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Wednesday 18 July 2012

Rewind on Ryan Connor before his Corrie return tonight

Right, then. Ryan Connor is coming back to Coronation Street tonight. That much we know. He'll look a little different as he's being played by a different actor but he's coming back and by all accounts, will turn out to be a junkie.

His return has prompted me to write a blog post to remind ourselves about Ryan Connor. And so, here we go.

Ryan turned up in Coronation Street when the shiny-haired Connor clan hit the cobbles in 2006. The Connor clan included brothers Liam (now dead) and Paul (now dead) their sister Michelle and her son Ryan.

Mother and son lived happily together until Ryan started being stalked by a stranger. Anyway, the stranger stalker turned out to be a man called Nick Neeson who believed Ryan was his real son, and that the poor lad who was living in Nick Neeson's house and had been brought up as his son, Alex Neeson, was Michelle's real baby.

There'd been a baby mix-up at the hospital when Ryan and Alex were born and a DNA test confirmed this.

So, got that? Ryan is not Michelle's real son, Alex is.

Confused Ryan moved out of the flat with his mum and Alex moved in with his. Confused viewers tried to keep up with the plot as one dark-shiny-haired-son replaced another in Michelle's fickle affections.

And then Ryan left for University in Glasgow and hasn't been seen since.  I don't know how much Irn Bru he's been drinking up there in that Scotland, but he's gone from this:

to this:

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Danny-K said...

Ahh it's clear now - when Michelle gave birth - it was to twins! But she blacked out, and by the time she came round, the mix up had already taken place. Bet the new boy has a distinctly different accent too - thus proving it was twins-seperated-at-birth :)

Humpty Dumpty said...

Sol Heras looks too old to play Michelle's son. He's 25, playing a 20 year old. The actual ages don't matter but it's how they will look together on screen. We already see how it doesn't work with Ben Price and Helen Worth.

Anonymous said...

At least he got a bleedin' hair cut!!

Adam Rekitt said...

Yes, Ben Price and Helen Worth definitely do not look anything like mother and son. Very much a complement to Helen Worth, who is older than Gail and easily old enough to be Ben Price's mother in real life, although poor Ben has not aged well.

Scott Willison said...

SSSSHHHHHH! If you mention the tedious baby swap storyline, the producers might decide to bring it back. I thought we'd all agreed to never mention it ever again...

BarrieT said...

I'm sure the producers don't even remember the baby swap storyline, they certainly didn't know that Annie Walker didn't own the Rovers

Anonymous said...

And Helen Worth isn't all that much younger than Sue Nicholls who plays her on-screen Mum (Audrey Roberts)

MZ34 said...

The age difference between Gail and Audrey (screen names) is now so very little as Gail is looking older since her new look. Cannot stand her whispery little girl voice either.
What is happening to her?

Anonymous said...

After enjoying my usual Sunday morning Coronation street have to say the acting by Kylie and David, Roy and Haley was just superb.
Have to say though that I am sad to see what some of the characters have done to their faces with Botox or surgery. Tina's mouth, for example. She doesn't need anything done as she is so pretty so wonder why she would change it. Eva also did something to her mouth. Does not suit her at all. Looked as though she was sneering all the time.
Also Liz. Why is she dressed up like a Christmas tree? Come on writers you are going too far. Do not think she can pull this off anymore. Her face has changed so much but the neck always gives age away. Why do you have Steve acting as a buffoon. He and Michelle do not match.
Sorry for the rant, got carried away.

Unknown said...

In another article someone asked for the relationship between Carla Connor and Maria Connor. Carla and Maria were married to brothers thus they were sisters-in-law prior to the men's demise.


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