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Saturday 21 July 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday July 20

Michelle's son Ryan Connor's reappearance, as played by a new actor, has raised all kinds of questions of body, age  and personality transplants - though not even his own mother has  noticed the difference.
Formerly a drippy rather androgynous monosyllabic adolescent composed mostly of fringe, he has now transformed into  a roguish, verging on villainous, womanising muscle-bound young Noel Gallagher lookalike mature man who looks well into his 20s (the actor Sol Heras who plays him is in fact 25 though is supposed to be 20).
Heras  is clearly a better actor than young Ben Thompson  who previously played the role - but the total  character  and physique morph is initially a tad difficult to accept., though he is convincing enough as the new incarnation.
The writers and producers have clearly decided to throw Ryan 2 ( like fellow parachuted-in handsome rogue, permagrinning  Carla's brother Rob )  headlong into the action, trying to  seduce Sophie, causing a fire, faking an accident  in the factory, pretending to hurt his back  and trying to sue  for compensation, all  seemingly within minutes of his arrival.
However Ryan's accident scam was foiled by Rob who used new factory employee Eva (employed for her looks rather than than her non existent knicker sewing skills)  as a honey trap to catch him out as Rob arrived at a pub to see Ryan showing off his athletic skills playing snooker.  Later the pair squared up in a clash at the Rovers. 
Wasn't too impressed by the scene where Eva flashed her ample cleavage in a low cut dress to try and pretend to come on to him - demeaning  to the actress and like something out of a 1970s Carry On film  or On The Buses
Meanwhile, loving mad Mary's attempts to worm her way into Roy's affections by swatting up secretly  on steam trains - resulting in an offer from a flattered Roy to listen to his steam train record collection - about as near as Roy is going to get to showing her his etchings
And psycho Kirsty had another meltdown moment after her baby shower party, cutting it short and then turning once more in fury on poor Tyrone,  accusing once more of flirting with old flame  Fiz.


Humpty Dumpty said...

"the total character and physique morph is initially a tad difficult to accept,though he is convincing enough as the new incarnation."
Very true. But because the former Ryan didn't do very much, I find it quite easy to forget about that version's appearance and treat this Ryan as the original. It's only confusing when he chats to Steve like an old friend (which, of course, he is). His change in attitude hasn't been explained yet. Nature or nurture? Has he belatedly picked up a few Connor habits or has he inherited some behavioural problems from his birth parents.

Love the story with Mary. It can only end badly.

Whatever is simmering below the surface is going to erupt horrendously when Tyrone and Kirsty's baby is born. My guess is Kirsty will flip completely, and Tyrone will eventually let Matt involve social services. When the baby is taken into care, Kirsty will leave - one way or another. Or Kirsty is removed from the house and Tyrone becomes a single parent again.

Danny-K said...

"...but the total character and physique morph is initially a tad difficult to accept..."

- Difficult to accept? It's worse than that for me Kathryn. I just can't take to this character - at all! He's a one dimensional, cardboard cut-out to fit in with the producer's whim for a 'bad apple' to be on the street - and no relation in all senses of the word to what's gone before with Ryan.

In fact the ineptness in characterisation and motivation for his change in character is truly laughable; it belongs on kid's daytime TV! I can hardly believe this is from the same production stable. Hopeless characterisation; no hint of his motives for turning to the dark side, nor any questions from Michelle, along the lines of:
"What's happened to you - you were never like this before, tell me what's wrong, what's happened?" Isn't that the MINIMUM a mother would ask of a previously well-adjusted son?

Looks like they've stolen Michelle's brain too. (Probably been accidentally shredded along with the old scripts and building rubble).

It would have been better and more logical to introduce him as a brand new character, say a nephew of Michelle's, or a never spoken of before kid brother - but Carla's already bagged that excuse!

I couldn't care less if he lived or died. That's how little empathy I have with this character. In fact so bad (IMO) was the before and after characterisation that I will probably not make the effort to catch Corrie regularly for a while. Just now and then. This character (not the actor, I hasten to add) belongs in a teen/school soap.

And that goes for Rob too, even though Rob is not as badly drawn as New-Ryan. If Rob was an ex-con it would have been burnt in to him after years of incarceration that you don't let yourself get physically buffeted/attacked and "dissed" in public, or you're dead meat thereafter, and in great personal danger. Where's Morgan Freeman to advise Rob when you need him? A true ex-con in the same situation as in the photo would have nutted Ryan as he'd still be on auto reflex, fearing a wounding attack from the assailant; clear self-defence with no legal comebacks.

As it stands, Rob is no ex-con, he's an actor making a bad job of being one. Unless by ex-con they mean he's playing an ex-confidence trickster, rather than an ex-convict in which case that might explain his 'civilised' and 'weak' behaviour to being attacked. Rob should have been pulled off Ryan in the end, not the other way about which was just so ridiculous, it was beyond belief!

Whatever, Rob I can buy in to - but New-Ryan is for kid's tea-time TV. They'd love his without rhyme or reason petulance, just like their cartoon characters.

A shambles of a storyline.

Cobblestone said...

Youake some good points, Danny, but it's very early days. He's only been in three episodes so far - I reckon your post is probably longer than the total amount of script we've seen him deliver. We only just heard he's been kicked out of university at the very end of the last episode, so who knows what might be about to be revealed which could go some way to explaining his 'turn to the dark side'. I've a feeling we ARE going to be hearing plenty of "What the hell is wrong with you?" from Michelle in coming weeks. We can't expect a whole load if exposition to come tumbling out of the character's mouth the moment he gets home. I'm happy to give it a bit mote time before making a judgement. I will say, though, that Sol Heras does seem a very capable young actor so look forward to how the character develops once he's settled in and starts to influence the way the writers write for the character.

Anonymous said...

see you in the fall..This is total crap..start to finish.

Anonymous said...

Though Nu-Ryan does have a bit of Waterloo Road about him, I'm willing to give this some time. How the rest of the street interacts with him is what's going to be interesting to me. Maybe he could learn some subtlety from Tracy.

Seriously, he can't keep up this level of stupidity, can he? Sol Heras is doing a good job, but so far it has been a bit full on with Ryan 2's arrogance.

Frosty the Snowman said...

So NuRyan has been kicked out of Uni and set about being a nuisnce just like Amber before him how original. Is anyone successful on Coronation Street or just aspire to work int faktry or corner shop.

See Stella is integrating herself into almost every scene again - Can I tag along? NO! DO ONE!

Anonymous said...

Kid goes away to Uni and comes back as a total douche..first Amber (personality transplant) and now Ryand (total body and personality transplant)..both into booze/drugs..both kicked out of Uni and want to party party party and completely ignorant and rude to their parents. Moral of the story? Don't let your kids go to will be their undoing.
Story is just another re-mix as per usual.

Gail's scrubber said...

Why don't all you constant naysayers get together and write a script you're happy with and then we'll see if it measures up......Money where your mouth is people!!

Danny, it sounds like you're starting to channel Frosty....

Anonymous said...

Kathryn.. loved the review, this line made me choke on my coffee:
"Formerly a drippy rather androgynous monosyllabic adolescent composed mostly of fringe,"
Ha! So true...
thanks again for a fab read..
Rebecca in TO

Anonymous said...

Sol Heras is a terrible actor!! Delivering rushed and monotone lines is totally unbearable! What was the point in bringing back such a previously insignificant character,& to do so with a changeling is just ridiculous!!!


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