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Thursday 26 July 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Thursday 26 July

Even the hardest of hearts would have felt sympathy for Dev tonight. As for Sunita, she seems to have taken leave of her senses - well she did that a while ago. At least Karl admits that his 'head is all over the place', whereas Sunita is coming out with all the romantic cliches in the book. 'We'll manage together.We can get through this Karl, I know we can.

In The Kabin, Leanne confronts Sunita head on. 'What a flamin' brass neck you've got! (This may have reminded viewers of one of the best lines in The Street ever - 'You've got more brass neck than a Blackpool dinner gong! Anyone remember who said that? Sorry, my memory not serving me well).Sunita does redeem herself a little with, 'You've been bouncing between Peter and Nick for so long, it's like watching a tennis match.' A good volley Sunita. Leanne, though, succeeds in smashing down a comment. 'You're so naive,' she states, but Sunita, showing the extent of her delusion says, 'We love each other,' to peals of laughter from Leanne, who points out that Sunita must be out of her 'tiny mind' . Unabashed, Sunita continues with, 'There's more to life than money.'

Ryan provided some entertainment but also showed his arrogance. As mum Michelle told him to get to his job, Ryan, who should be grateful to have a job, demonstrates how demeaning he thinks answering the phone at Streetcars is. Michelle, amused at seeing him with a hoover asks him if he knows its purpose. Ryan's comment, 'Mum, please stop, my sides are splitting,' was pretty good. But what was on Eileen's post-it, on which Ryan had deposited his drool as he slept on the desk?

Must end with Dev and applaud his terrific karate chop of the glass he was drinking from. His smashing up of his own shop was harrowing, after telling Karl that he is nothing to his children. Cliche queen Sunita points out that Dev 'needs time. that's all.' Lloyd to the rescue  - the embodiment of a decent bloke.      

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Anonymous said...

I feel that it's too late for me to develop sympathy for Dev and I feel certain that Sunita will crash and burn. Good heavens, let us not have to endure an Alahan reunion at the end of this. Bother.

Anonymous said...

Dev need to man up and kick Sunita and Karl out of his house. TART!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty must have the hardest of hearts as he has zero sympathy for wallowing it it Dev. He should a bashed Karl when he came down the stairs of HIS house the other day instead of waiting to do it when his kids were in the house, he is hurting nobody but himself by smashing up his shop, the man is a fool pure and simple and you cannot really blame Sunita for looking elsewhere although you can smell her desperation clinging to a man that blatantly just wants her for sex and would go back to Stella in a heartbeat if she would have him Where do the Alahans go from here? Anywhere away from the cobbles every viewer hopes!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Karl and Sunita will split when the money runs out. Dev and Stella are the purse holders treating their OHs like children, and that's why the kids ran away from home. But you need cash in the real world and nobody will employ them on Coronation Street. I fervently hope this spells the end of the dreadful Alahans. Too much to hope that Stella and Karl will leave, I suppose.

ChiaGwen said...

Dev redemmed himself a bit in my eyes, I actually felt a little sorry for him but do agree he should have given Karl a good punch...good God man, Karl has taken over your house and family within a space of 5 minutes! Dev should have kicked Sunita out of the house...why can't she live in the flat over the shop? I'm disliking Sunita way more than Dev now and her immediate replacing of Dev with Karl into her family and daily life was qute repellant. I'm actually hoping Dev finds happiness with someone else on the street....eeek, did I just say that?

Anonymous said...

I hope the entire Alahan clan leaves. There's nothing left at all for this family and this drawn out carry-on with Sunita and Karl is downright annoying. I'm guessing these episodes were hastily written in order to buy time until Stella's mum finally shows her face.


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