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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Coronation Street weekly awards, January 19-23

Broken award: Steve completely fell apart between the shock and the guilt and he ended up huddled in a dark corner of the woods, freaking out.

First impressions award: Yasmeen thinks Carla is a cold fish. Roy and the rest of us know otherwise.

Priorities award: Liz made sure Amy knew her dad was ok but there was no mention of her mother. Did Liz know that Tracy was with them? Tony did so Amy would have been told directly.

Hero of the hour award: Julie and Maddie did good but Tracy saved Carla and nearly went down with the bus!

Musical ambiance award: Living on a Prayer playing on the jukebox as the neighbours are about to hear of the accident.

Cloud Nine award: Michael is in Lala land over this pregnancy.

Fantasy award: Jason as Tarzan? He's up for it, at least. Maybe too much information.

Convenient excuse award: Everyone thinks Steve's diagnosis is just a bit too convenient. It's a difficult illness to understand.

Public Enemy award: Roy and Steve. Aren't they a pair? Roy, as always, knows there's more to every story.

Top Bloke award: Roy gave Gary a job in the very cafe Gary tried to rob. He's also giving him a second chance at getting his life back.

Lines of the week:
Carla "Tracy Barlow? She's about as popular as nits!"
Sally "Is it 4 or 5 stars for Marlbury Hall?" Carla "It was 5 stars, Until tonight!"
Todd "When push comes to shove...Tracy Barlow"
David to Grandad Michael "It's not all Werther's Originals and stories by the fireside"
Gavin "I'm leading a double life within a double life. It's the Matrix like Postman Pat " (Not sure about that last bit)
Carla "My heart won't bleed for Steve McDonald"

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Anonymous said...

Trying to resurrect a character: Tracy Barlow becomes a hero and saves her nemesis. Too bad they both didn't go down with the bus.
Also, Michelle told Amy that her mum was quite the hero.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Anna and Gary who should get the 'Public Enemy'award not Roy and Steve who are both victims of their circunstances.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand how no one clued into Steve's depression long before this.

Rosieluv said...

Simon is doing a bang-upjob of playing a bloke with major depression. Good writing,good acting.

abbyk said...

Night and Day: Tony leaves bar in full party mode, returns to find only somber Rita and Norris.

Rising to the Occasion: Tracy, yeah, but also Julie and Maddie. Julie's never accomplished anything major before, and while Maddie has street smarts, she is only 17 and can't have that much life experience. Yet there they were getting everyone out and organized.

A friend indeed: Tim, for letting Kevin hug Sally.

Kylie O'Reilly said...

I loved the way the minibus literally vomited Tracy Luv onto the ground - even it couldn't stomach her

Tvor said...

LOL Kylie, wonderful image!

Zagg said...

Why is everybody so pissed at Steve? It was an accident, Wasn't he runoff the road? Why are they all acing like he purposely drove them off a cliff? It always confounds me at how quickly this group of supposed "friends and neighbors" can turn on someone and insist that they have the worst intentions or are capable of horrible actions. Just like everyone believing that Tyrone was the wife abuser, or that Jason purposely put in a dodgy floor, or that Sunita was an arsonist, or ROY for God's sake. Who in their right mind who has known Roy could ever believe him capable of being a bad guy and Gary the victim? It just does not make sense that these people so quickly become the Frankenstein mob and ignore years and years of friendship.

Anonymous said...

Zagg,I was wondering the same thing and agree wholeheartedly with your post.I would like to add how Rita despite being friends and neighbors with the Barlows for years was quick to think Peter was guilty of 'St Tina's murder and she still the Barlows an apology..It's no wonder ratings are falling.

Laura said...

Here here Zagg.....exactly my thoughts for ages! Thanks for so eloquently putting it out there!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree that the mob mentality takes over too quickly on the Street. But, in Steve's case, the word would have got round that he did nothing to help ... (I'm playing devil's advocate here) ... In fact, he ran off and hid which, to those who didn't know about his depression, confirms that Steve is a thoroughly despicable person. It hasn't been said as such, but it's been implied that Steve left it to the women to save each other. On the Street, that's not how a man should behave.

Tvor said...

I think if Steve hadn't left the scene with everyone in dire straits, the mob in general wouldn't have turned on him and would have agreed, accident not his fault. It seems to me that Carla, in the front seat, would have probably been the only one with a clear view of the car cutting off the bus and then braking, causing Steve to swerve to avoid hitting it. And when MIchelle told Eileen about the diagnosis, Eileen immediately changed her point of view and hugged Steve in support. Clearly, it was the abandonment that is the main issue.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,I wondered why couldn't the others give Steve the benefit of the doubt and think maybe he was trying to call for help?
It wasn't so long ago that the same mob was quick to think the worst of Tyrone beating Kirsty and now they're doing the same,quick to think the worst about Steve another good man.

Anonymous said...

The folk on the Street are certainly written to have quick and lasting judgments, despite many a time being proven wrong.

Yasmeen should not be commenting on anyone else's sense and sensibilities when she's come across as nothing but a harridan since day one.

I genuinely like Carla but I think the post above suggesting that she and Tracy go down with the bus would have been a complete shock and sent the Street into a new direction. For those reasons, I think it's a shame both ladies lived.

I can't for the life of me understand why anyone holds a grudge against Roy, who did nothing more than protect his home and business from what he thought was an unknown intruder. If it hadn't have been Gary, would anyone on the Street judge Roy so harshly? Nonsensical story line.


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