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Sunday 18 January 2015

Corrie On Loving

Oh we all love a good Corrie wedding. Weddings take place with alarming frequency in Coronation Street, you'd think some of the residents would have learned by now. Recent ITV publicity has confirmed that there are yet more weddings planned for 2015.

Ah Gail. Gail Potter Tilsley Tilsley Platt Hillman McIntyre. Bless her heart. An eternal optimist and a lesson to us all or a blithering idiot? Who can say? I sometimes wonder whether Gail has an off-screen bet with Audrey that she can tie the knot at least once each decade. Brian in the 70s and again in the 80s; Martin in the 90s; Richard and Joe in the 2000s and now...Michael "I need open heart surgery and I have a son imposter" Rodwell. Will they make it down the aisle?     Probably.

She can certainly pick 'em. While most Corrie romances are on-off-on-off quicker than one of Mary's increasingly scary mood swings, at least Gail takes a more refreshingly honest approach. She just waits for him to burgle her house and pounces before he can get his grubby hands on her cherished keepsakes (not a euphemism). Gail and Michael are at least well suited: they are both completely hopeless. Whatever happens, we can be sure that Gail's simpering, quiet voiced eye fluttering wlll get much air time as we get closer to their big day. Surely whatever the outcome Michael can't do any of the following: be stabbed outside a nightclub / run off to Liverpool / die while driving the family into the canal / die while trying to fake his own death in Lake Windermere. 

A question remains though. After all these horrible experiences would someone, even Gail, be so quick to get engaged again, especially to a man whom she didn't exactly meet on a blind date in the Bistro? Yes, she probably would.

A more troubling Coronation Street wedding scenario is to be found at the Rovers Return. Why oh why must they marry off Steve and Michelle? This couple have been on again and off again for years and years and whatever interaction they've had it has never worked. The characters have absolutely no chemistry. Michelle has treated Steve like a joke for years. She belittles him, demeans him and talks down to him. Yet apparently Steve has always been besotted with her and nobody can believe how a great catch like 'Chelle has settled for Steve. 

There is something very unbalanced in the writing here. Michelle always gets the upper hand and is never wrong. I know Corrie has a tradition of strong women but they normally have a vulnerability and a likeable side to their characters. Not here. She's everyone's mate but she is still one of the most self-centred bods on the street. I just cannot fathom it. She is also a major contributory factor to Steve's recent depression. Yet apparently when everyone finally realises what is behind his errant behaviour and he eventually seeks help, the first thing they want to do is get married. It simply does not ring true to me and the whole thing gives me a headache.

I've read comments suggesting Steve and Michelle's relationship is a true love story and they are meant to be together. I must be watching something else at 7.30pm on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday because I'm yet to witness this! Steve is one of my all time favourite Corrie characters so I hope he survives this pairing but to be honest it does him absolutely no favours.

So anyway, that's my opinion on the next couple of Corrie weddings. I doubt either of them will be as genuinely fun, down to earth and heartfelt as Kirk and Beth's but we can live in hope.

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