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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Corrie weekly awards for Jan. 5 - 9

What is it with weddings and Sally Webster? She always seems to be legs in the air these days! (Carla and Peter's and now Beth and Kirk's. Tim must be way hotter than Kevin!)

Contrary award: Too right. Tell David what not to do and it's guaranteed he'll do it. Daft or not.

His Master's Voice award: Jason might *say* he does whatever he wants but he's quick to jump to Eva's requests.

Desert Island award: Surely Beth would have sent her mother or other relatives a photo of Kirk before now? Or Sinead would have? And wouldn't she have invited Kirk's parents formally instead of him doing it by text?

Musical Ambiance: In the pub, just as Steve was mentioned and Michelle was sorting cover for her date, "He Stopped Loving Her Today"
Lots of great 80s tunes at the wedding receptions but the one that really caught my ear was while Maria and Luke were arguing and she's telling him she doesn't want to be forced into something she doesn't want with "I Want To Break Free" playing.

Modesty award: Since when was Michelle *ever* uncertain and shy about kissing a bloke?

Not Dressed to Impress award: Michelle looked pretty hot. Hamish couldn't even be bothered to shave. And that shirt? Please.

True love award: Kirk describing "When I look at her, I feel like the sun's exploding in my chest"! Chesney's right. That's beautiful!

Nerves Jangling award: Kirk, obviously, but Julie was sweating bullets over the cake, too!

Decor award: The room for the wedding was really decorated wonderfully, from oversized Rubik's cubes to banners. If they'd lost their slot, though, the lesbians from Levenshulme mightn't have been too keen.

Irresponsible award: I don't care how ticked off you are, you don't walk out on a shift leaving one person behind the bar to handle a wedding reception if the rest of the staff are nowhere to be seen. Michelle's name might be on the door, but she needs to be sacked. and Liz shouldn't have even considered going shopping on a busy day like that regardless of whether she thought Steve and Michelle could have handled it alone or not.

Double edged sword award: Romantic (free) honeymoon in a donkey sanctuary with the in-laws? Um....

Make it stop award: Maria still blowing hot and cold at Luke. She's angry he ended up at the reception, made it clear she didn't want anything serious and then asked him back to her empty flat (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold. Make it stop please.

Penny's dropping: Liz is finally realizing there's something wrong with Steve even if, at the moment, she thinks it's just upset over the breakup.

Lines of the week:
Julie "Weddings! Alcohol and Polyester! It's a powderkeg waiting to blow!" (quite possible my favourite line!)
Michael to David "You're a hairdresser, you're sensitive a nd you're frail"
Kirk "I like having someone tell me what to do. If I'm left to my own devices, anything can happen!"
Izzy to Alya "I don't want to be your mate" Alya "Just remember, You're out here (shop floor), I'm in there (office)" Izzy "You're a trainee" Alya "For now" (so, being friends is now a job requirement? I don't think so)
Jason "What's that noise? Is it the kettle?" Chesney "No" Jason "Can it be?" (hint!)
Callum "Any psycho could have walked off with him" David "A psycho *did* walk off with him"
Sally "My new designer sofa's arriving. A two seater" (No. Really? Every single sofa on Coronation Street is a two seater. I don't know how some people sleep on them!)
Billy "I believe we ought to lead the life God wants us to. He made me fancy men and like good bitter" (and so say all of us!) Granny Tinker "Robert deNiro? More like Forrest Gump"
Mary "Sugar me up baby, and let's get squeezing!"
Todd "When have you ever seen Jesus in shoulder pads?"
Sinead "He's marrying some lesbians from Levenshulme at 10 past 11." Beth's sister "Levenshulme?" Beth's granny "Don't know about lesbians but they've got a lovely market there!"
Sean to Eileen "You've come dressed as the cake!"
Liz "I don't know where you are, Steve, but I'm gonna kill you!"
Liz to Steve "You will do anything to distract yourself!" (And isn't that a clue right there?)
Julie to Sinead's mother "You have all the grace of a Salford Navvy!"
Beth "I'm so happy my heart is going to burst" Kirk "D'you wanna know how I feel? Like a winner" (And that, ladies and gentlemen, puts the cap on the best wedding ever!)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Let it Go award: Liz constantly banging on to Michelle that she should get back with Steve. Its really really becoming tiresome as is her behaviour. Why didn’t Liz even mention that Michelle just disappeared over the road to the Bistro again for a date when she was due to do a shift??

Look in the mirror award: Frosty felt sorry for “Goofy” hearing Beth’s family sneering at him – and you would have thought he would have met them before as they apparently don’t live that far away. Common, brash and not very intelligent single parent Beth working in a factory aint exactly a big catch herself!

Dancing in the bar award: Don’t the Rovers have a function room for “dos”? Especially as they do all the wedding receptions for the Street – dancing around the bar space in a bar which is a public place I have never seen.

Dull award: Really what is the point of Madder, she does scrub up well though.

Comic Duo award: Sally and Tim – find Beth’s sister, Sinead’s mother funny too. Can’t stand great grannie tho.

Predictable award: That the vicar would turn up after all after Sean and his incessant whining. Not that I care.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Entirely co-incidental award: Arlene Tinker and Sinead Tinker do actually look like mother and daughter.

Best fit award: Beth and Kirk both think their partner is too good for them. Recipe for a long marriage, I hope.

Is it likely? awards: Both Liz and Michelle disappear on the day of a wedding party, leaving one person in charge ... and ...
Beth had evidently never have seen a photo of Kirk's parents ... and ... Surely Maria would have insisted their folks were invited.

Sweetest Corrie wedding ever: Well, this one, obviously!

Discokidd said...

My favourite line was from Kirk:

..."Just imagine everyone naked"

"I've tried that, but Dev's there".

Tvor said...

It would have been funnier if he'd said "Norris's there"! ;)


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