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Sunday 29 July 2012

Corrie weekly awards: July 23 - 27

 Happy Birthday Chesney!

Sneaky Pete award: Sunita engineered it so Stella would catch her and Karl and Karl wasn't strong enough to resist temptation one last time. Busted!

Consolation Prize: Karl had nowhere to go. Chucked out of the cab and sacked, rejected by Stella. So he ends up with Sunita after all.

On the warpath award: Kirsty can't shake her jealousy and is really irrational about Fiz's friendship with Tyrone.

Deja Vu award: Jason and Maria are back together. She could do worse. She has done worse.

Permission granted award: Dev told Sunita to find someone else if she was not happy with him. Ok, then.

Not-Quite Oscar award: Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) actually wasn't cringeworthy during his meltdown and confrontation with Sunita.

Delusional award: Sunita thinks it's all happy families now she's got Karl in her bed but it's pretty clear he doesn't really want to be there.

Sore thumb award: Eva most definitely does not belong in that factory. She doesn't fit in at all.

Over protection award: Gary's only adding to Izzy's stress by hovering over her, going behind her back to Rob, and shouting the odds at work.

Fat Brenda's got competition award: Kylie on the switch at Streetcars! Brill!

Wow, Katy's hair is getting long, isn't it? So is Anna's, as well.

Lines of the week:
Eva to Stella "Remind me to be as sympathetic when you're having your next mid-life crisis." (Didn't have to wait too long!)
Stella to Karl "If I wanted your opinion, I'd dial Rent-an-Idiot"
Dev to Sunita "If I'm such a lousy partner why don't you go find somebody else" (you shouldn't have said that)
Mary "I've never been so moved by a wind section," (it doesn't bear thinking about)
Stella "Put the dog out, girls!"
Tracy "Since when did a tv lead to adultery?" Norris "It's a slippery slope!"
Sunita to Leanne "You've been bouncing between Peter and Nick for so long it's like watching a flippin tennis match"
Eileen about Ryan "He's drooled on my postit!"
Ryan "Mom please stop, my sides are splitting"
Lloyd to Karl "We hire the odd lowlife but we draw the line at scumbag"
Steve "Pink is the new black for the man of today" (Yep, red sock in the white laundry"
Steve "He just meeds a steer in the right direction. The firm hand of a firm but achingly cool hand" (who would that be, then?)

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Anonymous said...

Haha great awards, really make me laugh every time!

Sunita really is delusional to thing that Karl want her. I hate to admit it but Stella is actually growing on me.


Anonymous said...

Stella did talk to Karl like crap all the time and mock him, no wonder he slept with Sunita and went off with her.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Stella likes people to depend on her; that's why she's on hand to counsel all and sundry. But when people lean on her too much, they lose her respect. She thinks Eva's a wimp but she made her that way. I reckon Stella will take Karl back because he is very needy.

Llifon said...

No Frosty awards this week? :)

Cobblestone said...

Absolutely agree about Kylie; how fantastic was she on the switch? Give her a job at the cab office permanantly!

Anonymous said...

Loving the blended Armstrong-Windass family at the moment. Anna and Katy look like they are related, as do Chesney and Gary and it's great that they are all there for each other. Makes up for rotten Cilla not sending Ches a card for his 18th-NN

Anonymous said...

Top mate award- Gold star: Lloyd taking care of Dev and even spending the night on the sofa to make sure he was ok.

Anonymous said...

Agree Llifon i love reading Tvor's and Frosty's awards!

Kylie was great to watch working at the cab office, Paula lane is a great actress.

Anonymous said...

"Put the dog out, girls" has got to be one of the best lines recently. And, I have to say, well delivered, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I really like the blended Windass/Armstrong family too. The writers are on to a good thing here and I am sure there is plenty of potential there for interesting storylines in the future. There's a nice juxtaposition between these two families and the less likable Alahans, as well as between Gary/Izzy and Tyrone/Kirsty. Loving Owen and Anna and Izzy and Gary right now.

Anonymous said...

Frosty is on holiday.

abbyk said...

Hey, for us overseas fans, now that he's 18, Chesney can legally drink at the Rovers, correct? Last time he tried, didn't Betty give him the boot?

Also, will Frosty melt if he spends too much time on the beach? :D

Anonymous said...

We can only hope.


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