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Monday 26 January 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 26 Jan

Judging from comments I've read and conversations I've had, the vast majority of viewers are very fond of Sinead Tinker, played brilliantly by talented actress Katie McGlynn. So it was a masterstroke of the writers to make the most seriously injured person of the bus crash, none other than Sinead. A masterstroke because the characters on the cobbles like her and so do the viewers, hence maximum sympathy is evoked for the young, pretty, kind, stable, skilled, hardworking, delightful Sinead, who even makes Chesney smile from time to time. I for one am willing her to get better. There is a long road ahead but surely, not one viewer or character will wish her anything but a full recovery.

Heartbreakingly, Sinead didn't feel the pin the doctor stuck in her leg. Chesney is all for telling the truth, whereas Beth thinks it would be best to keep quiet and remain positive. At her bedside remain Chesney and Beth. Sally and Alya turn up and Chesney says he's worried that she's overdoing it. Sinead's response is brilliant. 'I'm laid flat on my back - I'm hardly pulling an all-nighter in town. I wish I was.'

Norris takes it upon himself to ask Steve, 'How is the guilty conscience?' Audrey jumps to Steve's defence as does Tony. 'At least you can walk,' says Norris. Tony says, 'Wind your neck in Norris.'

 Norris hasn't finished yet. In The Rovers Norris's spite makes Michelle burst out and tell the truth. 'Steve has clinical depression.' The pub becomes silent.

When Steve turns up at the hospital, Chesney tells him, aggressively to get out. No one will be more delighted than Steve if Sinead is able to walk again.

The search for Kylie brings little joy for David and Eva. This time though David employs a new search tool in his bid to lure Kylie back. He tells her in a message that Gail is dead. If two young children are not sufficient to bring her back, it seems unlikely that the demise of her mother-in -law will do the trick. Nevertheless, right in front of her and Michael, David leaves a message on Kylie's phone, telling her that Gail was mugged and that he had to go and identify her and that he threw up looking at her.  Gail cannot believe her ears, nor can Michael. David has made them take down the Missing Person poster of Kylie, fearing that Max would see it.

Some hope, maybe, comes in the form of a message telling him that Kylie has been caught shoplifting in Rochdale. With that news David and the most loyal friend in the world, Eva, head off. The trouble is that it is Gemma not Kylie, but Gemma has Kylie's bag, as Kylie left after a row, and which David takes from her, but they are no nearer finding Kylie. So, it's off to The Dog and Gun where Callum is complimenting himself on his darts prowess. Callum shows the usual aggression on seeing David and threatens to tell Max that he, Callum is Max's real dad, if David comes bothering him again.

Back home, David finds a note to Max and Lily in Kylie's bag. 'I love you so much it hurts,' she writes. Poor Max. He doesn't want a letter, no matter how sweet the sentiment, he wants his mum, at home, in his life, every day.

Amy is told about her dad's depression at Tracy's insistence. Tracy, in all her sensitivity, asks Steve if he has told Amy that he has gone 'Radio Gaga.' Amy echoes Gaga, in saying that Lady Gaga has depression too.

Eva and Jason go well together and as Eileen is fed up of the lack of space in her house, 'I feel like the woman in the shoe,' Eva formulates a plan. She and Jason should, obviously, buy a place together. They've been going out for a while now, so it is the logical next step. Over a frittata, French, Italian, Eva puts forward her plan. Jason is keen and also likes the 'omelette.'

Todd's reaction is interesting. He appears jealous of his brother, at the idea of Jason settling down. Eva tells him he will meet someone then he'll be happy. When the plan collapses, Todd appears pleased. He says to Jason that he could always rent a place, making sure Eva can hear, before Jason has a chance to tell her himself. So mean of Todd, to whom Eva has been so kind.

Great interaction between Craig, Tim and Daryl the rat. There is maybe more to come if Tim takes on Craig as his apprentice. Tim behaves in a fatherly manner towards Craig, despite his horror of a rat who might sit on his shoulders and lick his ear. He tells Craig not to let anyone tell him what he ought to do.

Things seem to be going well between Sean and Billy. Billy is extremely likeable and as his parishioner calls, because her son is packing his bag after an argument, off he goes to help her. I wonder if his number is available for all parents struggling with their offspring. He would never be off the phone.

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LindaSonia said...

Hmm... I've always thought the character Sinead was boring as all get out!

vintgal003 said...

ummm...very interesting recap...thanks for sharing with us... Hope Ches *pops* the question to his sweetie...they are such a sweet couple!

Anonymous said...

I may be in the minority here, but I absolutely detest Chesney. Completely repulsive jackass who, without his misplaced aggression and self-pity would have nothing at all to say or do.

Frosty the Snowman said...

yep I agree that Sinead is a pretty boring character that has done nowt much bar of course being a talented seamstress and telling tales on Roy to the police - hardly the marvellous sweet lovely girl you seem to think she is! Why did Chesney have to "tell the truth" yesterday and depress the poor girl. And HOW MANY MORE TIMES can Max whine When is Mummy Coming Back, the whole Kylie Callum storyline is totally ad nauseum now.

AmandaB said...

The Platt plot wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that we know David's searching is in vain because Paula Lane is on leave for months!

Beth said...

When is David going to remember thatit was him who threw Kylie out despite her begging to stay ON CHRISTMAS DAY, of all times. He seems to have forgotten this.

Anonymous said...

Another one here who's not keen on Chesney or Sinead. Simpering fools.

Also bored with the Callum/Kylie/whatever storyline, draw a line under it please.

And don't get me started on that poisonous little toad Norris. Absolutely detest him, he has no redeeming features whatsoever.

Laura said...

Also Michelle,,,,,who now is soooo worried about Steve and soooo caring....after all those months of belittling and badgering and laughing behind his back.
I can't stand her lousy acting.....a couple with no chemistry whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

The funniest part was David leaving Kylie the message that Gail was dead!!!

Anonymous said...

Beth,David does regret throwing Kylie out and in his defense,after seeing her with her drug dealer Callum in their home on Christmas Day after she promised to stay off drugs,David was at his wit's end and fed up and I didn't blame him either!
That being said I'm also getting tired of the dragged out David\Callum and the Michael is dying storylines.It's ridiculous that 2\3'rds of Corrie is centered areound the Platts.Don't get me started on Michelle.LOL1.

Zagg said...

I agree....Sinead is like wallpaper. I do think she is perhaps the most boring character who has come on the street. Her and Chesney? Snoozefest. Now that they've made her downright unlikable with the whole sanctimonious Roy thing, they could pull the plug on her in the hospital...whatever.
The Callum story line is just stagnating. Everybody in Manchester knows the dude is a drug dealer. Just get it over with.
I must say the new men they have brought leave a lot to be desired. Callum, Andy/Gavin and Zeedan? Please. I'd rather have Rob.

Jonathan said...

1. If David wasn't looking for Kylie certain people would be saying why isn't David bothering looking for Kylie.

2. Max is wondering where his mum is.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody find it weird that Andy aka Gavin was in the pub with Andrea, almost like they were together. Its like Steph wasn't available to film that day and they had to place somebody in. It was the scene when Norris was tearing into Steve.

Did anybody else notice this? It was weird.

ChiaGwen said...

Fabulous scene with Tim accidentally locked into the house by Craig and his fear of 'rats'...LOL! I initially did not like Tim but now that he is paired with Sally, the writers have written some great lines for them....a much better couple than Sally and Kevin. David and the message about Gail being dead was another great comedic moment in Monday's episode....great delivery by the actor...

ChiaGwen said...

Anonymous 20:30.
I noticed as well....has Andrea even met 'Gavin'..? How I wish that character would leave....not sure what purpose she serves at the present, with Lloyd gone.


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