Tuesday, 31 July 2012

State of the Street - July 2012

The end of yet another month is upon us. There were breakups and make ups. New faces arrived and old faces departed (for awhile). One or two things made me smile (Yay, Lloyd's back!) but there was a lot that had me rolling my eyes and sighing with frustration this month. I'd say there was more that I could have done without rather than looked forward to but that's the way it goes some months.

Read more detail on the State of the Street.

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Anonymous said...

Another excellent review of the state of the street!

~JB in Canada

Rachel said...

I'm assuming they've brought Jason and Maria together just to break them up again when Maria drunkenly tries to snog Marcus (I'm guessing).

Disagree about Mary; she's always good value to watch, Agree re: Dev, presumably the director told Jimmi Harskishin to reign it in, and it worked well.

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