Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Video: Shobna Gulati on Sunita's affair exposed

Shobna Gulati, who plays Sunita Alahan on Coronation Stret, was interviewed on ITV's This Morning today. 

She talks about the transformation of Sunita, moving into the Rovers and becoming a bit more saucy, unleashed and chats about Sunita's affair with Karl. 

Shobna reveals that she's not a confident person in real life and having to wear more revealing clothes on Corrie and exposing her cleavage makes her quite embarassed.

As for the Karl and Sunita storyline, Shobna reveals that Dev's started to smother Sunita already and he hires Julie to be her wedding dress designer. So, there's a big breakout storyline coming out soon which Shobna didn't reveal, but it did sound very teasing indeed.

"A little bit of momentary madness!" says Shobna on what we can expect for Sunita. "She's doing something that's not morally acceptable."  Oh dear, wonder what it could be? Anyone know?

Could she be the one turning into the Corrie cougar?

Watch the video here.

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John M said...

Blimey, is that her? She looks like a young Nana Mouskouri.

Anonymous said...

She could be the Corrie cougar... or, she might kill Dev and sell her children? It is Corrie after all.

njblas said...

I'm sure I read somewhere that her momentary madness is moving in 6with Karl!

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