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Friday 16 January 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 16 Jan

Friday 16th January
MICHAEL AND GAIL FACE AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE. Having collapsed at the bistro, Michael wakes up in hospital. Gail explains they’re waiting for his test results. Steph goes looking for Gavin at his flat. Realising Gavin is at home but refusing to answer the door, Steph shouts through the letterbox that she’s not leaving until he lets her in. Gavin finally opens up and admits he was planning to do a runner. Showing Steph his passport, Gavin tells her he’s not who he said he was! Meanwhile the doctor comes with news of Michael’s test results.
MICHELLE STRUGGLES WITH A DILEMMA.Tony admits to Michelle he’s gone into business with Tracy and has yet to tell Liz.
ROY FEELS A COLD VIBE IN THE CAFÉ. Yasmeen informs Roy that she’ll be supervising his community service, as he’ll be working at the Community Centre. Anna’s scathing and accuses Yasmeen of siding with Roy over Gary. Yasmeen’s quick to put Anna in her place.
ELSEWHERE Luke’s nervous as he prepares for his outing with Maria and Liam. Roy gives Carla a pep talk about Manchester Business Woman of the Year, pointing out it’s an accolade and she should accept it with pride. Will Carla change her mind about the awards?

Friday 16th January

GAVIN’S CAUGHT BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE. Michael and Gail are shocked to hear that Michael needs an urgent heart operation. Meanwhile Steph’s dumbfounded as Gavin explains he’s not actually Gavin, but Andrew, a friend of Michael’s son Gavin. Andy tells Steph he never intended to hurt anyone, it was simply a joke that spiralled out of control. Steph’s adamant he must tell Michael the truth. But when she hears Michael needs open heart surgery and any stress could kill him, Steph rushes to No.8 and drags Andy into the garden, explaining he mustn’t tell Michael the truth as the shock could kill him. Realising they’re keeping something from him, Michael demands answers!
LIZ DEMANDS ANSWERS FROM STEVE. Liz and Steve return from Spain. Steve remains as depressed as ever and Liz confides in Tony that she’s secretly booked him a doctor’s appointment. Meanwhile after a pleasant evening with Hamish, Michelle invites him back to Carla’s flat.
ROY GETS BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM HIS FRIENDS. Awash with guilt, Roy tells Carla how his community service isn’t adequate punishment. Carla reckons he’s being too harsh on himself.
ELSEWHERE In an attempt to buy his approval, Luke presents Liam with a new football. Liam’s underwhelmed and when he falls over and hurts himself during a kick about it brings the evening to a swift end. Luke’s disappointed.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Oh here we go again.......... waiting for test results at Weathy General, self important doctors talking about the "seriousness" of the illness, Gail fawning about talking in that silly voice, then Michael will be up and about in no time mooning about with hangdog look with zero adjustments to his life style - spare us.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Yasmeen finally has a purpose to be shouty. I hope she tells Anna EXACTLY how it is. I'm starting to think Gary is maturing faster than his mother at this point.

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose they could always forget his heart condition, then you'll moan how Corrie has swept it under the carpet. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but what does Tony's and Tracy's business dealings have to do with Michelle?Is this leading to her finding out about their affair and somehow blaming Steve as she did with Tina and Peter?

Louby said...

It's time for me to spend the 2 1/2 hours a week watching old episodes on youtube instead of the current stuff. This Andy /Gavin nonsense is just stupid, don't cause Michael any stress but saying you're pregnant, that's sensible! They only got together a few days ago anyway. If only there was a way to weed out the stupid stuff.

Tvor said...

I enjoyed the Andy/Gavin stuff. And they didn't say she was pregnant, Michael assumed it so they went along with it rather than cause a worse shock!


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