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Monday 19 January 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 19 January

I admit to some trepidation about tonight's episodes and have purposefully avoided Soap updates. I wanted to come to these episodes fresh. So, here we go. The girls are going to great lengths to look good and they all look fabulous. Carla, checks in on Roy and is in her finery and Roy tells her she looks well. It is not in his vocabulary to compliment in any other way, but Carla knows what he means.

Roy is doing his Community Service which involves cleaning the Community Centre. Yasmeen is unwelcoming to Carla, but that won't worry her. Once Carla has left, Yasmeen calls Carla 'a cold fish' and of course Roy defends his good friend.
'You couldn't be more wrong! She has a heart as big as Lancashire. She is generous, loyal and you couldn't be more wrong if you tried.'
Yasmeen bites back, 'She disguises it well.'

Tracy congratulates Carla on winning her 'gong' which confuses Carla somewhat. Next thing we know, Carla is agreeing to have Tracy in the celebratory party and she takes Izzy's place in the minibus. Steve jumps at the chance to drive the minibus, thereby avoiding his doctor's appointment. Liz is getting annoyed as the time for the appointment draws near but there's no Steve. Andrea tells her what he's up to.

Andy/Gavin and Steph are carrying on the charade of her fake pregnancy. Luke is not in the know and the thought of his sister being pregnant arouses Luke's fury. Surely they could tell Luke the truth and swear him to secrecy?

Gary is given Community Service so neither he nor Roy have had custodial sentences for the madness that happened that night. A plea to Anna - forgive Roy. It's time.

Beth is late and Steve won't wait.  There is a buzz of excitement as they set off and some pretty horrific singing. Some annoying boy racers are charging around and tormenting Steve. They seem to disappear but return with a vengeance and knock the minibus off the road.

What horror! the minibus turns over 360 degrees. As the camera pans in slowly to reveal what has happened we see Steve first. He manages to climb out. Julie and Sean emerge and Julie and Maddie do a great job helping their  injured friends and colleagues, though Sally complains about Maddie hitting her. The minibus is balanced precariously over a cliff it seems, and keeps moving.

We keep flitting back to The Rovers and see the jollity there, people determined to enjoy themselves, as they imagine the ones gone to the award ceremony will be doing. At one point Rescue Me by Fontella Bass was playing on the jukebox, the message too remote for the Rovers revelllers. Sinead undid her seatbelt to pick up her phone and it was still undone when the crash happened. She didn't come round and it looks bad for her.

 Carla is missing. Everyone else is accounted for. As the episode is about to end we see Carla and so does Tracy. 'Help me Tracy.' Carla pleads. Will she?

Michelle runs off into the night to find Steve but he seems to be in shock. Mad

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Robin said...

I watch from Canada using the itv player. They've only got the first episode posted so far.....I'm waiting in suspense and frustration!!! It's after 11 UK time, I'm hoping it's still getting posted tonight ...and Broadchurch too!

AmandaB said...

I thought two people were supposed to get killed in the crash. Looks like that wasn't true.

Tvor said...

It really was edge of your seat stuff!

Beth said...

Really enjoyed the episodes from the crash and back to the Rovers.

One thing that irked me was how little emotion Maddy showed and I'm not sure if it's her 'I'm so cool' character or that she's an awfully bad actress and can't act. Julie was so good and you'd think Maddy in comparison was in your regular every day situation the amount of emotion, fright, adrenalin etc that was absent from her voice and actions. Strange.

Rossie said...

But Julie and Maddie are different people. I imagine Maddie has been through tougher times in her life than Julie, and has developed a strength and resilience that could come over as not being so involved. I liked the contrast between Julie and Maddie as the heroines of the event. Their actions were in keeping with their different personalities. I alse liked Kirk and Michelle. Sean was not very convincing, but Anthony Cotton apparently broke a rib during filming so he is excused.
I thought the impromptu party in The Rovers was a nice bit of business. It highlighed the tragedy that was unfolding around the coach which none of the people in the pub were aware of.

maggie muggins said...

Despite all the spoilers beforehand, I still enjoyed the suspense. I thought the crew did a great job creating and filming the sets. Looking forward to how everyone reacts to the devastation.

Frosty the Snowman said...

This was absolute rubbish! Firstly one minute Steve is on a busy carraigeway and being cut up by a boy racer, the next the van has been parachuted into a forest in the middle of nowhere! The acting was hammy to say the least! The emergency services as usual were shown to be useless when in reality they would track a mobile phone and there would have been helicopters out to find them. Sean was so bad he was actually funny and then all the little suck ups forgot about their boss Carla - dah! If nobody was to be killed off, what was the point of this???

Tvor said...

The first time the sports car bothered the bus, they were on a main road but shortly after, turned off onto a secondary road en route to the posh country hotel. Might be difficult to find a mobile phone if it keeps losing the signal. The point of it was that it was the turning point for Steve's storyline.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What struck me as highly unlikely was that no-one tried to phone their relatives to get the ambulance there quicker. There was *some* signal so why didn't Maddie, the calmest of all of them, phone Sophie or Tim? Tracy could have called Ken; Michelle like-wise with Liz. They weren't all shell-shocked and even if the signal disappeared, I don't remember seeing any of them, apart from Julie, trying and failing. Come to think of it, Julie could have called Eileen.


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