Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Natalie Gumede hopes to get it right

Kirsty and Tyrone have a very bumpy relationship. We've already seen her lash out and give Ty a few bruises, especially when she's under a lot of stress. We've also met her parents, specifically her father who appears to have control/bully issues of his own.

Kirsty is played by the wonderful Natalie Gumede and she also blogs for the official Coronation Street website at

There's a new blog post out where Natalie talks about meeting with a representative from Mankind which is a charity for male survivors of domestic abuse. She and Alan Halsall, who plays Tyrone, had been representing their characters using their own ideas and hoping it was realistic, but speaking to people that have been through what Kirsty is putting Tyrone through has helped immensely.

Natalie feels responsible to really get this right. She says that Tyrone will ask Kirsty to go through counselling but it won't happen just yet. She's also expecting that the presence of a baby in their lives is going to change things a lot too.

I am really enjoying this storyline. It's unfolded slowly and is building up in intensity. I would also like to have them explore Tyrone's past. It's pretty clear to me that Jackie Dobbs abused and neglected Tyrone and probably this contributes to why he's so anxious to please everyone, Kirsty included and maybe it's also one of the reasons he is wiling to put up with the abuse. It's what he grew up with. Add to that, his burning desire to have a family of his own after Molly's betrayal and you have a lethal mix in Number 9.

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Natalie Gumede is a great actress!

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