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Saturday 24 January 2015

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 24 2015

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This was bus crash week on Coronation Street. The Underworld girls and Sean all gather on the mini-bus in their best bib and tucker for the outing to the North West Trade Awards. Steve’s driving the bus and gets into a spot of road rage with boy racers on a quiet country lane, close to a cliff edge.  The mini-bus is run off the road, crashes, rolls upside down on its roof and ends up hanging over a cliff edge with the Underworld lot stuck inside. Steve’s first out of the bus, he can’t handle what’s happened and takes himself off in shock for a weep. Michelle’s next out and comforts him, only too aware that Steve’s blaming himself for the accident. Slowly but surely everyone else clambers, or crawls, out of the wreckage in various states of shock and distress with cuts and bruises all over. All the while, the bus creaks and moans with the shifting weight inside of it, barely hanging on to that cliff edge as everyone gets out alive, Sinead only just. 

But hang on, just a cotton pickin’ minute! Where’s Mrs Connor?  She’s only stuck at the front of the bus, dangling over the cliff edge, and the bus is threatening to break free and tumble to destruction at any second.  It’s Tracy who goes back to free Carla and becomes the heroine of the hour, much to Carla’s admiration and disdain: “I had me life saved by Tracy-flaming-Barlow!” 

The clan are all taken to th’ospickle (where’s Nurse Platt when you need him?) where most are given the all-clear, some bandages and pills.  However, Sinead’s kept in for a three hour op and in danger of being paralysed.  Meanwhile, Steve admits to Michelle that he’s depressed, he has been for months and feels responsible for the crash. She whisks him off to the doc where he’s given some pills and he gives her a hug. 

News of the bus crash reaches Billy the vicar, by way of Eileen who rings him to tell him that Sean has been hurt.  Billy rushes to see Sean and tells him he wants more than friendship, he wants them to go out on a date. Sean’s little face lights up, and to be honest, so did mine. Billy the vicar is lovely, just lovely.

Roy starts his community service at Jamila House Community Centre, helping Yasmeen tidy up leaflets, organise chairs and in desperation for want of something, anything, else to do, he even helps her with the crossword. Roy knows his community service is no punishment at all for what he did to Gary, and he tries to make amends by offering Gary a job in Roy’s Rolls.  Gary happily accepts. Mary’s still sniffy with Roy for what he did to Gary and she doesn’t deserve Roy’s friendship at all. But it matters to Roy that Mary thinks well of him although quite frankly, I’d like to give her a slap. She and Norris are horrid little people, horrid.

Fake Gavin and Steph have to break the news to Michael that they’re not having a fake baby after all. Michael got himself carried away this week, wearing ‘World’s Best Grandad’ t-shirt and buying babygrows for the unborn.  His heart is broken that he’s not going to be a grandad any time soon, but at least it keeps ticking and the shock doesn’t kill.

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Dubcek said...

Mary’s still sniffy with Roy for what he did to Gary.

But it was perfectly acceptable for her to abduct and imprison Norris a few years ago or has she forgotten that little episode.
What a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Mary would say she kidnapped Norris out of "love" and what Roy did was out of "hate". She lives in a very black and white world, of course.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Mary is quite clearly a very disturbed woman. How Dev gives her carte blanche to look after his kids, especially as she is a childless spinster herself I really dont know, seems rather irresponsible to Frosty.


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