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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Spoilers for Coronation Street's bus crash week

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 19 to Friday 23 January

Mini-bus crashes with Steve at the wheel and lives hang in the balance; Gary’s in court; Roy volunteers at community centre and offers Gary a job in the café.

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Anonymous said...

Do they not have any snow in the UK?? It's January and that photo shows green grass!
C in Canada.

Anonymous said...

This continuous making Roy fall on his sword to "make amends" makes ME want to vomit. Yes, he was wrong, but Gary was too and no one seems to care.

Tvor said...

THey don't get a lot of snow in the Manchester area until you get up higher like into the Peak District. I've been there in January and yes, green grass even under a little dusting of snow.

BarrieT said...

I just heard that Steve & Michelle are getting married after the crash. I mean in coming months. Poor Steve. I'd throw myself off a cliff too if i had to marry michelle.

abbyk said...

For Steve and Meeeeeechelle's wedding gift, I'll get them one of those kiddy science kits because clearly they don't have any chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous,I agree with your comments about Roy,HE'S the victim not Gary.If anyone should be making amends it's Gary who I point out was sorry that he got caught and was hoping Roy would think it was one of the hoodlums that robbed him.
Sinead not being able to walk again is nothing more than a recycling of Sophie's accident a couple of years ago.

Not PC said...

As always, Roy is taking the high road here. He's the bigger man and showing it by offering an olive branch to Gary when he doesn't need to. This move, his civility with Anna and the community cookery classes all sound like some lovely evolution for Roy - give him something to do aside from hiding indoors away from hoodlums!

With regards to the destiny of Sinead, I cannot believe how unoriginal the writers of this show can be. They've already got a wheelchair character, can't they give her a glass eye or summat?!

Not PC said...

Whoops, that should be Roy's civility with Mary... who cares about Anna?

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! AbbyK.......but so true, absolutely no chemistry between those two and now thay're getting back together......BOO-HISS writers!
Yet another 'death-bed or paralysis watch'.....are there no original thinkers among all those writers????

Frosty the Snowman said...

More ridiculously over egged 'deathbed' scenes in Weatherfield General again with everyone involved making a miraculous recovery within days, and none of some of the exhausted characters killed off with this grear opportunity. Then the arm folder Michelle gets back with Steve - yawn yawn yawn. Frankly Corrie is getting boring lately, it needs a bit shake up.

Tracy in Canada said...

Hopefully Sarah and Bethany's return will give things a shake up like you say, Frosty.
Briefly, I thought Michelle was doing less arm folding, and turned a bit sweeter; then the depression storyline came into play and she was back to her bossy ways. Maybe she will soften up again. I hope so, as she needs a new dimension to her character.
I like the idea of Tony and Tracy. Good opportunities there for the writers!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Stuart Blackburn get on the bus?

Zagg said...

Sinead might not walk again? YAWN! I used to like her character. Now that they've turned her into a complete moron with the whole Roy/Gary story line, I could care less if she snuffs it.
So is she really the only one who is injured in this crash? After all the hype? This is what they're going with? I thought they were going to cull the herd a bit.I hope more comes out of it than just this Sinead story.

Beth said...

Oh what?! We also had Peter who was once in a wheelchair after the tram crash - but hey presto made a miraculous recovery..... just like Sophie after her accident. So this will be the third, same "character in accident and ends up in wheelchair" story in four years. Original writers!


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