Friday, 2 November 2012

Confirmed: ITV deny Marcus and Maria baby storyline

The pregnancy test has been taken and it's false.

Yup, that spoiler in this week's Mirror about Marcus and Maria having a baby on Coronation Street is not true.

ITV have confirmed it on This Morning and Charlie Condou tweeted about it to deny it also.

Oddly, there's an interview in today's Mirror with Charlie Condou, who plays Marcus on Corrie and they use the baby spoiler in the interview.  Corrie's publicity manager Alison Sinclair has tweeted this today Lovely article with in today - such a shame they have repeated Stephen White's inaccurate pregnancy story!!

So there you have it. It's not true. There is no bun in Maria's oven.

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Dilly Daydream said...

Isn't Marcus one of those facing the axe? From today's Sun:

TEN top characters are in the firing line in the latest Corrie cull.

Faves Karl Munro, Marcus Dent, Izzy Armstrong, Rob Donovan and Mandy Kamara are among those on a hit list drawn up by show bosses.

They will follow Sunita Alahan — whose exit was announced earlier this week — in a bid to freshen up the long-running soap.

An insider said: “Executives have a hit list and want to cut the cast by ten — these five are the first in the firing line.

“It is partly down to cost cutting, but partly a feeling that some characters have run their course. The actors aren’t aware.”

Tvor said...

That hitlist storyline rears its ugly head every time there's a producer change, though. Every time.

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