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Monday 12 January 2015

My thoughts on Corrie's 2015 storylines

January is a grim old month. So I paused today to reflect on what Corrie has in store for us in the weeks ahead. It's a mixed old bag, but there are some green shoots appearing.

To begin with, I did actually really enjoy Kirk and Beth's wedding. While it was cliched in that we suffered through the old will the bride/groom make it to the altar story, on the whole it was a refreshingly honest, upbeat scenario. I hope we see more of this couple in the year ahead as both characters shine when given the chance.

I'm also really looking forward to the return of Jenny Bradley. I'm familiar with the character however it took some repeat viewings of old episodes to fully remind me of what a cowbag she was back in the day! Her relationship with our RIta was fraught to say the least. Their shared history will make this an interesting story as long as the powers that be get their Corrie facts right. She was also very close to Sally so Jenny's 2015 dalliance with Kevin should be a fun watch. It'll also give him something to do.

We've been promised a more positive outlook for Roy this year too. I found his attack on Gary to be worthy and thought provoking but at the same time it felt like poor old Roy had suffered enough. I hope his positive future will not involve a new romance, merely a return to Roy of old, moments of wisdom, wry asides and the further development of friendships with Carla and Yasmeen.

It looks like the arrival of Owen's ex-wife will scupper things for him chez Wind-strong. I'm quite pleased with this as Owen has become one of my least favourite characters in recent times (together with the vile, spiteful Anna). I hope his ex will wipe that smug, know it all grin off his chops. 

The culmination of Steve's depression storyline will also be good hopefully. While it's been touch and go at some points, on the whole I'm glad Corrie have featured Steve in this way. I just hope that when we see him getting the help he needs, the Street gets it right and shows it how it really is. I'm sure they will. 

Now, to what I'm not so keen on. Apparently Todd is going to exact revenge on his family for his brutal attack late last year. Yaaaawn. I fail to see what this character is bringing to Corrie these days. I also hope it's not true that he targets Eva and Jason as they are one of my favourite pairings at the moment. I'm also not sure I'm 100% looking forward to the return of Sarah Louise. I know the character has a lot of history and links to the show that remain current, but I didn't really like her first time around. We'll see.

There are also some ongoing pairings I'm not keen on. I don't know why Corrie characters need to be continually paired off. Erica and Nick was not great so I hope they don't get back together when she returns. I'm also unsure how I feel about the burgeoning Sean and Billy romance. Time will tell. Tony and Tracy is also pretty rank although I am quite looking forward to Liz giving them both what they deserve when she eventually finds out. And I'm not keen on Luke and flaky Maria. Maria is a source of irritation at the moment, she needs to pull her finger out. Finally, please oh please can Steve and Michelle NOT get back together again once Steve is receiving the help he needs? They do not work together. End of. 

Julie and Dev however, most certainly do. Let's have a bright future for them please. And while I'm making my wishes public, please can we have a more substantial storyline for Sally and Tim? His reading difficulties seem to have been swept under the carpet which continues to be a great shame and a waste of Joe Duttine's considerable acting talents. Finally, let's have Claudia back to have some fun with our Audrey. I know this will fall on deaf ears, but Aud the good time girl needs to make a return - Sue Nicholls and comedy are a match made in heaven. Powers that be, make it happen! 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm looking forward to the end of the Michael/Gail/Gavin story. Gavin's storyline was based on the ridiculous assumption that nobody checks facts out before they accept their long-lost son. Didn't the family think to ask Michael's aunt for a photo at the outset, or send a photo of the adult Michael to the aunt for confirmation? It was too much to swallow, frankly, and I lost interest early on.

I'd love to see Deirdre back but if Anne Kirkbride prefers not to return, her space would soon close up. In this event, I'd like Tracy to go and look after her mother permanently. Tracy would soon be forgotten.

Definitely not looking forward to Faye's pregnancy. If it goes the full nine months, we'll all be bored rigid as we were with Tina's baby. Fine for characters to have babies but not to make the whole storyline about it.

Tim's going to have a storyline involving his cousin, Howie, but they've gone very quiet about this. Perhaps they haven't found the right actor yet.

Finally, hope Andrea leaves with or without Lloyd.

Tvor said...

Unfortunately, I would guess that Todd's revenge story, months after his injury and barely-visible scar, is going to be Eva's out storyline so the actress can go on Mat leave

Carry On Blogging! said...

I hope Deirdre returns soon too, no news on that that I've seen...

Carry On Blogging! said...

Yes I should think so Tvor, a shame if its a n upsetting exit though

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Todd want revenge against his family especially Eva who has been very supportive towards him after the accident with Tyrone's house.
It would've made more sense to me if Eva's exit was linked to Sarah's return[a character I'm not looking forward to seeing again]rather then a ridiculous revenge storyline.

Rebecca said...

I'm right there with you on the return of Sarah Lou as well as Jason and Eva being so good together. I'm bored with Gavin already so I can't say I'm bothered by however that turns out. I really like Luke and Steph and would much rather see them interact with each other and the street as brother & sister instead of paired off with whatever street resident happens to be free at te moment!
What I really want is for Julie to hurry up and get behind the counter at the corner shop! I know I'd be far more likely to drop into a shop where Julie worked than Sophie.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I hope 2015 will be a great year for Corrie.

I am hoping for a good storyline for David Neilson and Alison King, and more of Roy and Carla’s endearing friendship.

Sally and Tim also need a good story.

I have been looking forward to Sarah Platt’s return but not sure what to expect now after reading the producers comments about it.

I’m all for a Claudia return and a Deirdre return.

I think Luke will get fed up of Maria and will end up falling for someone else.

I think TPTB need to stop introducing new/guest characters who are just going to end up being pointless after 1 storyline. It’s almost like they think that introducing a new character is the equivalent of a good story.

ChiaGwen said...

If Michael's not wringing his hands, whining about what a bad Father he was or acting as if his emotional growth stopped at age 8.......he runs off into the night because Gail hesitated after he proposed......what a ninny. Hope that one chip is his undoing!

Anonymous said...

I so agree with your wish to TPTB that Michelle is NOT continuing with Steve. Per Tvor's comments about her leaving the pub during the wedding reception, Michelle does not deserve to have her name above the door. Come to think of it, I can't see anything that Michelle deserves except to leave Weatherfield. Please.

BarrieT said...

I just read that Steve and Michelle get married in the coming months. Poor Steve, no wonder he tried to drive off a cliff.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:

"It’s almost like they think that introducing a new character is the equivalent of a good story".

That's a very insightful comment, especially if the character is played by a well-known actor (aka stunt casting). I too am sick of TPTB making a big hullyballoo about so-and-so joing the cast, and then they leave after 3 episodes!

Tracy in Canada said...

Speaking of leaving after a few episodes -- we just saw Erica walk out of the Bistro after mutual agreement the 'fling' was just a fling.... Hope that's the end of her. I didn't warm to that storyline whatsoever. The only good of it, is that both Leanne and Nick have lost their resentment and anger. Now if she can kick Kal to the curb, and maybe get back with Nick or stay single for a week......


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