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Friday 9 January 2015

Corrie stories: My Night with Dave, Nick, Gordon and Alma

Some of you may already know this, but in addition to my ridiculous obsession with Coronation Street, my other passion in life is politics. As there’s a big UK election coming up, I thought I’d share a personal story that involves both of these interests.

A friend and I decided to spend election night 2010 in the Ivy club in London, as they were playing election coverage in the bar on the top floor. We managed to get ring-side seats, by the big telly in the middle of the bar, and proceeded to drink nervously but with all the conviction of two raving but socially responsible alcoholics. Mike’s a Liberal Democrat and I’m staunchly Labour (in case you were wondering - which you probably weren't).

The whiskey and cokes had started to take effect and the bar was becoming slightly rowdy as the numerous Tories in the bar (well, it is the Ivy) and the odd leftie gave out a great cheer as their respective parties won seats around the country. I don’t need to tell you I was like a football hooligan every time Labour won a seat…

Time passed and the people sitting with us, clearly deaf through all my shouting, left the bar and two ladies quickly took their seats next to me. On looking in their direction I thought I’d had a few too many drinks at first, but I quickly realised that it was Alma Sedgewick herself, Amanda Barrie and her partner who had planted themselves right next to me, to join in the election fun. As if this night wasn’t exciting enough.

As you can imagine, I was beside myself, and didn’t waste a second in introducing myself. I never play it cool. Amanda introduced me to her partner Hilary Bonner and after a while chatting, accepted my offer of getting the rounds in. Again, and again, and again. Corrie icons can knock them back let me tell you.

Amanda was a hoot. Apart from her great sense of humour, her fashion sense surprised me. She was wearing the biggest necklace which primarily consisted of a huge bright red pair of lips…made out of Lego (see left). On each finger was a similarly garish toy ring (no engagement ring yet).

Suffice to say we got quite merry, sharing stories of Covent Garden, where we both lived, and how Amanda campaigned to save the market after finding fame in various films including two of the Carry Ons. We discussed Corrie (of course) and our hopes for the general election. Obviously I won’t be sharing Amanda’s political preference, a lady never tells…

Amanda and Hilary left in the early hours – probably out of guilt at my diminishing bank balance. Despite the outcome of the 2010 General Election I had a memorable night and Amanda and Hilary were hilarious. Alma’s death is probably my all-time favourite Corrie episode, thanks to Amanda’s great death-bed acting and Sue Nicholls’ heartbreaking portrayal of devastated best friend Audrey.

Maybe some of you have some interesting and perhaps random Corrie stories you’d like to share…

Tonight, Amanda joins the cast of ITV sitcom Benidorm. 

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Tvor said...

Excellent! That's a great anecdote! Thank you for recalling it for us!

bbhilda said...

Thank you Stevie. I watched Amanda in Benidorm tonight, it was lovely to see her again, and to see her doing comedy, which she always excelled at. I always hoped they would allow her to open a ladies fashion shop in Victoria Street, she would have been fabulous in that genre, and they could have given her a sidekick for comedic element. Alas it wasn't to be. :-(


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