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Wednesday 14 January 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Wednesday 14 January 2014

One would be forgiven for thinking that trashing Barlow's Buys might actually succeed in increasing its value, but alas it did come off the worse for wear when it was mysteriously broken into, heralding the return of the handheld camera which has been making an appearance during dramatic scenes of late. I'm not sure it works, as the action tends to speak for itself, and was as jarring as Tony's unconvincing “oh dear” on making a suspiciously timely visit. 

Tracy’s dodgy goods rule out a call to the police, but she hopes the insurance company will fall for Todd's idea; that that her receipts and invoices were stolen in the break in. However, she’s more shattered than the stock to learn that they won’t pay out because her last payment bounced. Todd and Tracy are similar creatures, and it's amazing to think that, despite their general cynicism, neither would consider Tony's presence and offer to buy the place to be somewhat coincidental. In any event, and much to Todd's disgust, Tracy gives in and Tony agrees to pay the £6,000 requested for 10% more of the business than she bargained for, constituting an equal share.

If only arrangements could be as seemingly harmonious in the Alahan household where Mary continues to act very strangely. Despite the wonderful scene a few weeks back where Dev appeared to convey how things would and should be in a respectful manner which spared her feelings, and Mary seemed to understand and accept that things must change with Julie around, she appears to have completely forgotten this and crossed into the maniacal. 

Mary has become an endearing character and a great source of humour over time, but this behaviour and her treatment of Roy of late makes her very unlikeable. I'm reminded of the time, almost five years ago now, when she kept Norris captive in a remote cottage with designs on marrying him, and I revert to thinking of Mary's dark side. If singing Ozzy Osbourne's Changes in her motor home was meant to be funny, it was lost on this writer who found it unsettling to say the least. As the twins call around so she can spend time with them on their birthday, one minute it’s all bees with stripy jumpers, and the next their father is being accused of emotional blackmail and manipulation. Why does he put up with it? If they were mine they'd be coming straight home after that display.

Relations between Sally and Alya aren't much better as Sally continues to demean her 'junior' and delights in landing her in trouble for something you couldn't even describe as a mistake. Carla arrives back from LA and sends them both packing for annoying her. Unfair on Alya, I thought, who was using her initiative and couldn't have known that Carla had already refused to attend the award ceremony which she accepted on her behalf.

There was a break from frayed tensions courtesy of Steph and Gavin and Maria and Luke, none of whom can keep their hands off eachother. It takes four of them to take up where Nick and Erica left off with marginally less cringe inducing results. Maria, who appears to be oscillating wildly, decides it's time for Luke to be part of Liam's life even though less than a week ago, going to a wedding together was a bridge too far.

Love is in the air elsewhere as Audrey and David convince Gail to marry Michael. He's thrilled to learn he's not being dumped when tea for two at the Bistro turns into a proposal from Gail which he gleefully accepts, and a family celebration. He's even happier when mystery man Gavin agrees to be his Best Man, but doesn't notice him making a frantic exit seconds later. 

Audrey is the only thing more bubbly than the champagne throughout the episode, enjoying watching the 'frisson' of young love, fantasising about growing old disgracefully, and convincing Gail to go for it with Michael; even David’s jokes send her into a frenzy. Michael's burglary is a strange thing for her to bring up at the engagement party however, but it's soon forgotten as he collapses. "Don’t you dare Michael Rodwell, don’t you dare" cries Gail into his face which is guaranteed to do nothing to put his mind at ease as he struggles on the floor, they await an ambulance, and wedding number six hangs in the balance. But it wouldn't be Corrie this weather without high drama, would it.

By Emma Hynes
Twitter: @ELHynes

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Rory said...

Poor Michael :-(

Anonymous said...

Well, I called it. Of course Michael had a heart attack in response to Gail's proposal. His intuition must have been at the end of its rope, with no other means of warning him off her!

Something tells me this business with Mary is more about Dev.

Mary is a flexible crackpot so useful at bringing out the better side of others. In this storyline, she provides Dev the opportunity to rebuild himself through meaningful dialogue outlining his diplomacy, patience and compassion.

Up until this point, I've not been able to figure out how this otherwise whinging and mewling Don Juan could possibly be such a chick magnet and so deep was his love that it spread to include the likes of Deirdre. This story helps Dev to show us he has a soft heart, rather than just a soft head.

Perhaps Maria's "on again/off again" ideas about Luke are the writers' idea of changing up the truly, madly, deeply (and even clinging, crazy) side that Maria has previously used to lure in her victims. Maybe she's finally realized she's the black widow of the Street and should give blokes a fair chance to run... unless she is just toying with her prey?

abbyk said...

I have an amazing relationship with my supervisor. We get the work done, the way it's supposed to be. We joke around. He comes to me with computer issues, I get to blow off little bits of work steam. He tells me stuff that's happening with the business before it's general knowledge. I'm his work wife, he's my work husband and we both know it. Best working relationship ever.

Any if I EVER behaved towards him the way Mary has been with Dev, I'd be out in a flash. If he can see that she is borderline, why does he let her spend time alone with his children? They're 10, he's supposed to watch out for them.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Mary is downright creepy, she needs to remember that however kindly Dev treats her, she is still in his employ. The way she just barges in uninvited at all times also grates. Its time to get rid of her.

Why is Ayla even in the factory anyway, she just seems to be staring into space most of the time. At least we were spared the nonsense of the chickens yesterday.

As for Moany Michael Rodwell, now we are to be treated to his hangdog face in bed at Weathy General while Gail fawns around talking in a silly voice - strewth!!

B Atman said...

How bizaree was that yesterday? Gail and Michael's private moment was attended by the whole family standing there gawping and quaffing champagne - who was looking after Max and Lilley - and where were the other customers? Had Nick closed the Bistro down for this daft little celebtraton? He must be making a mint.

Anonymous said...

Frosty - you're spot on for once !!

Anonymous said...

The alahan kids officially turned 9 yesterday - they look like they're 14!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

There's something in Dev's personality that attracts quirky (at best)or weird (at worst) female characters. Lots of material there for when Dev and Julie are both in the shop. Hope Julie matches Mary with a grocery rep.

Anonymous said...

For a second yesterday I thought we were going to be treated to two happy occasions in the space of a week, following last weeks wedding, without any unwanted 'drama' but then Michael collapsed. No need. Corrie doesn't need these cliffhangers and trips to hospital it just needs the quality dialogue which was being provided by Audrey and Michaels conversation tow minutes before. - Micky

Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me what Mary's mental illness is supposed to be? She has long periods of relative normalcy, with some empathy and compassion for her neighbours, then she quickly reverts to outrageous OTT jealousy, with positively demonic behaviour. When she gets an idea, whether for a project(like her theme nights in the cafe) or for her interactions with other people, she doesn't seem to have any concept of appropriate levels of involvement. We know her upbringing was strange, as was her relationship with her critical, demanding mother (Is she supposed to be still alive? Mary never mentions her any more.) but that wouldn't be enough to explain her irrational behaviour.
I do hope the producers and writers didn't just bring her in for "comic" relief, but have something else in mind, because her behaviour is not so much funny as symptomatic, but of what?


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