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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 28 Jan

Wednesday 28th January
TONY AND EVA STRIKE UP A DEAL. When Eva laments to Tony how Jason reckons they can’t afford to  buy a flat, Tony offers to lend them a deposit. Eva’s thrilled but when she tells Jason he’s furious, insisting they’re not a charity case. Eva’s upset as she explains to Tony how Jason refused his offer.  Tony gives her a comforting hug as Todd watches on intrigued, forming a plan. Elsewhere when Tony  tries throwing his weight around in the shop, Tracy realises she needs to show him who’s boss. Using  her feminine wiles, she drags him into the back and seduces him. Returning from work will Todd  catch them in the act?
DAVID’S READY TO FIGHT FOR HIS RIGHTS. David worries that with Kylie gone, he has no parental rights over Max and Callum could take him away at a moment’s notice.
CRAIG GETS THE WRONG END OF THE STICK. As it’s Tim’s birthday, Craig and Faye offer to do his window jobs for him so he can have an early dart. But as they beaver away on Sally’s windows, they spot Sally and Kevin acting strangely. Having heard this Tim heads to No.4 intent on confronting Sally and Kevin. What will he walk into? Meanwhile Tim offers Craig a window cleaning apprenticeship.
ELSEWHERE In the café, Zeedan refuses to let Gary serve him. Michael’s nervous as he reveals he’s had a call from the hospital and his heart operation is in two weeks. Steph puts pressure on Andy to track down Michael’s real son in case Michael should die during his operation.

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sarah luize kidger said...

I don't believe that rumour about gail being killed of at all its just speculations why would the writers get rid of eye flittering character like old gail who shall name unspectually gail is just a husband catcher

Zagg said...

Oh please....are they really resurrecting Todd seeking revenge for the little scrape on his cheek? You know that tiny little line on his cheek that NO one can even see anymore that apparently makes him the Phantom of the Weatherfield Opera.Ugh... This storyline is so lame and at this point, who cares? These writers really have no idea how to write someone out for a few months. They take the most well suited couple on the street and break them up with a wacky story that of course HAS to reflect cheating in some way, because that is all they know how to write. Very disappointing.

Tvor said...

This revenge probably has nothing to do with Todd's scar. He was causing trouble even before that!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the reason that Sally and Kevin are acting strangely is because they are planning a party for Tim?If that is not the case then Tim does have something to worry about as I find Kevin who has a son hangs around Sally a little too much.

Zagg said...

While seemingly over the top, actually the revenge plot of Todd's has everything to do with his scar. They were writing articles about it back in November!:
3 Nov 2014 ... Coronation Street's Todd Grimshaw is scarred for life after he is viciously ... Todd blames his loved ones for what happened and plots his revenge. ... “Todd's scar is going to be there permanently, as it would be in real life.
When I read article after article on this, I really thought he was going to be disfigured. Now it just seems silly.

Humpty Dumpty said...

If you want to get deep about it and endow the writers with great subtlety(!), the physical scar is symbolic of his psychological scarring. Whatever happened to him in London - and does anyone care after this long - plus his demotion to second best son has given Todd all the reasoning he needs to wreak revenge.

Anonymous said...

@ Humpty Dumpty - right on. King Lear anyone? Todd is Edmund of the Cobbles now. Jason has his legitimate father back now, Todd not. Bring back Todd's real father and see if that exposes the source of the scar.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Fed up with Todd and his plotting, why is he still hanging around the Street anyway with that silly scatch that hardly makes him Al Capone.

Fed up with Max asking when Kylie is coming home, I presume this tedium with Callum will run for months until Paula Lane's return.

Fed up with all this glum faces - will Sinead ever walk again? This paralysis business has been done to death and they always make a full recovery.

With the shock passing of a great like Anne K as Dierdre, really I wonder if Corrie is worth bothering with any longer.

Anonymous said...

Frosty, I don't think Anne Kirkbride's passing will make much difference, she'd been away so long she was almost forgotten about anyway.

No one person was or is the Star of the Show.


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