AmandaB said...

I'm with team Frosty! I thought it was a real let down for an anticipated major event episode, on the whole poorly written, badly acted and at times sadly contrived. Plus we were told it was an end for a couple if characters.....we all had our individual hopes dashed there.

Anonymous said...

Actually we were never told from official sources that it was the end for any characters. In an interview with Stuart Blackburn he explicitly said no-one would die. Parts of sentences were taken out of context and then reported by websites and magazines.

Anonymous said...

Actually we were never told from official sources that anyone would die - in fact quite the opposite, Stuart Blackburn said in an interview that no-one would die. Parts of sentences were taken out of context then reported by magazines and websites. So that disappointment is your fault for not paying attention to what actual corrie sources were saying.

Zagg said...

Who are these Anonymous posters that keep posting RUDE comments towards others on this page? Are you getting some kind of thrill being such a venomous troll? The fact that you keep posting "anonymously" tells us what a coward you are sitting behind you computer screen trying to act all high and mighty. It is not working for you. You're just a rude bore with limited intelligence. Go away.

Anonymous said...

You can count me in on Team Frosty too as I also thought it was over the top.I think this is the third crash storyline in the past and it seemed the only point for this one is for Steve to finally admit he's depressed? !
Michelle's concern is definitely too little too late as she it was all about her again thus her games with Hamish to make Steve jealous.Ideally I would like to see Corrie return to it's roots,the day to day struggles instead of these sensational storylines.

Jonathan said...

@ Zagg

No Zagg it's just people who have had enough of Frosty

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty thanks everyone for their comments and is glad he is being talked about. Interesting comment from Anon at 9.53 that the producer of Corrie should get rid of him! Frosty is not employed by the Coronation Street team although perhaps he should be!!! He is up to offers in a consultancy role.

Unfortunately we have now been acclimatised to dramas and 'sensatonalist' stories and when we watch them with our jaded 21st century eyes, they have to be top notch. This bus crash was amateurish and predictable I am afraid.


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