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Friday 30 January 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 30 Jan

Friday 30th January
CALLUM PAYS MAX A VISIT. Katy takes Max to the café to give David a break. But whilst her back’s turned, Max runs out of the door. Outside Katy finds Max chatting to a stranger. The man introduces himself as Callum and assures Katy that he and Max go way back. What is Callum up to?
TOXIC TODD STARTS TO ENACT HIS PLAN. Eva confides in Todd that she and Tony are planning to view some flats behind Jason’s back and then when they find the right one, show it to Jason in the hope he’ll change his mind and allow Tony to give them the deposit. Todd listens, an evil plan forming in his mind. Knowing Tony and Eva are in the flat, Todd encourages Jason to pop home. As Tony and Eva pour over flat details, Jason walks in and demands to know what they’re playing at.
MADDIE AND NORRIS CLASH OVER CASH. When Norris short changes Maddie, she’s furious but Norris refuses to hand over the money, insisting she’s lying. Discovering the till is up, Rita returns the money to Maddie. Will Norris issue an apology?
ELSEWHERE Steve tells Michelle how he can’t forgive himself for the fact Sinead might never walk again. When Michelle later asks him to run an errand for her, Steve gets in his car but suffers a panic attack, admitting to Tyrone that he’s too frightened to drive. Chesney wades in and shoving Steve, blames him for Sinead’s injuries and demands some answers. Awash with guilt and self-loathing will Steve be able to defend himself?

Friday 30th January
STEVE AND SINEAD TRY TO LOOK TO THE FUTURE. Sinead’s depressed, convinced she’ll never walk again and will end up being a burden to Chesney. Beth assures her she’ll never be a burden and she needs to start thinking more positively. When Chesney arrives at the hospital with Agnes in tow, Sinead’s lifted to see her great grandmother. As Chesney sits on Sinead’s bed, he lays a hand on her leg. Sinead’s convinced she can feel something. Is she on the road to recovery? Meanwhile Steve attends his first session with the therapist. Initially he’s nervous but eventually he opens up and admits how he feels he’s let everyone down and blames himself for the minibus crash.
TODD’S POISON IS A BITTER PILL FOR JASON TO SWALLOW. Quickly covering the flat details, Eva makes out Tony gave her a lift back from town and she invited him in for a beer by way of thanks. Jason’s mollified. Jason confides in Todd how he found Eva in the flat with Tony and is convinced they were keeping something from him. Todd takes the opportunity to stir things and suggests it’s good they get on so well and spend so much time together. Jason mulls over Todd’s words, his jealousy growing.
MADDIE RUNS RINGS ROUND NORRIS. Sophie distracts Norris whilst Maddie picks up Norris’s mobile and dials the speaking clock. Norris remains blissfully unaware of their prank. Norris is furious to discover his mobile is connected to the speaking clock. Maddie and Sophie fall about laughing.
ELSEWHERE Anna and Owen row over his constant digs at Gary. Katy drops Max back with David and tells him about Callum’s visit. David’s uneasy.

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Zagg said...

So, is this going to continue to be Todd's big scheme in life? Setting people up at a flat to get "caught" and thus ruining the relationship? Didn't we see this happen with Marcus and Maria not long ago? Ugh...I'm so over Todd.

Anonymous said...

Owen does need to stfu about Gary. We know...he's a dumbass. Got it. Move on. And Anna needs to stop thinking her kid is a saint, because he's not. They're both more insufferable than Gary ever thought of being! They could both leave and I wouldn't feel a thing.

Beth said...

Todd's been back for ages now as a completely transformed character and we as the viewers (and his family and friends come to that) are non the wiser why. So what has been the point exactly. He's quite horrible and there's enough of that with Tracy, Norris and recently Anna. I'm still mystified at why TPTB have changed Todd from a nice lawyer to a pantomime villain who works in a pawn shop. Are we going to find out and do they care that we don't know - do they remember?

On a positive - Craig! Oh Craig, he works well with anyone. He was brilliant with Norris and his tablet and now he's just super with Tim. Great line when he said "my mum was wrong about you". They have the makings of a great double act! Roll on the window cleaning apprenticeship!

Unknown said...

Anyone know where chesney got that black jacket from?


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