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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

 Honestly? I feel a bit sorry for Steve at the moment. He dragged Peter out of a bar, discovering him drunk as a Lord. He tried to do a good thing, in his eyes, by taking Peter somewhere to sober up in hopes that it was a one off. Peter blabbed his secret. He's having an affair with Tina and now Steve is really in an awkward position.

Steve found out that his mate is cheating on Steve's girlfriend's best mate. Does he tell? Does he keep the secret and hope that Peter's promises to end the affair are not false hopes? He keeps the secret.

I know on the surface, it's going to look like "You men all stick together" but let's face it, we women all stick together, too. It's a tough spot to be in. You're placed in a position of confidence and it's just not the done thing to betray a confidence in most cases. You don't want to be the messenger that got killed for the bad news he imparts. You have to live a double life, knowing your partner is going to feel like you betrayed her trust by keeping the secret, too.

Steve McDonald is not really known for having the best judgement at the best of times. He's dropped himself in it more often than not and has had other's throw him under a bus, figuratively, as well. Heck, he's been in the same situation Peter's in. He had an affair on Michelle with Becky and Blanche knew about it, albeit by accidental discovery. Blanche didn't tell on him but that's probably only because she was able to wring free drinks out of him.

But to turn this around, think back to when Liam was married to Maria and having an affair with Carla. Michelle knew and never told Maria. At that time, she wasn't Carla's bezzie mate and was more a friend to Maria but still didn't spill the beans. Hypocrite, much? 

I'm not saying that Steve did the right thing not telling, I'm only saying I understand his position. If he'd told the truth as soon as he knew it, Peter and Carla's marraige would have been busted wide open but he gave Peter the benefit of the doubt at first. Peter didn't end up staying away from Tina and by then Steve had kept the secret too long. Plus, Steve was told in confidence and that's important stuff. He was damned if he did tell and damned when he didn't.

Now the truth is going to come out and Michelle is apparently going to walk out. Frankly, he's better off without her but that's another story.

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abbyk said...

And it's not as if Michelle was forthcoming with news of Carla's pregnancy. Yeah, Steve deserves a girlfriend, but he could do better in the soulmate arena than Michelle.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, it's not Steve's responsibility to share the details of Peter's affair with Michelle or anyone else. It's Peter's responsibility to get his act together and not impose on Steve by placing him in such a difficult situation that is not Steve's business or problem! Further proof of how selfish and thoughtless Peter is (yes, even though he was wasted drunk).

Lily said...

Michelle didn't know about Carla and Liam's affair. The only other people who knew were Rosie Webster, who spilled her suspicions to Carla's fiancée Tony Gordon, and Leanne whom Carla confided in in distress on her hen night. Michelle did know about Carla's pregnancy though and her plans to possibly abort the child. Now while it is 'her body, her choice' it still would have been incredibly heart wrenching if Peter found out his child was aborted without him knowing.

However I can empathize with how angry Michelle is upon discoverin Steve knew all along, but she does take things way too far. He should have confided that he knew after Peter went to rehab and he began lashing out at Tina, but again his heart was in the right place as he didn't want to break Carla's heart or put the baby's life in jeopardy. Sad that it came to that anyways, but Michelle should be able to understand Steve's predicament.

bbhilda said...

I am with you in your last sentence Tvor, I really hope they keep them apart. I see no chemistry between them, and she has absolutely no respect for him. I don't think she is any kind of asset behind the bar either, nor in the factory. In fact, I would personally like to see her gone as she doesn't seem to fit anywhere. The only way I think they could save her would be to open up a club nearby, and she could be the resident singer.
What happened to the Orinoco club anyway?
Simon Gregson and Beverley Callard have always been a great double act, and Miss Folded Arms with a Scowl just gets in their way.

Frosty the Snowman said...

I just hope that Liz for once sticks by her son and stops fawning around Michelle. Dont ruin Liz by making her unpleasant as well please!

Anonymous said...

Michelle didn't know about Carla and Liam though. She found out after Maria. It was Leanne who Carla confided in and it was Leanne who encouraged Carla to run off with Liam even though she knew Maria was pregnant. But Carla did the right thing and ended it with him.

I feel sorry for Steve too. He tried his best to talk some sense into Peter and he told Tina he was disgusted with her when he confronted her about how two-faced she was being to Carla. Michelle should not punish Steve for the mess that Peter Barlow has created.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth,I think Michelle did know her brother and Carla were having an affair when Liam was in the hospital after a hiking[he was with Maria accident and called out Carla's name and they were again together while Maria was in labor with a stillborn baby.I think Michelle even approved of Carla and her brother because she considered Maria an 'outsider'to the Connor clan.So yes she would be a hyprocrite to judge Steve now.

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether, if it had been Carla having an affair and she told Michelle in confidence, Michelle would have though she was obligated to tell Steve.

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's Liz who is most guilty of keeping quiet. She could have hinted to Michelle to keep her eye on Tina and Peter. Liz wasn't told anything in confidence, at least not before she had already guessed about the affair.

The parallel with Michelle is: would she have told Steve if she'd known that a good friend (not Andrea) was cheating on Lloyd? She wouldn't have said anything, either.


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