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Sunday 22 July 2012

The Bistro from Hell

Another week, another argy bargy in the Bistro. It's become common place there and I wonder that the Bistro has any customers at all.

Between public arguments, the cleaning lady wiping under your feet while you eat, and natural disasters, that restaurant is doomed.

The first time around, it didn't even open because Peter got drunk and Leanne realised that it was too much temptation to open a bar with him.

The second time around it was destroyed by an explosion and a tram crashing through. Not really a good omen.

Nick opened it again and it's been a steady stream of disasters. He ran out of wine and had to steal back his stock from a dodgy dealer. He's had drunken women dancing on tables and shouting the odds. The aforementioned cleaning lady keeps sniping at the Maitre D'. The barmaid spikes the food with tabasco, food that the Mayor was served. The ensuing fight between Nick and David made the newspapers. Not the publicity he was hoping for.

One cook scammed Nick trying to make extra money for himself. Another cook used a recipe he was legally bequeathed causing the pub owner to threaten to sue them all. Most recently, Leanne's alcoholic ex-husband  staggered in roaring drunk shouting the odds at Nick after getting into a physical fight with him at his son's birthday party the day before.

People are always screaming at each other, arguing and fighting. It's a wonder anyone can relax and have a quiet meal or drink under the arches!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Let's face it, life in the bistro is a sitcom that's been stuck onto a soap. The writers obviously base it on 'Robin's Nest' the bistro sitcom in the 70's with Richard O'Sullivan. There's enough conflict and tension amonst the staff and customers within the confines of the bistro for a spin-off! Only joking.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Gail with her manic grin and even her posture is based on Mrs Overall or should we call her Mrs Tabard! The Platt family including Audrey always seem to choose to have their family arguments in the Bistro as well, makes such a great ambience!

Anonymous said...

When you see all that has happened put together like that, it is impossible to believe that the place has any customers.

Anonymous said...

Gail has turned into a complete babbling idiot...again. If the writers think that having this character gurning and constantly waltzing around with her cleaning supplies blathering away is cute..I have news for them. It's not. Now we have the war of the 'un granny's..neither of whom is related so Simon who is IMO a pain in the a$$. Wasting time till Stella's mum shows up in September I suppose.

donna - Halifax said...

Gail is a overprotective Mum, yet David started to show her he was Kiley's alli after she had returned and she recognized it. Time she stop being a shrew, writers give her better story line, she is smart, has overcome much diversity, now is the time to have her outgrow her past. Bring Sarah back, but as a succesful bussiness woman who stands on her own two feet and doesn't live at home but on the street.New apartments built. Have the garage get a makeover about time, Emily was meeting a male friend for lunch, give her a love interest for a change. Stop all this boring screaming silliness at the Bistro doesn't work any more.

Chewy said...

I much prefer the Bistro to the Rovers, I mean, the issues with the Bistro are nothing compared to the Rovers.

BarrieT said...

The bistro has become a bit of a farce like crossroads


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