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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 10 2015

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Corrie went back to the 80s this week for Kirk and Beth’s wedding. Not only were the bride and groom and wedding guests done up to the nines in 80s attire, Corrie even dragged in Doreen Corkhill from Brookside to play Beth’s mum. As a huge Brookside fan, I couldn’t have been happier with this casting. And, as this is soap, the wedding didn’t go without a hitch. Kirk got cold feet after he heard Beth’s mum, sister and grandma dismiss him as “a box packer who sounds like Goofy”. They had thought and indeed hoped that Jason was Beth’s beau after they turned up while Jason was in the house with his shirt off, soaked while fixing a radiator leak. But no, it’s not wet, topless Jason that Beth’s marrying - it’s wet, hapless Kirk.

Kirk thinks he’s not good enough for the Tinker clan and there’s panic when he’s late for the wedding. It’s left to Chesney to give Kirk the pep talk he needs. “You’re kinda my hero,” he tells him. Kirk gets to the register office in time, dancing up the steps dressed as Adam Ant, singing along to Prince Charming… ridicule is nothing to be scared of. Wise words for all of us there, Kirkeh lad. Craig walks his mum down the aisle, the bride and groom exchange words and then it’s off to the reception in the Rovers where there’s a spread laid on and a party to be had. There’s only one problem, there’s no bar staff to serve.

Michelle’s walked out on Steve who’s too ill with depression to talk, never mind manage a wedding reception. But the Tinker clan don’t let this stand in their way of having a good time and everyone makes merry with the drinks behind the bar, helping themselves to as much as they can. That is, until Liz returns, shoos them all out, and takes control of the carnage. Beth’s workmates from the factory are at the bash, and Tracy plays an unlikely bridesmaid. I still find the friendship between Tracy and Beth an unbelievable one. Tracy doesn’t do friends, she isn’t the type. There’s plenty of crimped and lacquered hair on display, Sean’s done up as George Michael, Eileen as Boy George, Sophie and Maddie as two versions of Madonna that threaten to upstage the bride’s own. Julie’s pretty in pink, and furious with Dev for flirting with Beth’s sister while Mary is furious with Julie for flirting with Dev. Dev’s a ghostbuster, Mary’s Sheena Easton, and Sally and Tim doll up as Dollar and miss the wedding when they stay home to christen Sally’s new sofa. When they turn up in the pub for the do, Sally comments how common the Tinker clan are, only for Beth’s mum to point out that Sally’s wearing her dress back to front.

There really were some wonderful scenes and dialogue at the wedding, it did Corrie proud. The contrast between the wedding shenanigans in the front of the bar, and Steve’s depression and illness behind it, was both funny and troubling all at the same time.

Clearly worried by Steve’s behaviour, Liz tells him she’s taking him to Spain with her for a break to see Andy. It is not a matter that Liz tells him is up for discussion. And it is not one that Steve even tries to argue with.
Elsewhere this week, Michelle goes on a date with new bloke Hamish, mainly because she’s fed up with Steve. He’s a bit bland, this Hamish. Why are all the new blokes who turn up in Corrie so beige and so bland? Mind you, Michelle’s not that bothered and turns up for her first date with the fella, wearing a frock that had me choking on my cocoa. If you've got the bottle, the brass neck and the boobies to wear such a dress, it's available here.

Callum caught up with David this week after David called the cops when little Max went missing. Callum had taken his son to the Red Rec, without letting David know but safely brings him back home. However, he has a warning for David to never call the cops on him again, or else.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

What a pair of businesswomen Liz and Michelle are! Liz disappears "shopping" and Michelle - why is she even still working there - goes off on an impromptu date when there is a wedding party due in! Michelle should be sacked and Liz needs to take a reality check, whether she thinks "her" bar is more important than bizarrely buying something for the invisible Andy!

Tvor said...

I agree with Frosty on this one. Michelle might have her name over the door but both she and Liz were irresponsible for leaving the pub on the day of a big, private do.

I do believe Tracy and Beth as friends, and you're right, Tracy doesn't "do" friendship. I think this friendship took her as much by surprise as it did the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Liz and Michelle left Steve holding the bag so do speak as I don't think neither of them wasn't around for the reception after Hayley's funeral.
Why is Michelle's name even the door?She and Steve aren't married add when he bought the Rovers,she complained about Liz being her 'boss'.

vintgal003 said...

A++ wedding....*how fun*...stellar that Beth & Kirk and long live Sally & Tim!
WOW Miss Michelle...if you got it girl....wear it...and you wear it well!

Anonymous said...

Michelle looks like a cross between a call-girl and a stripper; ugh! Notice her trying to cover her crotch with her handbag, as the length of her dress is barely doing the job.

Tvor said...

It really was quite a revealing dress for a casual drinks at the Bistro first date, wasn't it? I suppose she went all out to give herself confidence. Hamish's eyes sure popped and I bet he regretted not shaving.


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