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Friday, 8 March 2013

Charlie Condou predicts more angst for Maria and Marcus

Charlie Condou is in Toronto this weekend making an appearance at the British Isles Show and he was interviewed on Toronto's City News yesterday. There's a video clip of it here.

He tells the interviewer that he doesn't know how the M&M affair will end but says there are some "big dramas" coming up and they revolve around the fact that Marcus is gay. He says that the support for the storyline has overall been positive and most of the objections have come from the gay community but it's absolutely not about someone who was gay being "switched" by the love of a good woman. It's about how sexuality can become blurred or confused sometimes.

When asked which character he'd love to take over he said he'd love to "be" Roy Cropper, a strange but endearing character.

The interview is great and Charlie is very well spoken and a wonderful advocate for Coronation Street! If you're in the Toronto region this weekend, visit the British Isles show and you might get to meet him! The schedule and further details is here.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great interview, and Charlie is a very personably guy. Love his Canadian connection! Have to ask, however, why did Phil Collinson want to find out what happens when a solid, well-loved, gay man suddenly goes for a woman? Is that a driving question in the gay community? I, who am not gay but have many friends in the gay community, have never come across that question, and asking some of my friends gets me no one who wonders that.

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