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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Coronation Street Weekly Update, January 17 2015

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Ken helps out at Barlow’s Buys when Tracy struggles to cope. Selling stolen stuff and buying burgled bits and bobs goes against everything Ken stands for but he helps Tracy out anyway.  And she needs help, more than Ken can give.  Barlow’s Buys is burgled and the burglar does more than take the knock-off stock, they are also throw paint and make a right old mess.  Tracy’s beside herself with worry and so when Tony offers to pay six thousand pounds to take half the sorry business off her hands, she jumps at his offer and gets into bed with him, business-wise this time. What Tracy doesn’t know yet is that Tony set the burglar up to rob the shop in the first place.

Liz returns from Spain and Steve’s still depressed, the trip abroad to see his twin brother Andy didn’t have the effect that Liz had hoped.  Also back from overseas are Kirk and Beth from honeymoon spent in Cyprus at the donkey sanctuary run by Kirk’s parents.   The newly-weds go straight back to work at Underworld and then disappear for a bit of afternoon delight, much to Carla’s disdain. 

Mind you, Carla’s not in a good mood this week after Alya answers the phone to accept a nomination for the Underworld boss in the North West Fashion Trade Awards.  There’s a free bar at the do, a free meal and a disco and there’s a mini-bus load of Underworld employees who are excited to be attending to see Carla win her prize. Alya sets about with a clip board collecting names and Sally’s not best pleased she hasn’t been given this task.

Jealous Mary vies for the twins’ attention and affection this week, worried that Julie coming into their lives will mean she’s shoved out. But that’s not what Dev wants, he’s already told Mary that he wants her in his life and in the children’s, but Mary continues to harp on and begrudge Dev and Julie the happiness they have.  It doesn’t bode well.  Meanwhile, in a soap storyline from nowhere, Dev receives a package from India with photographs of the football team in Mumbai that he’s sponsoring.  

Michael proposed to Gail this week, down on one knee on the Street.  Either that, or he was after her chips.  Gail didn’t know quite what to say, so said nothing, which upset Michael no end. Egged on by Audrey and David, Gail decides to accept Michael’s proposal and proposes to him in the Bistro. There’s champagne all round and everyone’s over the moon that Gail will be taking husband number 5 and marriage number 6 (the others have been Brian Tilsley, Brian a second time, Martin Platt, Richard Hillman and Joe McIntyre).  But the happiness doesn’t last long when Michael collapses and is rushed to th’ospickle where he’s told he has to have open heart surgery and under no circumstances, not at all, not one little bit, must he have any stress or worry for the next two weeks until surgery takes place.

But, stress and worry, and a large bit of both too, is something that Gavin and Steph are just about to give Michael until they find out about his heart surgery.  Steph discovers who Gavin really is. His name’s Andrew Carver and he’s Gavin’s flat mate. Having come clean about his identity, he then determines to reveal his true identity to his “dad”, Michael, but Steph gets to the Platt household just minutes before the bombshell is dropped, a heart-breaker of a bombshell that could have killed Michael.  Acting cagey the pair of them, Michael wonders what’s up with Gavin and Steph and putting two and two together, says he knows why they’re both being secretive – he must be going to be a grandad! Steph must be pregnant!  Steph and Gavin (who is really Andy) go along with the pretence and Gail and Michael are over the moon with the fake Gavin and his fake baby news.

And finally this week, Roy is given details of his community service for beating up Gary Windass. He’s to carry out his service at Yasmeen’s community centre. Anna’s a right horror to Roy and tells him he’s been given an easy way out of his guilt for beating up Gary.  There were some lovely scenes between Carla and Roy this week, an unlikely friendship that is slowly working, for me.  Carla tells Roy she doesn’t want or need the fashion award and Roy tells her to accept it. In return, Carla buoys up Roy about his community service. A touching friendship indeed, and in the run-up to the first anniversary of Hayley’s death too.

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Tvor said...

I really enjoyed Gavin/Andy's stories this week. I expected he would be a good man, really, just got caught up in all the lies when it got too far to get untangled.


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