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Wednesday 14 January 2015

Video: Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn reveals upcoming storylines

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn was interviewed on ITV's This Morning this morning. The ITV website name Stuart as Executive Producer, but that role belongs to Kieran Roberts.

Stuart hit back at tabloid claims of "Corrie in crisis" saying that papers have got to be sold, there is no crisis, just some brilliant storytelling.

He talked about the upcoming mini-bus crash and Simon Gregson's storyline with Steve's depression.  He says Corrie has a current cast of about 60 and it's hard to decide which character and actor is going to get the big storylines. There's a clip of the bus crash too, which is shown on Monday 19 January.

Stuart a then talked through all of the storylines and spoilers that are outlined here. He also said that Kylie returns in the middle of David vs Callum's paternity battle for Max.

UK fans can watch the video here.
Sorry, overseas fans, these videos are still not  available for you to see.

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Anonymous said...

The man is delusional.

Upintheattic said...

I agree. Wish someway, somehow,Director Graeme Harper
Producer Phil Collinson
Head of production Clare Winnick
Production designer Alan Davis
back again. Corrie was amazing back in those years. Tram crash 2010? Unforgettable.
Hope this doesn't get deleted...but oh well...freedom of speech and all that..:)

Anonymous said...

Callum paternity battle? What David legally adopted Max what judge in their right mind would give a child to a drug dealer! Come on!

Tvor said...

I thought David adopted Max as well.

Anonymous said...

@Diane LaPointe, I respect your wish list, but it wasn't long ago that readers on this website (myself included) were deriding Collinson for sensationalism. Blackburn has changed CS in ways that are consistent with those demands. Now the main stories are less OTT, Sally's sofa, Steve's depression, Gavin's secret identity. Like other readers here, I have problems too with the flash in a pan storylines that have become the norm, characters coming and going in s/l's that either go on forever or end without conclusion, but where Blackburn is concerned, I think it's fair to say he's delivered on the other point. The stories aren't as pumped up and gargantuan as they were before, and ratings are falling - so shouldn't that tell us that we, on this site, want something different from the general public?

Anonymous said...

Since there are over 60 cast members,how come it's the same chosen few,the McDonalds,Barlows,Platts,Windassesand Websterswho get all the storylines?
As for Kylie being in the middle of the paternity battle,shouldn't her loyalty be wit her husbandwho helped her get Max out of foster care because of her and Callum's drug past and gave them both a safe and secure home?

Anonymous said...

Another teen pregnancy, another 'wild child' teenager, another revenge plot...another lost viewer.

Anonymous said...

Say what we will about Stuart Blackburn but that photo leads me to believe he is genuinely passionate about this show.

I'm just left wondering how many other chefs are in the kitchen that his passion is getting lost in translation.

Frosty the Snowman said...

That photo leads me to believe he is positively barking!

Who really cares about the battle for Max? He should have gone to live with Auntie Becky and be done with it. Its ludicrous to suggest that a Court would even consider giving a little box to a drug dealer and drug user and we dont have proof that Callum is even his father. Pah.

ChiaGwen said...

Could some kind UK person give us sad Canadians a synopsis of that video re: Blackburn and the upcoming stories....please!

ChiaGwen said...

Oh dear, this is truly one 'not paying attention' Canadian....sorry, just realized there was a link to story details I could read. Thanks.


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