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Monday 26 January 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 26 Jan

Monday 26th January
DAVID REPLACES DESPAIR WITH HOPE. David leaves a message for Kylie telling her Gail’s dead. Gail’s horrified and when there’s no response from Kylie, David despairs. But when he then gets a call telling him Kylie’s been caught shop-lifting in Rochdale, David’s hopes soar. He and Eva set off to find her.
MICHELLE LETS THE ‘BLACK DOG’ OUT OF THE BAG. In the Rovers, Norris lays into Steve, blaming him for the crash and calling him a coward. Michelle leaps to Steve’s defence and announces that Steve is suffering from clinical depression. Everyone’s stunned.
THE FUTURE’S LOOKING BRIGHT FOR JASON AND EVA. When Eileen complains at the overcrowding in No.11, Eva forms a plan. Eva confides in Tony and Todd she’s going to ask Jason if he’d like to buy a place together. Tony’s delighted whilst Todd’s quietly jealous. How will Jason react to her suggestion?
ELSEWHERE Gary starts work at Roy’s Rolls. The neurosurgeon tests Sinead’s legs. Will she have any feeling or has Sinead been left paralysed by the crash? Sean prepares for his date with Billy. Leanne’s pleased when Nick announces he’s changing the name back to Nick’s Bistro.

Monday 26th January
DAVID MUST FACE UP TO THE TRUTH. David and Eva arrive in the supermarket only to discover the shop-lifter is Gemma, masquerading as Kylie. Furious, David spots Kylie’s bag. Gemma admits Kylie was staying with her but when she ran out of drugs she disappeared. Taking the bag, David leaves.
Determined to find Kylie, David confronts Callum in the Dog & Gun. But it’s clear Callum hasn’t seen her and he threatens to reveal to Max that he’s his Dad if David doesn’t leave him alone. David goes, downbeat. But when he finds a letter in Kylie’s bag will it hold any clues as to her whereabouts?
STEVE FINDS THE TRUTH A BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW. Steve attempts to visit Sinead but Chesney sends him packing, making it clear he’s not welcome. Steve heads out feeling terrible.
TODD DEMOLISHES EVA’S PLANS TO BUY A PROPERTY. Tony’s proud of Jason, pointing out he’s got his own business, a beautiful girlfriend and now they’re buying a place together. Todd seethes. As Jason pours over his accounts, he realises with heavy heart he can’t afford to buy a flat just yet. Todd’s secretly pleased and lets slip to Eva that Jason can’t afford it. How will Eva react?
ELSEWHERE Craig helps Tim with his window cleaning round. Chesney breaks the news to Sinead that she only imagined the feeling in her legs. Sinead’s devastated, convinced she’s paralysed for life.
Sean and Billy enjoy their date in the pub but it’s cut short when Billy is called away on a work matter.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

So where are Sinead's family now she - shock horror - may never ever walk again? They were in our faces a couple of weeks ago but now nowhere to be seen! It makes this business even more ridiculous and not credible.

Anonymous said...

Oh, for goodness sake. The programme has a history, as all soaps do, of not reflecting the extended family realistically. Val Barlow's mother didn't make it to Weatherfield until 1969, seven years after she was married, Ivy Tilsley's parents were at Brian and Gail's wedding but then disappeared: there have been loads of examples over the years. As per the post of a couple of days ago, where were the relatives when the Lake District coach crashed in 1969?

Defrost Indoors said...

Serious question: does Blogger have an option to turn off comments? (you'll probably delete this one too)

abbyk said...

Oh, I'm with Frosty on this one. The Tinker ladies don't live too far away. There hasn't been as much as a phone call to or from mom. She's what, 23 years old? It isn't as if her mom is whittering away in an old folks home or on a foreign diplomatic mission.

Then again, does Martin Platt know he has a granddaughter?

Tvor said...

It's always been one of those annoyances to me that relatives or close friends off screen aren't included in storylines, or attend funerals etc. but it's just one of those things that you have to accept.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! It's not worth the whinge.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the complaints about Sinead's family as Chesney could use their support too right now.
It was the same with Tina's mother,she shows up briefly for her daughter's funeral but is nowhere to be seen during Peter's trial?If the writers see fit to bring back members of the Platt family from time to time why not members of other resident's families?

Anonymous said...

You would think that when the actresses were hired for the period leading up to and including Beth's wedding, the writers would have known about the outcome of the mini-bus crash and would have requested from the higher-ups that the guest actresses be asked to also film some scenes with Sinead in hospital. I don't understand why that wasn't done. It can't be budget constraints, with all the money spent on stunts and special effects.

Tracy in Canada said...

Defrost Indoors -- in response to your post/question above, yes, I believe Blogger can delete our posts. I posted a negative comment about Kym Marsh, and it was removed. In fact, I believe Blogger removed all the comments and removed the ability to comment altogether! (There was no option to add a comment).
My comment was not aggressive, nor did it have bad language. I think critizing the actual actor(s) is not acceptable to the Blogger website.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Exactly my point! The Tinkers were brought in for the wedding and hen night, surely the scriptwriters knew about the bus crash a couple of weeks later so why not keep the family on? For not one of them to visit or even phone is just ridiculous and really badly planned. All we have is Beth and moany little Chesney at the bedside 24-7.

AmandaB said...

From what I recall the Tinkers will be back, I'm sure the granny said she had something like an 8 week contract.


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