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Friday, 23 January 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 23 January

Friday 23rd January
MICHELLE HELPS STEVE ON THE ROAD TO RECOVERY. Steve stares into space, clearly troubled. Michelle tells Liz she’ll be there for him but will she take him back as a partner? Aware she needs to  make a decision Michelle meets with Hamish. Will she end the fledgling relationship and focus her attentions on caring for Steve? Gossip is rife as the factory girls discuss the crash and how Steve walked away and abandoned them to their fate.
RELATIVES WAIT FOR NEWS OF THE CRASH VICTIMS. In the hospital, the doctor tells Sinead that she has a bone pressing on her spine and needs an urgent operation. Sinead’s fearful she’ll never walk again. Chesney, Beth, Kirk and Craig watch anxiously as Sinead is wheeled away for her operation. Meanwhile news of Tracy and Carla’s fate spreads through the street. Eileen phones Billy to make him aware of Sean’s accident. Gary arrives at the hospital, desperate for news about Alya.
ROY REALISES ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Yasmeen puts Roy to good use at the community centre letting him devise some cookery classes. Roy embraces the challenge.
ELSEWHERE As David peruses his bank account, his spirits are lifted to see that Kylie’s been shopping in Freshco. He sets off to look for her. Will David be able to trace Kylie? Gavin and Steph break the news to Michael that Steph isn’t actually pregnant and it was a false alarm.

Friday 23rd January
WILL THE CRASH CLAIM ITS FIRST VICTIM? Chesney, Beth and Kirk wait nervously for news of Sinead’s  operation, terrified she may never walk again. Chesney confesses to Beth he’s never loved anyone as much as he does Sinead. Will Sinead come through the operation? Meanwhile in the hospital Gary apologises to Alya for not being there for her. But is it too little too late? Billy admits to Sean that when he heard he’d been involved in a crash, it made him realise how much he means to him and hopes they can be more than just friends. Will Sean be able to grab his chance of happiness?
STEVE FINALLY ACCEPTS HELP. As gossip about the crash continues, Michelle is quick to leap to Steve’s defence. Steve confides in Michelle that Sinead might end up in a wheelchair and everyone
blames him for the crash. Michelle holds him and with some encouragement, Steve takes his first anti-depressant pill.
ROY’S SELFLESS BEHAVIOUR STRIKES A CHORD FOR MARY. In an attempt to make amends, Roy offers Gary a job in the café. How will Gary respond? Roy tells Mary that he’s trying to put things right and hopes that they can still be friends. Will Mary thaw towards him?
ELSEWHERE David, Eva and Max all leaves messages on Kylie’s phone telling her how much they
miss her and begging her to come home.

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The.HR.Doctor said...

Seems like every week someone's in a hospital bed...

Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh will Sinead walk ever again - shock horror!! - Yep she will get that physio that got Jim Mc, Peter B and Sophie W up and about in weeks like nothing had ever happened. All these "dramatic" headlines have zero affect these days I am afraid. Glad to see Steve is getting the help he deserves and shame on Liz his own mother for just shouting at him wrapped up in herself all the flaming time!!

Anonymous said...

Is Frosty an EE fan?

Tvor said...

I Agree the 'Will they walk again' bit is tedious because they always do. oh look it's a miracle! no it's just medical science and hard work.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Producers, these days, would have a real ethical problem using a physically abled actor to play a permanently disabled character. Sinead might end up with a bit of a limp or, more likely, she'll make a remarkable recovery. I suppose this storyline is intended to give a pretty boring character some depth.

Zagg said...

It does seem odd that this mini bus accident was so hyped before and after with the all the "how it was filmed" "who survives" etc....and then to have the outcome be so anti-climatic. I mean Sinead is nice enough but we all know she is going to walk very soon anyway.
It was hyped like the tram crash but didn't really deliver anything. At least the tram crash had real consequences....poor Ashley.

Alison said...

I like Sinead, but that's it. I don't feel invested in her character whatsoever so I'm just not that bothered. But then again giving her a storyline may change my view of her. Here's to being positive :)

Anonymous said...

Gary and Alya just don't do it for me..I can't find one bit of chemistry here. And Gary's lines..the same thing over and over.."I'm going nowhere". Exactly..your character is going nowhere. How many time is Alya's brother going to tell Gary to stay away from his sister. BoreING! Also the whole 'might be paralized' scenario has been done to death. I would also like to see Roy tell Mary to eff off and take her caravan with her. Waste of space character IMO.


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