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Saturday 14 July 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday July 13

 Watching the last few episodes of Coronation Street, hair, of all things, has been very much on my mind.

 Particularly the locks of much trumpeted new Corrie heartthrob, Carla's brother Rob, who apparently  spent his time in prison taking courses and perfecting his designer stubble to emerge fully formed as a knicker factory manager ( as you do, a man has got to have a dream).
The actor Marc Baylis ( pictured left)  is certainly extremely easy on the eye,  resembling,  at times, in looks and manner,  a young Sean Bean  - though someone should please tell him to ease up on the cheeky tooth-baring roguish grin that he cracks seemingly every five seconds.  But, that  barnet! It's  plastered down flatly  over his forehead and  every time I see it,  I'm thinking (I'm afraid) Hitler. Perhaps not the best of looks. Corrie hairdresser, take note, please ruffle it up a bit.  Still, it looks like barmaid Eva is being lined up very obviously to be his first Eva Braun.

Then there is Ken Barlow, surely the only man alive who went from being dark brown in his youth to a tasteful pale honey blond in his 70s. True, it is a  lovely head of hair for a man of his age.

And workmates Carla and Michelle, who apparently share the same brand of industrial strength jet black hair dye .. or Quink ink, by the looks of it.The character of Michelle, incidentally, really is serving no useful purpose at the moment.

In other matters,  headmaster Brian was shamed by Owen and Julie into taking belated action over the girl who was bullying  Faye -  who ( the bully) just happened to be the grand-daughter of the chairman of the governors, which was why coward Brian was dragging his heels. The  girl was suspended and made with bad grace) to apologise to Faye. 

Marcus offered to cook for Kirk, not that Kirk, no gourmet he,  was that fussy. Marcus:"What's your favourite meal." Kirk:"Spaghetti hoops".  Kirk's contribution?  Some cut price lager from Azaibajan, not to the taste of fastidious Marcus. Nice humorous little scenario.

Back on the booze, Peter alternated between trying to win Carla back and claiming he still loved Leanne. When he disappeared, leaving a voicemail message hinting ar suicide, there were fears a body found by police was him, and Leanne and Ken had to identify the body, but not so. I think we'd have heard if  the character  of Peter was leaving the street, so there was no real sense of surprise there.

Tyrone's pregnant  psycho girlfriend  Kirsty meanwhile had a major hissy fit  when she feared her contractions had started but she couldn't reach him as he was gallantly fixing ex Fiz's broken boiler,. She exploded in rage, ranting and raving and throwing plates of  the dinner he had prepared around their kitchen.. Poor Tyrone!. 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

The Connor extended family gets weirder by the minute. I thought Rob looked like Liam Connor. Hey, perhaps Carla fell in love with Liam because he reminded her of her brother. And ... Liam was played by an actor called Rob. Spooky or what?

Frosty the Snowman said...

To me he looks like Jimmy King from Emmerdale in a wig. I find him a bit of a deluded pillock.

Danny-K said...

Eva Braun - LOL! Hee hee. I SO LIKE THAT!!!!

Eva the cleavage Braun.

Missed the bit where Kirk was doing/saying something that made newboy Robby the robber publicly rebuke/sneer at him by calling him: 'Rainman'.

It sounded cruel and distasteful towards Kirk; I'm already looking forward to a comeuppance for Rotten Robbie.

What was needed was for a cheeky Izzy to return the dig with a sneering:
"Hark at The Birdman of Alcatraz!"

Thought Head teacher Brian's final summing up of the school bullying fracas of:
"I apologise, it wouldn't have got this far if I WAS DOING MY JOB PROPERLY"
- was just too 'perfect ending'.

- Dunderhead or not, that was too pat, too 'Owen-pleasing', and almost Disney-like in its happy-ever-after ending for my liking. I just don't believe Brian would say such a thing - ever.
"If I was doing my job properly"?!?

I do believe he might say something along the lines of:
"I'm sorry. It wouldn't have got this far if I had been a little more on the ball." etc.,
without the risk of putting himself up for self admission/confession of outright incompetence.

Tvor said...

Does anyone find it ironic that Brian was only made to stand up to the governor after both Owen and Julie bullied him into it?

Danny-K said...

Tvor - Lol!

Rachel said...

Does anyone know where the actor playing Rob is from? IMDB says London but he sounds Nottingham-y to me.

Anonymous said...

Humpty - very greek tragedy observation and probably entirely true!


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