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Monday 23 July 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 23 July

Coronation Street, Monday 23 July 2012 at 7.30pm

SUNITA ENSNARES KARL. Stella insists that Leanne and Eva join her for a girls’ night out in the hope they’ll make up and put their differences behind them. Sunita meanwhile is fed up at being left in charge of the shop whilst Dev enjoys himself at the Golf Club and closing up she heads to the Rovers for a night out of her own. With Karl in charge of the pub, Stella's relieved as Leanne and Eva finally agree to bury the hatchet over Nick. Back on the street Dev's unimpressed to find Sunita in the pub and heads out to reopen the shop. Unrepentant Sunita stays in the pub till closing time, persuading Karl to let her stay behind for one more drink. As Sunita then attempts to seduce Karl he struggles to resist her advances. Will Stella, Leanne and Eva return and catch them in a compromising position?
MICHELLE CONFIDES IN STEVE. Michelle’s furious to hear that Ryan's been thrown out of uni and demands the truth. Ryan admits it happened a couple of months ago after a prank involving fire extinguishers. Michelle moans to Steve about Ryan and how he’s throwing his life away. Feeling sorry for Michelle, Steve gives Ryan a job working on the switch at Street Cars. But Lloyd reckons Ryan’s a liability and Steve’s only done it to impress Michelle.
ROY AND MARY BOND OVER ELGAR. Mary asks Roy to accompany her to an Elgar recital. Roy’s delighted and they arrive back from the concert elated. As Roy goes to make Mary a cocoa Mary watches him lustfully.
Elsewhere Jason invites Maria out for a drink. They enjoy each other’s company and it’s clear they fancy each other.

Coronation Street ,Monday 23 July 2012 at 8.30pm

KARL AND SUNITA ARE OUTED. As Karl and Sunita hastily pull their clothes back on Stella and Eva watch horrified. Stella throws Sunita out and turns on Karl, wanting to know what’s going on. Karl tries to play it down but Eva’s sceptical and tells Stella she suspected they were having an affair all along. Over at no.7 Stella drags Sunita out demanding to know how long she’s been sleeping with Karl. Sunita confirms it’s been going on a while and Stella slaps her across the face. Hearing the commotion, Dev emerges from the corner shop as Stella explains his fianc√© is a slag who’s been having an affair with Karl. Inside Sunita gives Dev an honest account of her affair and packs her bags to leave. Dev’s a broken man but insists he still loves her and they can give their relationship another chance. As Stella throws Karl and his belongings out on to the street, Dev begs Sunita not to leave him. Will she agree to stay?
MARIA AND JASON GROW CLOSER. Maria and Jason spend the evening together at Maria’s flat. It’s clear they think a lot of each other but when Jason attempts a goodnight kiss will Maria respond?
STEVE HIRES RYAN AND GETS INTO MICHELLE’S GOOD BOOKS. Michelle finds Ryan working on the switch at Street Cars. Michelle's initially unimpressed but Steve placates her, assuring her Ryan is earning some cash and he will keep an eye on him.
Elsewhere When Mary invites Roy to a classical concert in August, Roy suggests Hayley could join them too. Mary covers her disappointment.

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Looking forward to St Ella giving Sunita a slap - hope its hard enough to put an expression on that vacant face. I still find it hard to believe that Karl would go there again, knowing what a bunny boiler she is!

ChiaGwen said...

Next we'll see Michelle and her clipboard standing around at Streetcars! Michelle and Steve...NOOOOOOOOOO!!

Anonymous said...

Royston is too innocent-minded to think of Mary as anything but a friend (no different than if he'd gone somewhere with Emily); he's probably also too innoocent to notice that Mary is on the prowl!


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