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Tuesday 5 June 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, June 4, 2012

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.
It’s been a wonderful week in Weatherfield with Rita’s wedding to Dennis and the Jubilee Street Party taking place too.   In fact, little else happened to let’s jump in straight away with the biggest and best storyline of the week first.

So this was the week when Rita was wed and there’s a new Mrs Tanner on the Street.  But getting to the Register Office on time and without incident or accident was never going to be Rita’s style and in true Corrie fashion, there was drama and danger.  Rita was kidnapped and almost thrown into the canal before she got to exchange vows and rings with Dennis.  

But before we go into all things wedding, let’s rewind just a little to find ourselves in Websters’ Garage where Rick the drug dealer is threatening ten kinds of nastiness to Tommy if he doesn’t take a car full of drugs to Amsterdam.  As Tommy works away in the garage stuffing the car with drugs, Tina’s in her bridesmaid’s dress, locks Tommy in th’office and drives off to the canal with the drugs. She rings Rick and tells him if he wants the booty back, he’ll have to meet her at the canal and promise to lay off her and Tommy and go after Terry for the debt instead. She’s a tough cookie that Tina.  Anyway, Rick goes looking for Tommy on the Street but finds Rita instead, tells her he’s her wedding chauffer and drives off to the canal to meet Tina. She’s threatening to throw his drugs in the canal but Rick’s playing Top Trumps and Rita in her wedding gown is 10 points while the bag of dope is 2. “You drop that bag into the water, and I drop this one in too,” Rick tells Tina and just when she surrenders and throws the bag to him as he sets Rita free, shaken and stirred and somewhat confused, the cops arrive and nick Rick. Woohoo! It’s the end of that dire storyline and Kirsty becomes heroine of the hour as she appears to be working as a copper again after being suspended from her job and not just that, she’s got psychic powers too. What the heck? Suspend all belief, there’s a wedding we have to get to so let’s crack on.

At the Register Office, Dennis is anxious that Rita’s not just fashionably late for her own wedding, she’s uncomfortably and horribly well behind time. Norris turns nasty and tells Dennis that if he hadn’t been caught comforting his ex-fiance Norma earlier in the week, then Rita wouldn’t have jilted him. Dennis and Norris come to blows outside the Register Office and just as Ken intervenes to keep them apart, a cop car screams up with Rita inside. She’s radiant, she’s Rita, she’s ready to get wed.  

And so Norris takes her arm and waltzes Rita up the aisle to the tune of “On the Street Where You Live”.  “I don’t offer you the summer of my lifetime, “ she tells Dennis as they exchange rings. “I offer you the autumn, all warm and mellow.”  My God. If you weren’t in tears by this point, then you’d better check your pulse because you surely must be dead. And then the newly-weds wended their way back to the Weatherfield to join in celebrations for the Jubilee Street Party where cake and some hotpots were served .

Ah yes, the party. That other storyline this week.  There’s a full list here of who dressed up as who and I know I can’t have been the only Corrie fan who closed my eyes and counted to ten, wishing and hoping that Stella dressed as Dusty Springfield will soon end up in the middle of nowhere.   So yes, there’s a party, there’s dressing up and trestle tables but not much else going on in the way of storylines apart from Sean being taken back on at the Rovers because it’s the spiritual home of Betty’s Hot Pot recipe. 

There’s a raffle at the party and little FayE wins a romantic weekend away in a luxury hotel which she gives to Anna and Owen by way of apologising for nicking all the flowers from the Weatherfield in Bloom entrants this week. 

And in other news this week, Carla sacks Eileen from the factory after she takes time off to attend Lesley’s funeral.  The workers walk out in support of Eileen and Ida Clough would have been proud. Eileen’s touched by her friends’ concern but bemused as she tells them there really was no need – she’s got her job back on the Streetcars Switch.  

And finally this week, Karl and Sunita almost get caught out getting jiggy in the corner shop. Dev walks in, Karl jumps to the floor and hides behind the counter while Sunita lies through her teeth. Oh mummy, please make it end. 

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This week's writers were Mark Wadlow, Damon Rochefort, Chris Fewtrell, Jayne Hollinson and Joe Turner. Find out more about the Coronation Street writing team at

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Dilly Daydream said...

Can I just say that I absolutely detest Norris. He really makes my blood boil, which isn't good at my age.

I wish they would write the horrible, spiteful little man out.

Anonymous said...

:-) I hate Norris too! I'd love to punch his sanctimonious face.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

Didn't Emily look smashing? Audrey and cute with their PDA.
Sally grilling Kevin about his was a very well done episode all around except I didn't enjoy Tommy being dumped like that but he's such a moron I'm sure Tina will see he needs taking care of and will have a change of heart.

Tvor said...

I'm with the Norris haters. I've never liked him!

Anonymous said...

Norris and Mary need to have an accident together. A painful one. They are just plain annoying.


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