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Friday 20 July 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 20 July

Coronation Street, Friday 20th July 2012 at 7.30pm

ROB AND EVA TEAM UP TO EXPOSE RYAN’S LIES. Michelle tries to point out to Ryan that suing his Aunty Carla would be a bad move, but Ryan tells her that’s what insurance companies are for. Rob’s suspicious about Ryan’s injury and reckons he’s taking them for a ride but Michelle defends her son, adamant he’s not a liar. Rob attempts to talk some sense into Ryan but when he hobbles out, telling Rob he’ll see him in court, Rob’s furious. Enlisting Eva he hatches a plan to prove there’s nothing wrong with Ryan. Eva invites Ryan on a date and flirting with him she probes about his injury. Will Eva be able to lure Ryan into a trap?
DEV CONVINCES SUNITA TO SET A DATE. Dev’s delighted to hear Sunita’s given up her job at the Rovers and is returning to work at the shop. When Dev then gets a call to say the wedding venue he was after has had a cancellation and they can get married in September he goes into a state of excitement. But is it what Sunita really wants?
KIRSTY TAKES HER PARANOIA OUT ON FIZ. Fiz, Izzy and Tyrone prepare No.9 for Kirsty’s baby shower party.
Elsewhere Rita and Dennis arrive back from honeymoon. At Tracy’s insistence, Leanne interviews her for a job in the bookies. When she fails to get the job she asks Leanne if she can rent the flat instead. But as Beth arrives to collect the keys how will Tracy react to the news that Beth has beaten her to it.

Friday 20th July 2012 at 8.30pm

RYAN’S BEHAVIOUR PUSHES MICHELLE OVER THE EDGE. Michelle’s furious with Ryan for trying to con his own family but Ryan’s unrepentant and when she rows with him over his behaviour Ryan tells her he’s leaving. Ryan then heads to the Rovers where he proceeds to get drunk before picking a fight with Rob. Steve steps in and giving Ryan a stiff talking to he marches him home and orders him to apologise to Michelle. But how will Michelle react when Ryan admits he's been kicked out of university?
KARL COMFORTS SUNITA. Dev apologises to Sunita for putting her under pressure and assures her he just wants her to have the perfect wedding. Sunita’s wracked with guilt. Seeing Sunita upset, Karl hugs her and assures her if things were different they’d be together. How will she react to this?
CONCERNED GARY SUGGESTS IZZY GIVE UP WORK. When Izzy admits how tired she is Gary suggests she gives up work. Will Izzy agree?
Elsewhere As the baby shower gets under way Tyrone and Fiz relax. They're clearly at ease with each other and Kirsty watches them like a hawk, suddenly announcing she’s tired and the party’s over. As the surprised guests troop out, Tyrone expresses his disappointment. But Kirsty rounds on him demanding to know what’s going on with Fiz. Tyrone assures her they’re just mates but seeing red will Kirsty accept this?

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Billy Niblick said...

Not buying this new Ryan Connor plot strand. Innoffensive and basically okay young lad with wraparound hairstyle goes off to university for a year and returns as a vain, cocky, amoral, thoughtless tosser who has been checked out of university and would apparently sell his granny for a quick buck.

Thought they might have learned their lesson when Tracy Barlow was re-cast and was transformed into a sort of Weatherfield Myra Hindley crossed with Peggy Ollerenshaw.

I still don't buy that, even years after the transformation.

Anonymous said...

Kirsty needs to give birth and find herself immediately struck by lightening. Then Fiz and Tyrone can hook up and raise their kids together. Why would Gary suggest Izzy give up work? How are these folk paying their bills??

Anonymous said...

:-D I quite like your idea of Kirsty being struck by lightning!!! Excellent solution to a dreadful problem.

~JB in Canada


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