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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Corrie weekly awards for January 12 - 16

Set up award: Tony went to extremes to set Tracy up with the dodgy guy with the mixers to try to scare her into accepting him as a partner.

Pun of the week: Regarding playing opera to unstress the chickens so they'll lay eggs Roy "Perhaps something from La Boheme?" Alya "Don't you mean, La Bo-hen?"

Pants on Fire award: Gavin, of course, is always backpedalling to cover up his impostorship!

Oblivious award: Julie seems to realize that Mary is feeling left out because she's with Dev now and part of the family, but she doesn't realize how much her interfering is upsetting the twins' routine and Mary's authority over it.

Fashion wow: Loved Steph's lacy outfit.

Loved Up award: Steph and Gavin. Kirk and Beth.

Bitter Cow award: Anna's attitude towards Roy is really itching my nerves. Any other boss would have sacked her for it by now.

The Big Reveal: Gavin Rodwell is really Andrew Carver. Now Steph knows but they can't tell Michael because it'll kill him!

Lies, lies and damned lies: Michael assumed Steph is pregnant, and Steph and Andy/Gavin (Gandy?) have to go along with it. Now there's more lies.

Lines of the week:
Yasmeen to Sharif "Why are you sitting out here, you ridiculous man? They (the chickens) don't require a midwife"
Tony, referring to the dog eat dog world of business "The lion eats the zebra!" Eva "That don't mean the zebra has to be happy about it"
Luke "Jealousy is an ugly thing" Steph "Yeah, so are you when your trousers are undone" (Oops! And ...little sister 1 big brother 0)
Michael to Sharif "Are you sure they're not roosters?" Sharif "Oh they're hens all right, you can tell by the amount of pecking they do!" (snort)
Roy "When a loved one needs support, it's sometimes necessary to look beyond one's own feelings and beliefs"
Gavin "There's two sides to every story" Leanne "Really? In my experience there's usually truth and bare faced lies"
Eileen to Jason "Just because you hang around the nest doesn't mean I have to drop worms in your gob!"
Gavin "I am sick and tired of telling lies cause it's got me into a mess you wouldn't believe" (he's quite right, too!)
Michael "When push comes to shove, I've always been a bit of a cryer" (real men aren't afraid to cry, Mike!)
David to Michael "Welcome to the Addams family!"
Yasmeen to Roy "You have been assigned as our first victim!" (she was kidding. I think)
Yasmeen "I suppose she would prefer I had you breaking stones in the yard for a rockery" Roy "Are you thinking of a rockery?" (the look on Yasmeen's face cracked me up.)
Roy to Carla "You degrade the award for others by taking this attitude" (I thought he was going to come out with "Listen to your Uncle Roy!!!!")
Carla "You're just back off your honeymoon. I might think that romance is dead but I'm not a complete cow!"
Tyrone "It's a date thing, it's bound to be on your mind" Roy "Well I hadn't noticed that it had ever been off my mind"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Elephant in the room award: Carla is back from LA but has not even mentioned Gary Windass and his attempted break in or Roy’s incarceration. You would have thought being as she is supposed to be Roy’s great support she would have marked his card or at least Anna’s – but all she seems to have done is order Roy to eat something!

What do you do all day award: Ayla just seems to stare into space in the factory all day long and although Sally was mega patronising, you never accept anything on behalf of your boss you always ask them first. But then Sally as “PA” should have been dealing with it all anyway. But of course it’s all a contrivance to the tedious, oops sorry SENSATIONAL bus crash next week – ho hum.

Most slappable face award: Anna with her face pulling behind poor Roy, I am praying to Blackburn that this increasingly dislikeable character disappears along with Katy and Owen later in the year. You really will never be able to feel sorry for this woman ever again.

Are you sure you are not his son award: Andy aka Gavin with his hangdog, woe is me face sitting wallowing in self pity – just like Michael himself.

Unintentionally comical award: Sorry but when Michael fell over in the Bistro it was like something out of a pantomime. If you play it back Leanne stood with hands on hips and didn’t budge a muscle !

Football award: Why kicks a ball around in the dark in the middle of a Street with a young kid and then wonders why they get honked by vehicles? Dah. Having said that I do like Luke and feel he is being dragged down by the nomark Maria – Miss Vanilla.

Worst shop assistant of the year award: Ken – though quite why he insisted on “helping” when Todd is employed there and they have no customers anyway Frosty is not sure.

Anonymous said...

Best Advice award - Roy and Carla. Carla told Roy that he needs to stop punishing himself for what happened with Gary and that he should try to move on with his life as best as he can. Then Roy gave this passionate speech about why Carla should accept the award she's won. Reminding her that she 'refused to allow the chaos of her misfortunes to impact on her working life'.

Nikki NZ said...

Most ridiculous cover story: Steph being pregnant. And GAndy had to check whether or not it was true? What, from a New Year snog? They only did the wild thing for the first time about two days ago. Even the most advanced pregnancy kit couldn't deliver results that quickly.

Of course, it would be ironic if she really was up the duff :)


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