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Monday 16 July 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 16 July

Coronation Street, Monday 16th July 2012 at 7.30pm

PETER’S PLAN STARTS TO UNRAVEL. Peter tells Simon they’re going on an adventure; they’re going by boat to Lanzarote and then on to the Caribbean. Simon's worried and Carla tries to talk Peter out of his plan to abduct Simon but his mind is made up. Meanwhile at the factory Rob’s pleased as he tells Carla he's bagged a big order. However when Carla tells him she’s going to run away with Peter and she’d like him to step in and look after the factory Rob's concerned, warning Carla she’s playing a dangerous game. But Carla's made her decision and when Peter asks her to pick up his and Simon's passports from the flat she agrees. Peter breathes a sigh of relief but when Simon phones Leanne and tells her he’s scared as Peter’s taking him away on a boat a panicked Peter grabs the phone. Desperate Leanne quizzes Carla about Peter’s whereabouts. She denies all knowledge but when a suspicious Leanne and Michelle follow Carla into Peter’s flat will they catch her red handed?
TOMMY AND TINA LURE MARCUS INTO THEIR WEB. When Jason moans to Tommy and Tina about how he's fed up of being single they hatch a plan with Marcus to get Jason and Maria back together. But when Marcus tells Maria he's invited Tina, Tommy and Jason for dinner will she become suspicious?
KIRSTY TAKES CONTROL. Tyrone apologises to Kirsty for not being there when she thought she was going into labour. He promises that in future, he’ll phone her every hour. Is this what Kirsty wants?
Elsewhere Michelle’s thrilled when Ryan calls and says he’s coming home. Hayley’s put out when Roy refuses to come and watch her dance class as he’s arranged to play chess with Mary.

Monday 16th July 2012 at 8.30pm

PETER AND CARLA BID AN EMOTIONAL FAREWELL. Carla’s furious with Michelle for siding with Leanne but Michelle insists she only has Carla’s best interests at heart. Leanne begs Carla not to let Peter take Simon away and threatens to call the police. Peter and Simon wait for Carla in the station caf√©. Peter spots Carla on the platform but as he and Simon make their way over, Peter’s horrified to see Leanne there too. Peter’s furious with Carla but Carla points out the futility of their plan and how they’d never have got a way with it. Leanne gives Peter an ultimatum; they let Simon decide who he wants to live with or she’s calling the police. Peter's forced to agree, begging Simon to come with him on the trip of lifetime. As Simon makes his choice who will board the train?
WILL MARIA BE THE TOPPING ON JASON’S PIZZA? Tommy, Tina and Jason go for dinner with Marcus at Maria's flat. One by one they make their excuses to leave until Maria and Jason are left alone. But when Maria realises her mates have tried to set her up with Jason how will she react?
MARY STARTS TO GET A CRUSH ON ROY. As Roy and Mary play chess together it’s evident that Mary is developing feelings for Roy and when he compliments her, Mary’s giddy with happiness.

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ChiaGwen said... I wrong in assuming Dr. Carter did a pelvic exam on Kirsty right in the Cafe!! You see him taking off his glove, then Kirsty adjusts her clothing...the Med Centre is only down the street isn't it? I'm getting a little queasy just typing this....


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