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Monday 12 January 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 12 Jan

Gavin continues to confuse us as the real Gavin's ex-girlfriend comes to look for him. I must say that this storyline has me gripped and the slow burn serves to intrigue viewers more. Characters are surely starting to wonder now, maybe Leanne in particular, as his employer. She tries to talk to him about his his previous boss, but Gavin scarpers. What is Leanne supposed to make of that?

Steph is also confused. After the New Year's kiss - nothing! How can that be? He has hardly said a word to her since and then she is faced with his ex-girlfriend who has come looking for him. Bizarrely, Gavin bobs down behind the bar. The ex tells Steph that Gavin had promised to marry her but scarpered, leaving her with a pair of flip-flops, as he ran off with the rep on the holiday they were supposed to be going on. Gavin tells Steph that he's not that person anymore, which carries much more meaning for us than it does for her. He starts to tell her how he feels about her when she shuts him up by kissing him.   So, just what is going on? And, perhaps even more importantly, what will the effect on Michael, Gail and others be, who he has deceived.

Ken offers to help Tracy to give her a bit of  break. She is pleased at first but soon kicks him out. Ken goes to the cafe. We might find it doubtful that Roy will feel much sympathy for Tracy Barlow after her cruelty to him and Hayley over the years, but this is Roy and his understanding and empathy are astonishing. Ken disagrees with the principles of Barlow's Buys and Roy tells Ken that 'When a loved one needs support it's sometimes necessary to look beyond one's own feelings and beliefs.' Excactly Roy.

 Tracy though does not help herself as she adds to her troubles by dealing in dodgy goods. Tony warns her that the goods are stolen. The provider of the dodgy goods gets rough with Tracy when she tells him that she will phone the police if he doesn't move them out of her shop. Tony walks in at that point but Tracy's knee to the groin had done its work. Tony and the thug seem to know each other and there is clearly dodgy dealing going on. Is Tony making the most of Liz's absence?

Michael feels it's time he opened up completely about his feelings for Gail. He has in fact been encouraging his 'son' Gavin to let Steph know that he has tender feelings towards her, so he should heed his own lesson. Down on both knees he goes and confesses his love for Gail. Perhaps of all the men Gail has been involved with in her many years on the cobbles, Michael is the most genuine.  But, Gail's answer is hesitant and as a result Michael flees into the night.

Along with the rather gripping Gavin storyline, another highlight in recent episodes has been the competitive nature of Julie and Mary's relationship - competitive at least on Mary's part. Though regarded as mainly a comedic figure, it is quite clear that she has a sensitive side and entertained hope of ensnaring Dev and being step mum to his children. She has an excellent, caring, thoughtful relationship with the children and they share a mutual affection. But that is all she is to Dev, though he is quick to tell her how integral to his and his children's life she is.

 Julie tries hard to make the children like her but rides rough shod over Mary without really meaning to. Twister replaces Tudor House making - the homework that has to be handed in the next day. Dev arrives home with flowers  for Julie, to which Mary comments that it's better than throwing them away. Julie ignores this and persuades Mary to stay and eat with them. She does, but it is an uneasy peace and Mary leaves as soon as finishing the meal. Later in the pub, Audrey quotes Percy Sledge's When a Man Loves a Woman in order to help Mary see what is happening. Audrey also tells Mary that Julie doesn't have a bad bone in her body.  Then Dev himself turns up and Mary is to some extent appeased.

There were some delightful lines for Mary tonight. 'Everything on schedule - 4 minutes as per. White slightly set, yolk thick and gushing.' When Julie reaches for one of the toast soldiers, Mary gives her short shrift. 'That's for the twins' soldiers - we can't have any deserters.'

Still on the egg theme Sharif is spending hours watching his chickens, desperate for them to lay. Inevitably Yasmeen mocks him and tells him she'll have him sectioned. He tells her that he will section himself if she doesn't stop nagging.

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Anonymous said...

Roy: 'When a loved one needs support it's sometimes necessary to look beyond one's own feelings and beliefs.'

This is a powerful sentiment, but the reason why it touched me as a viewer was that it referred to Roy's own experience - agreeing to let Hayley die the way she wanted to, despite his own strong objections - and there was the added irony that Ken (who was absent at the time) had NO idea what Roy was actually talking about. It certainly wasn't Tracy's business!

abbyk said...

I'm sorry, there is no highlight with Mary; that glow is a boiling cauldron of immaturity and eccentricity bordering on a mental breakdown. That character belongs on a Saturday morning cartoon, not a neighborhood with vaguely normal people. Make it stop!

For the first time, i didnt mindthe Nazirs. No Zeedan, very little Kal, just the grands, Alya and the chickens, who look as if they should have more living space, btw. Keep that balance and I may grow to like them

Diane said...

Im sorry but I cant even express how much I hate Michael. What a mopey, soppy-eyed pathetic old man. He's like a child running off.
I hope he gets killed off or leaves soon.

Anonymous said...

Diane, I agree with you! I find Michael extremely annoying and needy. I hate the way he smothers Gavin.

Zagg said...

I agree about the Mary character. They toned her down for a while and now she has become too ridiculous once again. Kids or no kids, Dev should show her the door. He should be smart enough to see that she is seething with jealousy still even after their talk weeks back. She is just too creepy. I hate the way she treats Julie.And Dev should hate the way she treats Julie and put an end to it.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with comments that Mary should control her jealousy,I thought if anyone was in the wrong it was Julie.Mary was helping the children with their homework as per their usual routine and what does Julie do?She interrupts the homework session just so she can play a game with them and impress Dev. No wonder Mary got angry as she felt undermined by Julie .Maybe Dev should talk to Julie too about respecting Mary and her role in his children's lives.

Anonymous said...

Yay, anon 20:57, totally agree!

Rosie said...

Me too, Julie is definitely out of order to interfere with Mary's chid care.

Tvor said...

I never thought I'd say this, but you gotta admire Tracy. She's not scared of anyone! I do like the way she stood up to that yob and fought back. Take no prisoners! If Tony's getting involved with her, he should be afraid. Very afraid.


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