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Sunday 15 July 2012

Corrie weekly awards, July 8 - 13

Off the wagon award: No surprise here. Peter's back on the booze again. When the going gets tough, the tough get drunk and ugly.

Sibling rivalry award: Rob and Carla certainly seem to have had a rocky relationship

Repartee award: Tracy winding Norris up. This could be fun.

Useless Suck Up Twit award: Brian really is clueless. He can't even stand up for a kid being bullied because the bully is related to the school governor.

Are you new here award: Steve... Can't understand why Tracy won't help him out. You spent the last episode or two slagging her off and trying to eject her out of her home without any notice. What do you think?

Restaurant from Hell award: With the collapses, explosions and fights that happen regularly in the Bistro, I'm surprised they have any customers at all.

Fashion fail award: Brian was following safety rules but he did look ludicrous in that bike helmet.

It's All About Me award: Peter interrupts business meetings, conversations, disappearing first on his own and now with Simon, you name it, because his problems are more important than anything else. He doesn't know who he *can* talk to about Leanne taking Simon away? Um. Solicitor?

Reality check award: Peter is finally realizing he made the wrong sacrifice. Simon is more important than anything. Pity he didn't think of that before.

Heart in mouth award: Ken and Leanne thought they might have to identify Peter's body.

Underestimating award: Roy doesn't see that Mary is indeed Doo-lally. Hayley does.

From a Bang to a Whimper: Carla and Peter are over.

From a Whimper to a Bang: Kirsty flew off the handle again.

Lines of the week:
Nick baiting Peter "You should have Victim tattooed across your forehead"
Peter "He's smarmy, and he's smug and he's not bringing up my son!"
Nick to Gail "Battersby's not a swear word" Nick "She's a Barlow now" Gail "They're not much better"
Carla "It's me, me, me" Peter "No, it's Simon, Simon, Simon"
Anna "Here he goes again. The Sage of Weatherfield"
Owen "You've only been back together 5 minutes and he's not long gone off his rocker"
Beth to Tracy "You're the best housemate I ever had" (Really????)
Roy "I know it's easy to dismiss Mary as an eccentric" Hayley "That's probably down to the fact that she's completely doo-lally" (And Roy doesn't see it. Yet.)
Tracy "Hayley in sequins. You all teeth and tight trousers. Yeah, actually, it's put me off me cheese" Norris "Pity, I thought a lump of cheddar might shut you up"
Ken to Peter "You could have chosen to prove me wrong"
Simon "Dad. You're drunk" (And everyone's heart breaks)
Carla "Peter, this is not a conversation, it's a broken record"
Peter "I can see things very clearly lately" (through booze goggles)
Carla "You think you can walk away" Leanne "But you can't"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

The Frosty Awards:

Irritating Dumbo award: Tyrone is making Kirk seem like Einstein lately. Firstly he repairs Fiz’s gas boiler when it’s illegal for anyone that is not Corgi registered to do so and he could face a fine or a prison sentence if anything went wrong – dah! Secondly he has a pregnant girlfriend getting near her time. What is the POINT of having a mobile phone if you don’t check for messages or texts? He is so absolutely gormless I want to punch him myself!!

Time to upgrade award: Mobile phones today even if they are on silent will constantly vibrate with messages and missed calls. Why is it in soaps that when an emergency happens nobody hears their phone or feels it vibrating in their pocket or handbag? Then its dah – 100 missed calls!!.

Health and safety award: What was Dr Matt doing examining Kirsty, probably intimately, in the middle of a caf√© where FOOD is served? Ye Gods, You wouldn’t every want to eat sausage and eggs there ever again!! His surgery and her house are a stone’s throw away as well. Why do they always call their GP out whenever there is an emergency instead of just calling an ambulance?.

Not Karen Brady award; It was totally incredulous that this head of the company - Sandy - with a responsible job would suddenly have a change of heart after being taken to a back street pub and being plied with a glass of water, doing a complete U turn with the new boy who had just insulted her. At a raised price as well – give me strength!! Phil Collinson obviously thinks all women whether they run their own business or not are so stupid and shallow as to be swayed with an insincere compliment or two from some smug short house wide boy. The bloke aint even good lookin! See award below

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Award award: If the producers think this short bun faced man is a “hunk” they seriously need to get to spec savers. Don’t like the way he talked down to Kirkie either when he has been in the faktry 5 minutes, who does he think he is????

Canonised Award: Carla and her bro are talking about their mother like she was a latter day saint. I remember some time ago Carla saying her mother used to sell drugs from a pram on their rough Council estate and there was no love lost between herself and her brother. Hm rewriting of history again Frosty thinks.

Anonymous said...

How in the hell did the miraculous Dr. (who has no patients I think because he can dash anywhere at a moments notice) examine Kirstie in the cafe? Did he have her lie flat out on one of those little round tables with her legs up in the air?..or maybe right on the was laughable as he peeled of his surgical gloves..well..Anna was right, he says. Don't make 100 percent sure and send her to a hospital or anything. How absurd

Danny-K said...

That photo of Owen the psycho bully holding the fat kid's bike back, by grasping the rear of the saddle.....

- nice play on irony by the Corrie team on school bullying.(As pointed out by Tvor the other day).

And Brian unerved, as the bullied fat kid - only saved when his 'mummy' approaches.

His 'mummy' is angelic and full of goodness which evil cannot survive in the presence of - so light follows her everywhere, which necessitates Owen making good his escape by slinking back into the shadows (where he belongs) even though it's bright daytime; Hee hee, there's always shadows when Owen's around.

Humpty Dumpty said...

What was the point of the 'bullying' story line? Obviously, the bully was going to be the grand/child of a governor so no tension there. Was it supposed to show that Anna the earth mother couldn't see what was going on under her nose? It didn't go on long enough for me to care what was happening to Faye. It just seemed another opportunity to show what a buffoon Brian is.

ChiaGwen said...

As I commented on a blog further up, I was feeling queasy typing my question as to whether or not Dr. Carter actually did a pelvic exam on Kirsty right in the Cafe!!...and the Med Centre is right down the street....highly unethical never mind off-putting. So now Dr. Carter is a cancer specialist, gynecologist, pediatrician, neurologist and post-traumatic stress disorder psychologist and he still practices in a back street 2 x 4 building.
He should join forces with 'come through to the back' Stella....they'd make a killing in London.

MrsBarton said...

why do storylines have to have a 'point'? See a lot of people saying that here. Corrie shouldn't have a point it should be simply entertaining. I for one love the little side stories we get regularly, usually funny, couple of episode jobs. Nice.


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