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Sunday 22 July 2012

Corrie weekly awards, July 16 - 20

Wrong end of the stick award: Kirk thought Marcus fancied him! Aw bless!

Head in the clouds award: Peter thinks running away will solve all his problems. It won't.

Classic enabling award: Tyrone is always finding reasons to blame himself for Kirsty's tantrums

Revenge award: Peter says he's doing it for Simon but he's doing it to get back at Nick and Leanne and Nick knows it.

Bleach my brain award: Mary suggested she should have worn a low cut top to distract Roy. Ewww.

Fashion shout out to Kirk for his top tshirt!

Forerunner/Deja Vu award: Steve seems to have very fond memories of Michelle. Where did that come from?

Done her homework award: Mary has most definitely brushed up on all of Roy's likes, dislikes, and even his emotional "buttons" like his father and invents her own empathy for him. The woman is a stalker. Good think he's mainly oblivious. But what's it going to get her? Three hours of The Sound of Steam. You might want to rethink it, Maz!

Money grows on trees award: Dev is still always moaning about financial problems yet is willing to spend a fortune on a wedding venue and holidays etc.

Granny Wars: Stella and Gail are bashing heads over babysitting Simon. Is this necessary?

Boo! Hiss! Award: It's official, Don't like Ryan. (Not supposed to, mind you)

Jaw Dropping fashion D@MN award: Holy Crap, Eva looked dangerous! Ryan had no chance and neither would any other man faced with this!

Lines of the week:
Carla "Hello!!?? Dumped of Weatherfield!?"
Leanne to Carla "Every man that you love ends up dead!" (Black Widow of Weatherfield, indeed)
Tommy "Jason's not even deep enough to be sad"
Mary "Elgar has touched parts of me that no other man could reach"
Leanne "You may have taken my husband but you take my son over my dead body!!"
Eva "If this is what you talk about on a lads' night out, thank GOD I was born a girl!"
Eva to Sunita "You make a right good scrubber"
Sean "It looks more like a cow's milking equipment" Julie "Pull the other one!"
Julie to Sunita "This dress should reflect your heart's emotions" (that would be stone cold black then?)
Steve "So fix it" Ryan "You mean grovel?" Steve "No, I mean grow up!" (got it in one!)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty Awards:

Carry on Sailor award: Is this a comedy show or do the writers and producer really think its credible that Peter the Drunken Sailor could sail a boat to Lanzarote with a small child on board with a crew of one - “deckhand” Carla, like Popeye and Olive Oil?. Peter swigging a bottle of vodka as they circumnavigate the oceans alone and the dangerous Bay of Biscay without even a captaincy licence. Absolute twaddle even by Corrie standards.

Odd Property Law Award: Steve paid Tracy and Beth a grand to get out No 13 so Kevin could move in the next day, then Kevin mentions they haven’t even exchanged contracts yet dah – everyone knows you cannot move in until the monies are paid over on completion day - do the writers think we are all total thickos?

Lost her Marbles award; What on earth was wrong with Gail and her mad face pulling earlier in the week? She is supposed to be around 50 but is being portrayed as some half witted old dear. Why she is constantly cleaning the bar counter dressed in her tabard when there are paying customers in drinking is bizarre in the extreme.

Uncle Short Award: Had to smile at Rob and Ryan squaring up to each other, Ryan towered over Rob. Another garden gnome that thinks he is tough. Another character miscast.

Romance Rekindled award: Its plain on as the nose on your face R’Michelle and Stevie baybee are going to rekindle their lurrve. I really don’t know why she is still around though. Kym Marsh’s “wide eyed” mode of acting just annoys Frosty and she brings nothing to the street.

Hilarious character of the week award: Eva, she is developing into a great comic character, shame about her plastic mother.

Do you have a brain cell at all award: Karl knows what a horrendous mistake he made with bunny boiler Sunita, and what a lucky escape he had, but instead of continuing to keep his distance from this woman he suddenly leads her into the alley for a hug - WHAT ARE YOU DOING???????

Humpty Dumpty said...

Are we in for some comedy capers between Grannies Stella and Gail? Cue lots of one-upmanship with hilarious consequences. Really don't like what they're doing to Gail at the moment. Helen Worth can do comedy but the set-up in the bistro is ridiculous 70's sitcom stuff. The writers must be harking back to the tv of their youth. Besides,the only real grandparent on the Street is Ken so where does that leave Deirdre?

Llifon said...

"I've dropped piccadily on your bishop" lol

And "Steamy Encounters" with Mary and Norris.

Anonymous said...

Eva and her 'jolly' jugs again. Can they get some new material? Her flashing her cleavage is enough to send Ryan into doing the limbo? As if.

donna - Halifax said...

Has Corrie thought to get some new writers and clean house. Seems reading the blogs from the viewers they're not pleased with the drivel that these people are coming up with.

Anonymous said...

Can people please shut up about Stella? It's getting old. "I don't like her accent." Oh, so outisders aren't welcome? Tell that to Ciaran or Milton or Wiki. Hypocrites. So her being Leanne's mum, getting hit by a car AND being a victim of rape and being cheated on isn't enough? You still have to moan? Take Faye, she's just horrible for no reason, but you give her the slide? Especially with that bullcrap bullying story trying to make me feel bad for her. Give Stella a chance, she hasn't been here for a year.

Anonymous said...

Take a pill for chrisake..

Anonymous said...


~JB in Canada

Roy's baked beans said...

I hear you on the Stella thing, I don't mind her and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it seems to be the same old few that do nothing but moan about it....waaah waaah...

maggie muggins said...

Me too, JB in Canada! I always look forward to the Corrie weekly awards, sort of the way I used to wait for the Sunday comics section of the paper when I was a kid! I nice treat among the news.

I loved when Leanne stood up to Carla. That scene in the train station was heart wrenching. As much as I hate Peter right now, the way he looked when Simon walked away brought a tear.

Tvor said...

As far as accents go, Ciaran and Wiki and Milton weren't putting on an accent they weren't comfortable with, they used their own natural one. Nobody has a problem with outsiders as long as they fit in. Some of us don't feel Stella fits in. I actually don't have a problem with her accent, to my Canadian Ears it's not too bad. I have a problem with her acting non-ability and being pushed into every storyline.

ChiaGwen said...

Me too....not bothered at all by Stella's accent....wouldn't have a hot clue as to whether it was North, South, East, West or Martian, it's her stilted acting and presence in nearly every scene that bugs the hell out of me...thrust into lives she has known for all of five minutes.

Agree Frosty, Eva does comedy well....nice to see rather than her constant crying and whining to Mommy the counsellor.

kickingrabbit said...

I also love these weekly awards and look forward to them! :)


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