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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Spoilers for next week's Corrie, August 6 - 10

Without any piffle, here's the storyline for the week ahead on Coronation Street, all wrapped up nicely in 50 words or less.

Week of Monday 6 - Friday10 August, 2012

Kirsty leaves Tyrone, Tracy’s hospitalised with kidney failure, Mary and Roy go away overnight together and Karl and Sunita suffer.

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Nathan Johnson said...

Although its good they remembered about Tracy's kidney, its obviously just a plot device to get everyone to feel guilty about mis-treating her (which she deserves). This has been done over and over, and how many characters have ended up in hospital. And writers, if you want us to feel sorry for her, stop making her act bitchy and evil. But no doubt she will revert back to that and this will be all forgotten about.

Anonymous said...

I'll never feel sorry for her. And we all know she's gonna milk this event for all it's worth, and to manipulate Steve. Again. Ugh.

Oh - and that crazy Mary storyline trying to get her hooks into Roy - hate that too! Leave Roy & Hayley alone, writers!

Hooray if that nutjob Kirsty really does leave Tyrone.

And I reallllly don't care what happens to Karl & Sunita.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

What a refreshing change...someone on a respirator at death's door. I'm glad the writers have come up with such originality and who would have thought that the character having the crisis would be Tracy. Brilliant!!! I'll be watching this episode you can bet.

Anonymous said...

I'd like the next episode to be of Tracy's funeral.

Donna - Halifax said...

What a stupid storyline, Mary and Roy, how many pounds are they getting paid to come up with this dribble. Tracy's kidney, 20 plus years and all she has been up to and now they remember she had a problem, shows their not familiar with the story line. As for Dev, in his culture he would not accept Sunita bringing her man to the house and would not take her back, bring the Aunties to straighten things out, and give support. The show has gotten ridiculous. Glad they showed Kristy beating Tyrone, a subject not talked about, but happens and wish they would delve more into it, for her to get couseling and patch up their relationship and for her to get a better job other than the factory. There is enough room for other characters to come from neighboring streets to the Rovers and Bistro. Stop Americanizing the show.

Anonymous said...

Roy and Mary overnight? From quirky to creepy in 10 seconds flat. I sure hope that Tracy's hospitalization will lead to her immediate departure from the show! However, something tells me she's learned a thing or two from her kid about making yourself ill to get attention and we'll no doubt learn she's forgotten to take medication in order to make Norris and her folks feel awful. She's a twit and a useless actress, please go now.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Here we go again!! Someone is at death's door in Weatherfield General whilst "worried" family cluck around the bed - how many times will we hear Owww Treeesea from Dreary. Extras act very self important as doctors and then - do they croak - do they eckerslike - Tracy will make another Lourdes type recovery and be up and about and back to her horrible self within days. Newsflash writers - its no longer sensationalist - its stupid

ChiaGwen said...

No IV for hydration and she's on a respirator...? I see a kidney donation/transplant story coming up....

Humpty Dumpty said...

The character, Tracy, is well past her sell-by date. She hasn't been developed in any way; she's still an immature, pathetic creature. In real life, you'd walk away from someone like that and that's what makes her so boring to watch on TV. The writers think we love to hate her - wrong! They also think by giving Tracy a sensational storyline, she becomes interesting - wrong!

Anonymous said...

Oh geez. She'll need a kidney and Steve will be the only match. He'll be linked to her for life. :-(

~JB in Canada


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