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Wednesday 14 January 2015

Coronation Street spoilers and storylines revealed for 2015

Our blogger Martin was invited to ITV this week to see a preview of the mini-bus crash storyline and meet some of the Coronation Street cast.  He'll be blogging all about his big adventure - including partying with the cast on karaoke and bowling - here he is with Kym Marsh (Michelle Connor).

Coronation Street Blogger Martin Leay with Kym Marsh

Martin's blog post will also bring you all the behind-the-scenes news and gossip from filming the bus crash.  ITV also released some Coronation Street spoilers at the event and confirmed some rumours too.  With thanks to the Manchester Evening News, these are as follows:

Confirmed rumours and spoilers:

Faye Windass finds out she's pregnant, in February. 
Faye reveals she’s being bullied for putting on weight and can’t understand why. It turns out she’s actually six months pregnant. The baby is due “around Easter time".

Sarah Platt returns
Tina O’Brien has made her return to Coronation Street as Sarah Platt, and the scenes she’s filming now will air in the spring. Daught Bethany is now 15 and set to be something of a handful.

Tony Stewart and Tracy Barlow have an affair
We can expect more shenanigans from these two.

Jenny Bradley returns
Jenny, daughter of infamous Corrie villain Alan Bradley, is making a return to Weatherfield after 21 years. Jenny, played by actress Sally Ann Matthews, will arrive back on the cobbles as a love interest for Kevin Webster. The couple meet online when Kevin turns to internet dating to try and find a girlfriend. He’s shocked when he arranges to meet a mystery woman and discovers it is none other than Jenny.

Owen's ex-wife arrives
Katy and Izzy Armstrong’s mum Linda arrives to ruffle feathers in the Windass household Owen had led everyone to believe that Linda had deserted him and his daughters, but when Linda, played by ex-EastEnders actress Jacqueline Leonard, turns up, it seems there’s another side to the story.

New storylines confirmed

Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor get married
Steve and Michelle will back together, which all forms part of Steve’s gradual recovery from his nightmare battle with depression. Their wedding is set to take place in the summer, but as with all Corrie weddings, things are unlikely to run all that smoothly.
Michael Rodwell and Gail McIntyre’s wedding plans
There’s another wedding being planned in Weatherfield - after Gail agrees to marry Michael. But the rumbling storyline about Michael’s son Gavin (with a fake Gavin and real Gavin) set to put a spanner in the works.

Live episode in September
Corrie will once again go live in September for one special episode - to celebrate ITV’s 60th anniversary. It will be filmed live from the soap’s new production base at Trafford Park, although no word as yet on what storylines will be involved for the extra special night.

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Tvor said...

Faye's pregnant. Been there, done that. If they let her go through with it, I wonder if Sarah or at least Gail will have any interaction with Anna and Faye. Probably not. I hope they go in a different direction with this but it sounds like it will be too late for a termination, so, storyline rerun it is then. Did they think "Oh it worked once, let's do it again?" because I can't imagine why they decided to do a "controversial" storyine over again. It's hardly shocking when it's nothing new on the show.

Also uninterested in Steve and Michelle's wedding.

I am interested in the return of Mama Armstrong. Could be some good developments there though I expect it's just a short visit. I won't miss Owen when he goes. He's always been a bully, even if he's managed to reign it in at times. Katy's just not that interesting so won't miss her either.

Tony and Tracy. Who didn't see that coming? Can't wait for Liz to take a strip off her, though.

Interested in Jenny Bradley's return. Saw another spoiler that said that Kevin quickly regrets getting involved with her so it sounds like she might be a bonkers as she used to be! Should be interesting to watch as long as she's not another Mad Maya.

I've also enjoyed the Michael and Gavin story and I look forward to how that plays out, esp. when the real Gavin finally shows up.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Let's assume that Faye had all her periods during the previous six months, so this is the 'big lesson' that the characters will be broadcasting through the soap media. I'm guessing that Anna will want Faye to keep the baby but Faye will decide to give it up for adoption. At least, this would be a different direction from other storylines. Unfortunately, I really can't abide Anna so am not looking forward to her histrionics.

Perhaps Jenny Bradley starts to play mind games with Kevin the way her father did with Rita. Could be that Rita is the one who sees the signs.

More screen time for the Platt family. I've grown to dislike Gail and every storyline that involves her. Don't see a future for Michael so that means a forthcoming demise. Someone in that family should have played devil's advocate about 'Gavin' and would have thought David would get suspicious. Michael and Gail met both the aunt and the girlfriend but didn't ask either for a photograph of Gavin. It's the first thing I would have asked for!

No news about Deirdre's return or the arrival of Tim's cousin, Howie.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Adding a rider to my comment about Faye. Another possibility is that she had sex while she was ovulating for the first time which, given her age, seems more likely.

Jonathan said...

Michael's a goner

Carry On Blogging! said...

Oh dear. Steve and Michelle getting married. I really don't think I can bear it. Do they all exist in a delusional bubble up at Media City? They have no chemistry, she treats him like dirt and nearly ruins one of the best characters Corrie currently has.

Anonymous said...

For young girls, their cycles can be very irregular, so it's not inconceivable that it was very spotty, and she just didn't understand what was going on. Not to mention her life has been pretty chaotic the last 6 months.
Craig is such a lovely lad: it's so nice that they have a teen-age male character that isn't a "tearaway", which seems to be the soap default.
Not impressed with having Bethany as a "handful". It would have been more interesting if they had made her totally different from her mother, and she was very academic/sporty. Not all teenage girls are flirty loud-mouths..

Rebecca in TO

Scott Willison said...

I really hoped that Faye's pregnancy had been quietly dumped. Having it already at six months neatly sidesteps the idea she might get an abortion, so we're stuck with it. And as with Sarah-Louise we have a girl who's shown NO sign of having a boyfriend apparently giving up her virginity on a whim. Could they not plan even slightly ahead and at least have her partying with a lad? Just a couple of episodes. Unless the father is Craig, in which case, URGH.

Literally the ONLY plus side of Steve marrying Michelle is she might finally notice there's something wrong with him. I'm not holding my breath though because I don't think Michelle is fully aware that other people exist.

Anonymous said...

Am gutted that Steve is continuing on and committing further to Michelle. It's a painful watch.

If Mrs. Armstrong brings a decent close to the Owen saga, that's good story.

I hope Kevin and Jenny are at least a comedic story.

Tvor said...

They have had Craig warning Faye that some kids were spreading rumours about her having sex so they have put that out there already.

Anonymous said...

I've been tiring of the show and this 'exciting' list of stories has finally done it for me. After over 30 years - farewell Weatherfield. I'll think back to the classic days.

Anonymous said...

Not to join in the young female biological debate (which I really don't want to ponder as part of my weekly entertainment, and yes I am female) Faye is very young, isolated and troubled so I can understand her becoming pregnant and being confused about it.

However, given the circumstances surrounding her own birth and the financial/familial crisis she now finds herself in, the biggest part of this story seems like it will be her struggle to decide to keep or adopt out the baby. From that perspective it is an interesting storyline but no doubt will be dragged out to death.

Speaking of death, I guess if Tracy is going to have an affair with Tony that rules her out as dying in the bus crash - but what about Carla?

I could not possibly have less interest in the return of Sarah Platt (with our without baby brat Platt) and Steve/Michelle's marriage seems like something the writers are doing out of spite... goodness knows enough viewers have posted their discontentment with this pairing.

Beth said...

I am really not looking forward to the marriage of Steve and Michelle. Why??? I love Steve and way to ruin a great character by putting one of Corrie's worst to drag him down. Am baffled.
Can only imagine that Kym Marsh as the same clout with the powers that be as did Michelle Collins with the previous reign. She's hopeless!

Frosty the Snowman said...

I thought they had decided against having a 12 year old pregnant story as "entertainment" but shame on them for letting it go ahead. We have already had the gormless SL Platt, just a rehash of something we DONT want to see. More angst from the over used Windbags to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why oh why Michelle and Steve. Hamish seems like a nice enough fella, nice enough to look at too. Let Steve heal and THEN reexamine his relationship with Michelle. Maybe when he's clear-headed he'll realize she's never respected nor appreciated him (unless someone else wants him..ahem Andrea).

Anonymous said...

I'm also disappointed in Steve and Michelle getting married because frankly I don't think Michelle even loves Steve but his money and the status of being Rovers' landlady over Liz.

ChiaGwen said...

Do any of the writers, producers, etc. even watch the show? They must all think Michelle and Steve have chemistry to spare....NOT! Hopefully, the marriage, if it goes ahead, won't last and Steve will come to his senses and dump her. Nothing mentioned about Andrea, please let this be a sign that she won't be around for long.

Anonymous said...

Is part of the reason they're bringing Sarah back now to put her in contact with Faye? She could be a valuable resource for the poor kid.


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