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Thursday 15 January 2015

Les Dennis: "I still pinch myself when I walk into Corrie"

Les Dennis was interviewed on BBC Radio 2's Paper Cuts show last night with Kate Thornton.  He talked about his life and touched on Coronation Street, of course.

It's definitely worth a listen.  Les said that if his late comedy partner, Dustin Gee, was still alive today, he would have been enormously proud of him for joining the show.

When Les first joined Corrie, he says: "I was in awe. My first scene was running up the cobbles having burgled Gail's house. I remember thinking: 'I am actually on Coronation Street, not doing a sketch as Mavis!

"Here I am playing a character that might have a shelf life in the show and every scene that I did, my first scene with Roy - oh! - my first scene with Bill Roache, who plays Ken Barlow - at the end of the scene he touched my forehead and said 'you're blooded'. 

"I still pinch myself when I walk through the gates, it's a fantastic show to do. It seems that people like the character and like the relationship between Gail and Michael. Maybe for the first time she's got the man she deserves!

Listen to the interview here.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we love your character Les Dennis. I hope you stay a long time on Corrie. :)

Anonymous said...

Disagree. Doesn't work for me.

Humpty Dumpty said...

They should have given Michael a bigger slice of comedy. Les Dennis excels in that department eg when Michael got drunk after searching for Gavin in various pubs. The scene with David and Gail in the middle of all the angst really worked. They haven't used Les Dennis well, so far. If he survives the Curse of the Platts, I hope Michael and Gail have a relatively stress-free marriage.

Tvor said...

I like Michael, too. Yes, Humpty, a bit more comedy would be good, he does do that well.

Defrost Indoors said...

They've turned Michael into too much of a sad sack (and wanting to marry Gail is definitely a signal to start getting one's affairs in order and signing the organ donor card). He should (given his comedy background) be able to join in with the cab office repartee and maybe be a bemused observer of the madness of the Platt family. Instead he's turned into a needy, clingy wimp which is just a huge waste of potential.

Anonymous said...

Defrost, sadly I must agree with you completely. Les Dennis is probably a lovely man but I cannot for the life of me warm up to the character. When he comes on screen I want to leave the room I find him extremely annoying and hate the way he hovers over Gavin. Sorry but won't miss him if he leaves

Anonymous said...

Too much whinging. Oh Gail what if my son doesn't want me...whinge! What if I have a heart condition...whinge! What if I find out I'm a ticking time bomb...whinge! What if I've overstayed my welcome...whinge!!!!
I keep waiting for him to say "I don't really know" a la Mavis.

Even so, I don't mind the character, though the whole his son is an imposter story is more Melrose Place than Corrie.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Yep Frosty agrees with Defrost - getting Les Dennis was a good thing for Corrie and Michael Rodwell started off well, even though he met Gail by dubious means, i.e burgling her house. But what could have been a great comic and long lasting character was spoiled by giving him a "heart condition" and turning him into a whiney self pityng self obsesssed wet lettuce of a bloke. At first he seemed to make Gail likeable but she soon reverted to annoying blinking and silly voiced mode. The Platts also get far too many storylines in the Frosty opinon.

Anonymous said...

It must be difficult and frustrating for actors who agree to come into the cast of a soap. With a play or movie they can see the script before they decide whether to accept a role.
I wonder if Les Dennis would have accepted this part if he'd known what the writers were going to make his character become.

B600S said...

I think he would have been well aware of his character, Anon. I am not surprised he has turned out a bit of a flop, but I keep hoping that he will exit by robbing Gail of her worldly possessions and disappearing down the cobbles and into the distance...! And yes Frosty you are so right about Gail and her blinking and silly voice. How on earth has she lasted so long on the show??!


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