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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Rob Donavon - what do you think of him so far?

So, he's been around for a week now, long enough for us to start forming opinions on Carla Connor's brother, seeing as how it looks like he'll be running Underworld while big sister's away sailing the seven seas on the good ship HMS Peter Barlow.

What do you think of Rob Donavon, then? 

I like him, so far. He's slotted in nicely, quietly and well. In our house though we reckon his voice should be slightly more gravellier (is that a word?), his hair should be darker and he should get rid of that god-awful jacket with the elbow patches on it. 

He's also a bit too mild for someone who's just done a stint in the nick, even if he did do it for his dear old ma. Needs more edge, methinks.

Apart from that, it's a thumbs up from this fan.What do you reckon?

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Anna in nz said...

I thought he seemed miscast when I first saw him. I think the wholesome-ness of the character isn't realistic. I agree he needs a gravelly voice. He needs more edge, his clothes are too fancy for someone who's just got out of jail, and in the same vein his management skills coming out of nowhere seem a bit odd.

But hey this is soap I guess it's not meant to be 100% realistic. Maybe he'll grow on me.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Hm jury's out at the moment. I also think it could be better casting - someone with jet black hair - tall and with an edge. He just seems a bit of a bossy pillock to me - anyone with a tad of street wise sense wouldnt have spoken to a client the way he did especially having just joined the faktrey. Dont like his sneering at Kirk. Find him a bit of a contrived character. We shall see, I hated Eva at first now her Eva Braun with Bristols character has grown on Frosty.

njblas said...

I doubt if Carla's hair colour is naturally jet black! 'Eva Braun with Bristols' - LOL - Love it!!

Malcom Hebden said...

Awful actor and so unbelievable.

Who is dressing him? the horizontal striped top was a shocker. And what's going on with his hair!?!

I'm not looking forward to seeing the new Ryan either *sigh*

Anonymous said...

It's superbrother!!! Fresh out of the nik and here to save the day n all!!
Not feeling the love here.

Anonymous said...

Some people call him a hunk. Meh. I just don't see it. His character is too cocky for me, and I really didn't like the way he spoke to Kirk.

~JB in Canada

Humpty Dumpty said...

We probably wouldn't have seen a brother if Alison King hadn't wanted to go off for a while. As a result, he doesn't seem a well thought out character. At the moment, he looks a bit drippy - like Luke Strong. Give him a strong story line, eg his fingers in the till, and he might become more interesting.

Danny-K said...

Malcolm @ "I'm not looking forward to seeing the new Ryan either *sigh*"

Brr brr!

- Hello? Michelle speaking.


- Oh Ryan! Lovely to hear from you. What's wrong with your voice, have you a cold?

No mum. Since being in Scotland I've decided to change my accent. Anyway, that's not what I phoned about. I'm coming home to visit you!

- Oh wonderful! I can't wait to tell everyone.

Oh, and mum?

- Yeee-sss???

That's not the only thing I've changed. Now promise you won't shout? You know how you go out on a drunken spree and wake up with tattooes you never had before? Well I woke up with a new face.

- WHAT!?! Oh well, never mind. You were mixed up at birth so I'm used to different sons being presented to me. Won't be a problem.

Great see you next week then. Hope you recognise me again.

Oh I will. I will.

Anna in nz said...

Haha Danny. I can never quite get my head around it when they re-cast characters and they don't look the same.

Anonymous said...

sorry think he is abit wooden

Anonymous said...


ChiaGwen said...

Um....he is supposed to be Irish isn't he?.....doesn't sound like an Irish accent...but I'm a Canadian so what do I know..

Cobblestone said...

He's not supposed to be Irish, ChiaGwen - the Connors are Irish, though raised in Manchester. He's a Donnovan, as is Carla by birth - just ironic that Donnovan is an Irish name too!

Anonymous said...

Totally rubbish actor! Bring back Rick neelan loan shark!

Anonymous said...

He's fine just the way he is. Doesn't have to be a thug, not everyone who goes to jail speaks like a jerk and dresses like they don't know how. He had a life before he went in and he may have been well traveled and well heeled ( albeit on the wrong side of the law). As for hair color, his is fine, Carla's is the problem, give her a new dye job, that black has got to go, like before she ever got the part.As for his voice, one Charlie is enough. Only decent looking bloke on there besides Ryan, I mean Nick, ugh.


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