Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 14 Jan

Wednesday 14th January
THE PLATT’S NIGHT TAKES AN UNEXPECTED TWIST. Over breakfast neither Gail nor Michael know what to say to each other. Gail confides in Audrey, how Michael proposed but she was too shocked to give him an answer. Audrey urges Gail to grab happiness while she can and suggests she throw a surprise engagement party in the bistro. Worried that Gail is going to dump him, Michael nervously enters the bistro to find Gail, Audrey, David, Nick, Gavin, Steph and Leanne waiting. How will he react to Gail’s proposal?
TONY AND TRACY PLAY CAT AND MOUSE. As Todd goes to open the shop he discovers they’ve had a break-in and all the stock has been trashed. Playing the concerned friend, Tony offers his sympathy. Tracy’s gutted to discover Barlow’s Buys is uninsured and she won’t receive a penny. Tony suggests to Tracy she could save her business by allowing him to become a partner. Will Tracy be forced to agree?
SOMETHING ABOUT MARY MEANS JULIE CAN’T WIN. Asha and Aadi celebrate their 10th birthday. Mary refuses to join Dev and Julie as they take the twins out for a treat. Worried that Mary’s feeling pushed out, Dev and Julie later call at the motorhome with the twins.
ELSEWHERE Having spent the night together, Steph and Gavin arrive late for work, clearly loved up. Alya’s excited when she takes a call confirming that Carla has won Greater Manchester Business Woman of the Year. Sally points out that Carla hates that sort of thing and as Carla arrives back from LA she gleefully tells her how Alya has messed up. Maria suggests to Luke it’s time he met Liam.

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Anonymous said...

Dollars to donuts Michael will have a heart attack in response to Gail's proposal.

I wonder if Tracy is being dressed in bigger/baggier clothes to fit in with the cast who are pregnant, or is the actress underneath her also expecting? I can't keep track of them all.

Cobblestone said...

Luke meets Liam? He's met him loads of times! Do we mean spend some time with him, maybe?
Or is Maria planning to take Luke to visit her dead husband's grave? Sounds more fun than most of their dates have been ...

Zagg said...

Dev needs to cut Mary lose. She's a nut. Standing on her high horse with Roy because he deservedly thumped Gary, acting like a jealous lunatic with Julie. It wasn't that long ago that she kidnapped Norris or tried to destroy Roy and Hailey's wedding, remember? Where does she get off standing on some trumped up moral high ground?
Unless they pair her up with Norris, she is more and more a pointless character.

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