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Monday 23 July 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, July 23 2012

'Tea, telly, bed,' says Leanne. Nothing wrong with that and probably preferable to a night out with your mother and half -sister. Poor Eva though! She has been passed over by Nick for Leanne, her mother does usually take Leanne's side, she was all full of excitement due to the date with Rob and she simply could not walk in her heels. When Karl tells Stella that she was a 'bit harsh' on Eva, she swiftly replies, 'When I want your opinion I'll dial up rent-an-idiot.' Pretty amusing and no doubt Karl wishes that that was the worst he'd hear from Stella that day. He probably thinks he's in the good books with Stella when he suggests the cunning plan of getting both Leanne and Eva together without the other one knowing. As he says, 'Not bad for an idiot'.

The scenes tonight with Ryan and his mum Michelle were particularly well acted and written. Impressive was Michelle's comment,'Oh look, it moves,' as Ryan emerges, thoroughly hungover. Even more impressive though was Michelle's handing Ryan a glass as he took a carton from the fridge. No words, just the glass handed over, because as any parent of a young adult will know, they have an innate tendency to swig straight from the carton.

After the discovery of the affair between Sunita and Karl, Leanne commented that this Sunita was not the one that she knew. People do surprise us, as played out on The Street, so well and so many times. A case in point here is Dev's reaction to the disclosure of the affair. Earlier tonight he had been at his most irritating, talking about Sunita playing hard to get and indulging himself in his win over Lloyd. And then, he insists he will forgive Sunita! Forgiveness here must be as confusing as it is unexpected. Dev was brilliant. He does pain so much better than joy. 'You haven't hurt me. You've angered me, disappointed me and made me look like a fool in front of my friends and neighbours.' 'I'm not proud of what I've done,' says Sunita or in Eva's view, 'the giddy bitch.' Apparently though, Karl has had affairs in the past with Donna. Sharon and Karen.

A little levity came our way with the most unlikely co-habitees, Tracy and Norris. 'You're a proper little wind-up merchant aren't you Norris?'  Tracey also asked the question, 'Since when did a TV lead directly to  adultery?' It was too much for Norris as he stated,'Late night agitation is very draining.' As he left, Emily who knows a chance when she sees it, suggests that she and Tracey have a biscuit! Oh my!

Further fun was supplied by Stella as she threw Karl's belongings out of the window. 'Dandruff shampoo - that never worked!'

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Anonymous said...

Excellent episode all around. I love Emily.

Frosty the Snowm,an said...

People sure do go to bed late in Weatherfield, the Rovers had long since closed so it must have been well up to midnight, on a Monday weeknight, where its silent where I live everyone getting their shut eye with their kids. First we have Lloyd shouting like a foghorn in the middle of the Street and then everyone seems to be up and about like its a Saturday afternoon - odd!

Cobblestone said...

Frosty's right. Dev had apparently reopened the shop - that's one real 8 Til Late!


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