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Thursday 12 July 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's Corrie - Thursday 12 July at 8.30pm

Coronation Street, Thursday 12th July at 8.30pm

LEANNE'S STUNNED BY PETER'S OUTRAGEOUS PROPOSAL. When Carla returns to the flat hoping to make up with Peter she finds him drunk and quickly realises it’s over between them. Peter heads out after telling Carla to pack her belongings and leave. Peter mistakenly believes with Carla out of the picture that he could rekindle things with Leanne, he tracks her down at the Bistro and drunkenly puts his idea to her. Leanne, tired of Peter’s erratic behaviour, viciously points out that he can’t come crawling back to her. A broken Peter heads towards the Rovers but as Ken steers him away he shuns his father’s offer of help and heads off alone. Believing his life to be worthless, is Peter about to spiral out of control?
FAYE TAKES MATTERS INTO HER OWN HANDS. Having persuaded Faye that she must report Lindsay’s bullying, a determined Anna shows headmaster Brian the evidence of Lindsay’s campaign against her adopted daughter. But Brian seems perturbed when he realises the identity of Faye’s tormentor and tells a bemused Anna it will blow over. However when he later calls Anna back into school and suspends Faye for fighting with Lindsay, it’s an outraged Anna who takes decisive action to ensure Faye’s safety. Will Anna’s actions impact on Faye’s future and why is Brian seemingly reluctant to deal with bully Lindsay?
KIRSTY'S MOODS ARE UP AND DOWN AGAIN. An excited Tyrone invites Tommy and Tina round to look at his holiday pictures from his trip to the Lakes with Kirsty. It’s a pleasant if boring evening for Tina and Tommy as Tyrone enthuses about what a great time they had with but his enthusiasm is dampened when an angry Kirsty snaps at Tyrone for showing his friends the photos. As an embarrassed Tina and Tommy hurriedly leave, Tyrone is once again left walking on eggshells and wondering what he has done to anger Kirsty so much?
Elsewhere Michelle brings Rob up to speed on Carla’s recent troubles and Marcus feels it’s a little cramped with him, Maria, Liam and Kirk all living under the same roof.

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SimoneJenifer said...

I knew it wouldn't last--Perter's flat was never stylish enough for Carla.

Humpty Dumpty said...

The look of fear on Brian's face makes me think Lindsay is the daughter of the Chair of the Governors.

Beth said...

My daughter, the same age as Faye was horribly bullied these past 6 months via the internet and in school. When this story started to bubble on CS I was so interested and hoping that they would do it justice. It does seem (though I may be wrong) that Lindsay is the daughter of a governor BUT this is the perfect scenario for the ridiculous bumbling Brian to redeem his stupid character and act like a proper headmaster and not a joke of a one.
We all have our life issues and CS is 'supposed' to imitate real life. I've not been it's biggest fan in the Phil Collinson years as it's been too sensationalist for me and not the Corrie I know and love. However bullying is a sensitive and every day problem up and down the country that makes thousands of children's lives a nightmare. If Corrie botches this up for some cheap laughs or because it's not PC and 'trendy' enough that will be me done until Phil C's days are over.
I had to remove my daughter from her school after some very traumatic times. This could have been an excellent slow boiling story done with much care and consideration. Especially as the little actress acting Faye has the capabilities of pulling it off.
I will watch the outcome with interest.

Anonymous said...

Peter should just jump. Do it! What's this that things are too cramped at Maria's with Liam, Marcus and Kirk under the same roof? Hmm... how many people were living and/or sleeping at Eileen's?


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