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Monday 16 July 2012

Coronation Street spoiler: Maria and Jason get together

While she isn't my least favourite Coronation Street character (that's St Ella in case you're wondering), I can't quite see the point of Maria.

There's no denying Samia Ghadie is a good actress but Maria, for this fan, is just a bit too wet, insipid and dopey to like or care about.

Anyway, that's just my feelings. What's yours?  

Samia Ghadie, who plays Maria, is interviewed in the Sun today talking about her 12 years as Maria on Corrie and Maria's upcoming fling with Jason Grimshaw.

She said: “I’ve been on Corrie for 12 years now and Ryan and I are such good mates. We get on so well. So when Maria starts getting very friendly with Jason it feels weird kissing Ryan. It’s like kissing my brother. And, oh my goodness me, we just have to giggle about it. We have to make a joke. You don’t get nervous, you just laugh a lot as it does feel so strange.”

Anyway, cue my "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" song:

She curls a perm and washes hair
Her frocks are all cut low
She waltzs on her way to work
And wears jim-jams at the bar
And underneath the dryer’s
Reet with curlers in her hair
I’ve even heard her singing in the Kabin

How do you get an appointment with Maria?
She washes hair and perms it, pins it down
Where do you find a crimper like Maria?
A flibbertijibbet! A will-o'-the wisp! A clown!

Jason's got something that he’d like to show her
When Marcus finds out he might not understand
But how does her make-up stay
On Maria’s face all day?
When she’s working in the salon’s heat and grime?

Oh, how do you get an appointment with Maria?
How does she hold that hairspray in her hand?

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Is there not a bloke Maria hasnt been with, they certainly do the rounds on Corrie. They obviously dont know to do with Miss Pretty but Pointless.

Digger said...

No surprises here really (apart from the brilliance of your song, obv) - just another tick in a box in the great spreadsheet of "who can get together with whom" that is Coronation Street. Not long now before Chesney is wanded by the Personality Transplant Fairy and decides he's bored with family life and can't resist his lustful longings for .

Digger said...

Argh. Caught by the HTML processor. That should say "for 'insert female character name of choice; age inappropriate or otherwise' " (surrounded by angled brackets).

Tvor said...

Oh i like Maria, she's allright is Maria. Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree but she's a good'un.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Samia Ghadie is surprisingly good when she's given the right script and seems to have a knack for comedy. This story line's OK but only as a very minor one.

ChiaGwen said...

I would have liked a story with Marcus, perhaps echoing Charlie Condu's own life, having a baby with Maria and both parenting the child but in other relationships (but not with Sean!).

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment above, I would've liked to see something interesting develop with Marcus, in terms of their family situation and friendship. Hooking her up with Jason just seems pointless and boring. I've never really warmed to Maria because I feel like we never seem to scratch the surface, there, even when she's acting kooky, having a baby, or in love with the latest trouble-maker. Now I worry what will happen to Marcus - I'd be very sad if he left the Street!

Anonymous said...

I hope Maria and Jason do get together as they both have had no look. Not only this, but jason and maria have been on the show a good 8 years together and should end up together

JohnPorter said...

I Agree

Anonymous said...

If maria and marcus got togeher though it would be pointless and pathetic, he is supposedly a gay man and its always a rubbish and boring storyline when they end up turning straight :/ its to typical on soaps now.

njblas said...

Totally agree with Flaming Nora's assessment of Maria - she has added nothing to my enjoyment of Corrie in her 12 years there. The character is a void - not lovable, not funny, not a bitch - just a pretty face with nothing going on behind it. It's impossible to care about her. Other similar nonentities have come and gone - anyone remember Bobbi Lewis at the faktry? (probably not) but somehow Maria just trundles on year after year and keeps getting signed on again. And I'm not slamming Samia as an actress - it's the character and how it is written.

Jason's Tool said...

The word pointless seems to have become the new black for a select few who can't think of anything better to say!,

I think they should get Jason and Maria together and see how it goes, they're both pretty easy going and might make a good couple. It would be nice to see a happy relationship on the street. If nothing else, it would give the character assassins on here some more fodder!!

njblas said...

But the writers don't like happy, normal couples because they never have any ideas for storylines for them. There has to be conflict or the writers aren't interested in the characters, the same is meant to hold for the viewers. Even Roy and Hayley usually have a third person (eg Sylvia, Becky etc) involved in their storylines to give them some sort of edge or angle. The so-called character assassins here are usually dedicated Street fans who only want to improve the quality of our beloved Street - I don't see it as negativity just for the sake of it. Most times, there IS a valid point behind any criticism.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where her dress is from?

Anonymous said...

Jealous people are jealous.


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